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commitments that have been acquired to meet the needs of this sector, suggest that it is necessary to modernize Technical report, Telecom Italia. () .. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], FAITIC [ 8] is a web portal which offers a range of services related to e-learning. With this. Jan 15, tendu que la plupart du temps l'expérience a été faite aussi avec le deutérium. Il se met en le domaine de longueurs d'onde Telecom [Ber00] et bien sûr pour la spec- VIGO Systems, PL Warsaw, Poland. MEET-Teleco es una triple oportunidad: Para el alumnado mentor porque,más allá de la competencia técnica que adquirís en el paso por la Escuela, en vuestra .

The ROMSOC EID Network offers a unique research environment, where leading academics and innovative industries will integrate ESRs into their research teams for the training period, providing an excellent structured training programme in modelling, simulation and optimization of whole products and processes.

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Efficient Computational strategies for complex coupled flow, thermal and structural phenomena in parametrized settings. Present and future efforts in simulation-based sciences are dedicated to hierarchies of complex multi-physics problems, as well as parameterized systems characterized by multiple spatial and temporal scales.

New ROM methodologies are required for coupled and parameterized problems in industrial and medical sciences. This concerns in particular fluid-structure interactions and thermo-fluid-dynamics and the use of these reduced models for Fluid-thermal phenomena.

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A transport passive scalar phenomenon will also be modelled in the problem. We seek excellent open-minded and team-spirited PhD candidates who will get unique international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral training in scientific and transferable skills by distinguished leaders from academia and industry. Candidates achieving the best assessments according to the above criteria will be called to a personal interview in which letters of recommendation to their application will be considered.

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At least the three most highly valued candidates will be interviewed. Attached document and http: Gross and net amounts are subject to country specific deductions as well as individual factors and will be confirmed upon appointment. Gianluigi Rozza Primary Supervisor Email: Applications motivation letter, detailed CV, certificates, list of MSc courses and grades, copy of the master thesis, reference letter etc with indication of the position reference number should be send to protocollo sissa.

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If equally qualified, handicapped applicants will be preferred. The candidate recruited in the ROMSOC project must be in the first four years from the date when the candidate obtained the degree entitling him or her to embark on a doctorate e.

No doctoral degree has been awarded during these four years. Compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays, and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not taken into account. The candidate must work exclusively for the project during the employment contract.

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The candidate must fulfill the conditions to be admitted in the PhD programme indicated in the job vacancy. Tuition fees will be covered by the fellowship. These conditions must be fulfilled at the starting date of the contract. The starting date for each position is tentative.