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meet uncle hussain pokok livejournal

Bukit bukau di serata pulau ini habih ditarah bersama sama dengan pokok pokok yang berhijaun. .. Log in to Reply Kassim Mohd Hussain Mar 23, AM Let met just be clear to you about my perceptions on Dr. Syed Alwi. The Malay Uncle cautioned us when we stole their fruits and teaches us how to share . Amusing it is, but very significant, to find him writing home to his uncle in England asking .. To meet the case Raffles took his reputation in his hands and became a .. Saif was the son of Syed Hussain, a wealthy Penang merchant. L. J. Scheerder was born in Malacca in , and his sons, James and John, came to . In Felthouse vs Bindley the nephew intended his uncle to have the horse but had not communicated this to the uncle. . The agents of both the parties met and drew up a draft agreement. He is entitled to recover the amount from B (Abid Hussain vs Ganga Sahai). pays the Lord Cairns LJ in case of Schotsmans v.

By the way, I have been watching the documentary on you in the History Channel and it is very eye-opening. Learnt a lot about you which I never knew.

meet uncle hussain pokok livejournal

What moved me most was what you and your friends did in your teens against the setting up of the Malayan Union. Wonder where we would be if that had materialized.

As a kid, I remember making alphabet stencils on potatoes, but when I saw that you had used the same technique for a nationalistic purpose, I was very moved.

And Dear Tun, thank you for your stand on the citizenship rights of non-Malays. As an Indian, it means a lot to me. Generally I can say that non-Malays are not against the Malays. Maybe some bad fruits in the basket tend to stir up issues that make it seem like the sentiment of the majority.

I have many Malay friends and they are wonderful people. I think the key is to avoid traversing into areas that are sensitive to people and build relationships based on common values. Having a teh tarik and roti canai with friends of all races is probably the best thing Malaysians can be proud of. Tun you may not remember, but I used to send you congratulatory messages every 16th July, and I have three written replies from you.

Those are truly my treasures, and the day I got to shake your hands for the first time in KL Sentral was the happiest day of my life. Tun, thank you for whatever you have done for us. Log in to Reply criticalmind Feb 3, 5: How well do they stand up against the visual simulations of professional engineers? See how science supports official stories and debunks the conspiracies below. The collapse was caused by controlled demolition. The film crew recorded the demolition of a college dormitory building to learn all that is involved in the process of prepping and loading.

The first step was to expose the columns in order to attach explosives to them. The World Trade Center had 47 inner core columns that would have needed to be prepared. To cut the steel beams the demolition team used a shape charge, which is piece of copper apportioned to a shape-charged weapon.

Our skilled engineers, pilots, architects etc can go out but skilled foreigners cannot come in. On the other hand unskilled labourers may come in legally or illegally. The net result is that our brains are being drained out, no brains are coming in but the brainless may come in and even settle in our country.

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You can figure out the end results. I hope the Government realises this and maybe design a new immigration policy. Then my friends took me to the most interesting new industry in Langkawi.

It is the production of mozzarella cheese, the cheese used in making pizza. He also operates a butchery where the cows are slaughtered and the meat is properly and professionally cut by a young Langkawi person who had been trained in Italy actually in San Marino, an independent state in Italy. I tasted freshly made mozzarella and it was delicious.

One day I hope this Langkawi mozzarella factory will become a tourist attraction, and the world will eat Langkawi mozzarella in their pizzas.

Meet Uncle Hussain

Telaga Harbour in the Northwest of Langkawi is full of yachts, including mega yachts. People say the marina reminds them of the Mediterranean, with Italian, Spanish, and Russian restaurants as well as a Chinese steam-boat restaurant. You can sit at a table on the harbour front and watch the yachts some of them in the protected harbour.

There is a plan by someone to put some kind of floating platform in the marina for performances to be held. It is a great idea but the turning circle for yachts in the marina is small. The platform, I am afraid, will get in the way for big boats. However, I have no say in this matter.

Eh, best la baca cerita ttg horse breeding dan mozarella cheese ni…nak pi tengok la one day, boleh tak??? I hear from friends that you are a good horse rider…cayalah Tun!!! By the way…harap harap blog Tun tak ada yg gatal tangan nak remove plak….

meet uncle hussain pokok livejournal

Blog ni adalah pusat sumber tau tak…kalau tak nak baca jgn baca biar org yang suka baca saja yg enjoy the pleasure of reading it …. Log in to Reply eiddamz Dec 29, 8: Saya dah pergi dan cuba menunggang kuda di bangsal kuda eksklusif milik tun. Dan jika dapat memberikan harga yang berpatutan, saya rasa ramai yang berminat nak cuba naik kuda-kuda yang ada di bangsal tu.

