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meet your maker lolking udyr

He became known in the high elo ladders of League of Legends end of Season 1 and pre-Season 2. Intent Gaming, TeamRedbyteItalia, and Meet Your Makers in the first four . Udyr in season 3 with utility masteries and a Doran's Blade start . "x," "pro," "lol," or "z" at the ends of their names and Diamondprox deciding to . The latest Tweets from MeetYourMakers (@myMYMcom). MYM is one of That feeling when you Meet Your Makers @OfficialStoff in a smoke! We finished #1 in . The team in question is known as "Meet Your Makers" (MYM for short), a German eSports organization Meet Your Makers denies any responsibility for said payments, stating that they were to be I never threatend Kori lol.".

Many champion texture updates are on the way to match the visuals on the new Summoners Rift.


Both stream league of legends competitive content. LCK has finished spring season. LPL is currently on the semi-finals. Standings in no particular order: And in no particular order: This is somewhat pretty big for e-sports scene as this means big names, especially in sports, are now following e-sports and acknowledging it's fan base and seriousness.

This move got noticed by Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, first and second biggest sports club in Turkey respectively and now they are looking into options to start their own e-sports division. OPL has completed Split 1. The number one team in the world is highly debated. Power Rankings Internationally Coaches now are a part of the team in champion select to discuss tatics for the game.

Both coaches also need to hand shake or hug after the champion select. Cloud 9 team is the longest unchanged roster ever in the history of professional League of Legends days.

meet your maker lolking udyr

Dyrus and YellowStar have yet to miss Worlds. UoL is the first team to reach the finals while under third seed 5th seed in EU Europe. Fnatic will compete in their 5th LCS Final. Teemo is still in the game. Pingu is yet to be released. Urf the Manatee not yet released. Ao Shin not yet released. Twitch's ultimate will finally be able to damage inhibitors and nexus next patch. League of Legends is not yet an Olympic Sport. Moving to the finals, Moscow 5 defeated North American powerhouse Team SoloMiddropping their only game of the tournament.

His team's next high placing at a major tournament would be at the online Corsair Vengeance Cup. Coming out of the group stage of the tournamentMoscow 5 had a strong run in the playoffs, defeating Hauteur 8, Intent Gaming, TeamRedbyteItalia, and Meet Your Makers in the first four rounds of the playoff bracket, before falling to aAa in the second phase of the winner's bracket, knocking the Russian team down to the loser's bracket.

Moscow 5 would face off against Team SoloMid in their first match of the loser's bracket, where the Russian team would come out victorious Diamondprox and Moscow 5 then faced and defeated SK Gaming in the next round of the loser's bracket, which put them up against aAa once again. This time the team would come out victorious, defeating aAawhich put the team up against Counter Logic Gaming EU in the grand finals of the Corsair Vengeance Cup.

Unfortunately, Moscow 5 would fall short to CLG. EUlosing to the team once again in a finals setting, and taking home second place. Advancing to the semifinals, Moscow 5 would face off against Curse Gaming EUwhere the Russian team was able to come out aheadadvancing them to the grand finals.

Poland after qualifying online with a victory over CLG. EU, sending them to the loser's bracket. This would mean that the teams would meet again in the group stage, where Moscow 5 took second place, going and defeating EloHell. In the semifinals, Moscow 5 had a strong showing, defeating Curse EUachieving a perfect score in the second game.

meet your maker lolking udyr

At the finals, Moscow 5 would meet their rivals CLG. After having an record against them in lan events, Diamondprox with his team were able to claim their revenge with a commanding victor,y making them the ECC Poland champions. Matched up against the recently formed Polish team EloHell, Moscow 5 would take a victory to advance to the second round of the playoffs.

There, they were able to come out victorious against Fnatic in a close match, qualifying for the Season 2 World Championship in Los Angeles and advancing to the grand finals of the tournament. Continuing their dominant performance, Diamondprox would help win the finals against SK Gaming.

Although iG consistently pressured M5's early game and won the laning phase, the Russian squad was able to overcome their deficits in the midgame and take the series Advancing to face the Taipei Assassins in the semifinals, M5 continued their dominant form in the first game of the match and quickly secured game one.

However, TPA matched M5's aggression in the next two games and successfully turned the series around.

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They were granted seeding directly into the semi-finals due to their placing in the group stages. On November 11 M5 would travel to Paris to compete in the offline portions of the tournament. There they would face an upset from Curse EU, loosing and knocking them into the 3rd place match. While not contestants of the tournament itself, the team would look to boost their popularity with the Chinese tour, doing photo ops, fan signings and Mandarin greeting videos [13] [14].

M5 also played two show matches against WE and iGwinning against both. They would then face World Elite which they scrimmed against heavily in Shanghai.

However, WE would rout the Russian teamdropping them to the losers bracket. M5 would then defeat the tournament favorites, Korean powerhouse Azubu Blaze in a close 3 game series.

Despite Alex Ich amassing an amazing creep score and leading in gold to the very end of the game, M5 would still fall to the Taiwanese team in game 1, and lose again to Stanley on Nidalee in game 2, making it five consecutive loses to TPA.


On January 10,resultant of the arrest of Moscow Five's CEO in July of the previous year, leaving the organization with a lack of funding, the entire roster was released from the eSports organization as it went defunct. A time coefficient was used to break the tie, giving Gambit Gaming a spot in the semi-finals. As the underdogs, Diamondprox would help GG defeat Azubu Frostthen they would go on to take first place by knocking out Frost's brother team, Azubu Blaze who they had lost to in the group stage.

Gambit would be a highly respected threat throughout the 10 week Spring league, becomming one of the most feared teams to play against. Diamondprox played a pivotal role for the team in the jungle, with his constant pressure helping to snowball his team's lanes. This ensured their LCS spot for the summer split portion of the league.