Meet your second wife outrageous fortune

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meet your second wife outrageous fortune

Dropping a ridiculous, ah-fuck-it sketch near the show's end is a . (all male, all unsuspecting) get a chance to meet their future second wife. A prequel to classic TV3 series Outrageous Fortune, Westside travels back in time to meet young Rita (Antonia Prebble), Ted (David de Lautour) and their son In September New Zealand became the first country to grant all women the his brothers' lapsed superpowers and find his wife Frigg ("no pressure, then "). He is the main antagonist of the Outrageous Fortune series. In Westside, we first meet Wolf when he's 11 years old and his father has been Wolfgang West was born to career criminal Theodore "Ted" West and his wife Rita West in . Judd, Ted and Jethro track him down on the second to last episode and find he.

Неприличное везение

They steal Cheryls car however and Judd forces them to return it. When Cheryl drops out of a Hoochie Mama deal at a hotel, Judd arrives to greet her.

meet your second wife outrageous fortune

They watch a movie together and sleep side by side, fully clothed. Judd leaves the next morning. Judd hears that Wolf is participating in a robbery and rings Wolf, telling him this and that he had sex with Cheryl. Wolf arrives at The Rusty Nail and violently punches Judd before cutting off his ankle bracelet and running away.

Once the robbery has finished, Judd approaches Wolf in an abandoned warehouse, he tells Wolf to leave or he will nark on him to the horsemen.

meet your second wife outrageous fortune

Judd later arrives at the West House to inform Cheryl that Wolfs car has been found abandoned and burnt. Cheryl later visits Judds house, but leaves when she sees many guns.

meet your second wife outrageous fortune

Judd and Cheryl become lead suspects in Wolfs dissapearance. Judd is later the policeman in charge of the kidnapping of Tracy Hongshe is soon returned safe and sound. As Cheryl starts to stay more and more at Judds house, they begin to develop deeper feelings for eachother. He sneaks into Teds room and calls Wolf informing him that Ted has a brain tumour and that it is best to return. He also confronts Brandon GibbsWolfs illegitimate son, asking where Wolf is.

Grisham starts to get suspicous after Anne-Marie Gibbs Brandons mother lays a complaint, Grisham suspects that Judd is only doing this to continue dating Cheryl. Sparky later arrives at the police station and trys to confess for everyone involved in the gang job, Judd knowing that this will in turn get the Wests in trouble, informs Cheryl, who manages to stop Sparky. Judd moves into the West house and after the furniture is stolen, he buys new luxury sofas and other assorted furniture.

Wolf rings Judd and tells him to meet him at the Rusty Nail. When they meet, Wolf tells him no hard feelings and hands him a package which contains his will.

The next morning, Judd goes to his car only to find a similar bag in his passenger seat. He opens it to find alot of money.

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meet your second wife outrageous fortune

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meet your second wife outrageous fortune

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