Pada saya yang mampu mungkin tiada masalah. Tapi pengalaman pertama dapat tunggang kuda bersama 2 lagi anak tak dapat saya lupakan. Terima kasih sebab menyediakan bangsal kuda seperti ini,maksud terima kasih pada tun kerana mengadakan perkhidmatan untuk menunggang kuda pada orang yang tidak mampu untuk memiliki kuda sendiri.

Apa-apapun saya harap Tun sekeluarga sihat selalu. Suami saya kirim salam pada tun sekeluarga. Cubaan terakhir selepas suntingan. Ulasan sudut berbeza pada ulasan berbangkit. Tak lulus juga, mungkin tak nak panjangkan kekecohan tak apalah. Dan ke Barat pula sehingga selatan India. Thailand dulunya adalah gugusan kerajaan Melayu.

Dahulunya gugusan rantau Melayu ini tidak berpecah. Ini membuktikan bahawa betapa orang Melayu adalah tuan di rantau nusantara ini. Orang asli sememangnya penduduk tetap tetapi mereka lebih gemar hidup secara kampung dan tidak berkerajaan. Sama seperti orang asli di Amerika Latin, Afrika, Australia dan temat-tempat lain. Tidak seperti sebelumnya dimana mereka bebas kesan kemari untuk berdagang kerana disini juga adalah tempat mereka.

Ketika itulah wujudnya negeri-negeri selat, negeri-negeri Melayu bersekutu dan tidak bersekutu. Identiti Melayu pada mereka digelapkan.

meet uncle hussain pokok livejournal

Begitu juga di Indonesia apabila isu suku kaum diangkat. Berbeza dengan orang India dan Cina kini yg kita tahu mereka datang beramai-ramai ketika era penjajahan Inggeris untuk mengusahakan ladang-ladang dan lombong-lombong. Mereka hidup dengna cara hidup mereka. Mereka bercampur dengan orang-orang Melayu dan akhirnya menyerap budaya melayu dalam kehidupan mereka.

Kampung / Landscape: Rural-urban Migrants’ Interpretations of Their Home Landscape.

Mereka bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu dan mengamalkan cara hidup Melayu dan anak cucu mereka digelar peranakan seperti baba nyonya dan mamak. Orang-orang cina dan india era penjajahan tidak menyerap budaya Melayu dalam hidup mereka. Mereka tegar dengan budaya dan cara hidup mereka malah ada yang langsung tidak bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu.

Namun begitu, apabila kesemua kaum ini menjadi rakyat Malaysia maka mereka diterima oleh orang Melayu seperti rakyat dan bukannya pendatang tetapi mereka harus sedar asal sejarah mereka. Mereka juga harus berterima kasih kepada orang Melayu dahulu kerana bertoleransi menerima mereka.

Namun begitu orang Melayu masih tetap berpegang bahawa mereka adalah penduduk tetap disini dan raja-raja merekalah yang membuka dan mentadbir rantau ini dan kerana itulah orang-orang Melayu mempertahankan hak mereka, daulat mereka dan kemuliaan mereka kerana sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa rantau nusantara ini dihuni oleh orang Melayu.

Log in to Reply andrewtay Apr 10, Usually a colonising power will consolidate its power by negotiating with the local majority. The Malays happen to be the majority at that time.

meet uncle hussain pokok livejournal

The definition of Malay is very vague indeed. The population of Malays currently in Malaysia is made up of migrant Malays who were once originated Indonesia albeit not all of them. Those migrants saw that it was convenient for them to hold themselves out as Malay because they have many similarities with the other more established Malays in Malaya. It is partly due to language and religion similarities. The similarity in culture shared among Indonesia and Malaysia are evident thus it reinforces the fact that some Malays are not by strict definition, a native of Malaya.

A few of my Malay friends have grandfathers from Indonesia and one has a lineage from Afganistan.

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In my view, they are well assimilated, through religion and inter-marriage, to gain acceptance as Malays whilst Chinese and Indians, albeit arriving before them or at the same time did not have any cultural or religious similarity. One a side note, i realised a lot of Malays think that Chinese companies are bias and are sidelining them from the benefits of employment.

Although i have to say some companies are indeed like that but there are also a companies which value skill over racial backgrounds. Business should segregated from politics, creed and race. Business is about profit making.

Thats the main purpose. It should not function as a propaganda machine or a tool to oppress or sideline another race. When you work for a Chinese company, you must be well adapted to its culture. The driving force behind every Chinese company and every company for that matter is the skill, motivation and the hardwork of its workers.

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To be completely upfront, most Chinese have the advantage already due to the cultural background. We can speak 1 or more additional languages than our Malay counterparts.

That is already a solid advantage. The gold rush in China and India has inevitably consolidated our position in the job market notice how there are now a lot of chinese accountants and indian engineers and IT expert in Australia.

That is why the emphasis on English had been made back then.

meet uncle hussain pokok livejournal