Meet swampy level 2 18 on wheres my water

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meet swampy level 2 18 on wheres my water

Conversion is a level in the Troubled Waters stage of Where's My to fill and dig a path from the remaining water to Swampy's funnel. My Water? 2 Level 6: Switch It Up (Swampy & Driller) Walkthrough Where's My Water! Meet Swampy! Complete game under pressure! Part 18! Levels Where's My Water – Swampy's Story – Troubled Waters Level to Can You Take Me Higher? The Unstoppable Ooze.

Move the water to the very top of the screen to best escape the fans, and tilt it towards the pipe. Let in enough water to collect the duck, and drop at least one drip into the green button to start the next section.

Where’s My Water – Swampy’s Story – Troubled Waters Level 2-1 to 2-20 Walkthrough

Another batch of water will drop now. Tilt it through the maze and towards the two horizontal fans. The water will slosh back and forward, grabbing the duck. Now, move the water towards the final, vertical set of fans. Pushing against the top fan won't work. Make exaggerated tilts of your device to move the water up and down, and it will eventually move closer and closer to the duck until it's collected. Bonus Level 17 - Donuts First, dunk the bottom right duck with the off-centre bucket of water.

meet swampy level 2 18 on wheres my water

Now turn your device 90 degrees clockwise, and drop the top-most bucket of water on the top duck. Finally turn your device a full degrees and drain the purple poison on the algae surrounding the last duck.

Try and remove as much algae on that side as possible. Now open the rightmost "donut" of water so it falls straight down and dunks the duck. Bonus Level 18 - Two Way Streams Tap all three redirector valves so the pipes will send water towards the ducks.

Then, slowly move the puddle of water from pipe to pipe to drench each duck. Bonus Level 19 - Full of Mud Tilt your device to the left and spray a bunch of mud so it clogs up the space at the bottom of the screen.

Let it set into dirt, and then dig a pathway between the bottom-most puddle and the duck directly above it.

meet swampy level 2 18 on wheres my water

Soak the duck to collect it. When your device is titled back to normal, send the water on the right to the duck in the top-right-hand corner. Now, carve a pathway in the dirt so the pipe sends mud into the area at the top of the screen.

Fill it up tight. When the mud sets into dirt, create a pathway between the middle reservoir of water and the top-left duck. Guide the water there safely to grab the last duck and finish the stage.

Watch a video tutorial for this bonus level here. Bonus Level 20 - Dirt Divert You have to act quickly on this stage. Dig away at some of the dirt, and drop the mud into the bottom tunnel. Keep it steady by tilting your device, and when it sets into dirt, it should cover up the gap. Now, you just need to fashion your new dirt pile into a ramp so the pipe shoots water into the main part of the level.

Now, simply enough, tilt your device so the water hits each and every duck. Secret Levels Planetarium To find this tricky Solar System-inspired stage, click "Play" on the main menu and then tap the "Achievements" button. Drag the screen down with one finger so the framed achievements go towards the bottom of the screen until you see a doodle of the planet Saturn. Tap it with your other finger to play.

This is a tough level, so carefully transport the water from one planet to the other by scooping out a big reservoir in the lower planet, and then open the floodgates in the upper planet. Make sure to save some water for the ducks! Here's a video tutorial to beating this level.

Mi Amore To find this secret stage, click 'Play' on the main menu and then tap the 'Achievements' button. Drag the screen up with one finger so the framed achievements go towards the top of the screen until you see a doodle of a heart. Tap it with your other finger. This level is pretty easy. Hold down on both brown taps so two dirt barriers appear.

Fire both water taps to collect two ducks, and then make a big puddle of mud in between your barriers. Let it set, and then dig a hole from the bottom left to the duck. Hold down on the bottom water tap to shoot water at the central duck. Once it's yours, dig an exit tunnel to fire the water at Swampy's pipe. Achievements Once you've beaten every level, found every duck, grabbed every object and completed every bonus stage, all you've got left is the achievements.

These are shown in the game, and also appear on your Game Center leaderboards so you'll want to get the lot if you want to show off. Completed "Meet Swampy" Description: Use our video guides if you're having trouble. Completed "Troubled Waters" Description: Completed "Under Pressure" Description: Not only must you beat all the levels, but you've got to find all of Swampy's rubber ducks as well. There's a counter at the top of the level select screen.

These are hidden throughout the game. Use our guide above to find their location and snap one up for yourself. Use our guide above to find their location and snap one ten of them to get this reward. Use our guide above to find their location and snap them all up to get this reward. Take your time, we'll still be here when you've finished. When you find a set of three collectibles you'll find a bonus level to play in the collection screen. You'll get this achievement for finding your first bonus level.

So find all the collectibles, unlock all the bonus levels and beat them to get this reward.

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Shallow Bath Game Center Points: Essentially you need to stop the water entering Swampy's shower the second the level is over. Easier said than done. The best level do to this on is as you can shoot one drop of water out of the pipe by tapping on the valve.

Keep tapping until you hit 20, then stop! Embarrassed Game Center Points: Easy, once you know how. Just tap Swampy on any level and he'll do an animation. Keep tapping and one animation will see him drag the curtain over his scaly, naked body. Poison Water Game Center Points: Find a level where you can easily drop purple poison water down Swampy's spout. Drench him with acid, watch him leap out of the bath, and then do it again.

Rinse and repeat another 19 times. Ugly Duckling Game Center Points: Similar to the above, but this time you want to find a level where you can quickly splash a duck with green or purple goop. Rinse and repeat 50 times over to get it this reward. Efficient Cut Game Center Points: Just use two fingers to dig through dirt at once, utilising the multi-touch magic of Apple's touchscreen.

Quick Finish Game Center Points: This is a hard level when you take your time, and even harder when you rush. Just make sure to clear an easy path for the water to drop straight down through, and use your finger to dig a dirt path for the green goop instead of slowly waiting for it to tunnel through. Be quick, practise the timing and good luck! Confidence Game Center Points: Simply make one long continuous tunnel with your finger to guide the stream of water to the exit point.

Take your time and you'll do this one with no problems. Take your time, there's no rush. Wait for the green goop to leave before dropping the water and make sure every drop lands in the drain. This is an easy achievement. Do this on the first, extremely easy level. Count out the seven retries, and then beat it on the eighth to collect your prize. On the menu screen hit Settings. The levels in question are grouped into two holiday-themed chapters, "10 Days of Swampy" Christmas and "Hearts and Crafts" Valentine's Day.

An infographic of Where's my Water's history teased a new update with a black-and-white and Frankenweenie-based levels. Cranky's Story[ edit ] In January"Cranky's Story", a new subset of levels within the game, was added initially to the iOS version [18] and later to the Android version. The gameplay in "Cranky's Story" is basically the same as the main game, in that players must route a fluid to an inlet goal.

This time, the ducks are now purple and can only be collected by being splashed with poison, while other fluids including clean water will kill it. If water or any of the other fluids enter the inlet, the level is failed the water causes Cranky's food to be covered with more algae, surprising him, while ooze will turn it into a rock and being kicked away, the same is true with mud.

meet swampy level 2 18 on wheres my water

If all of the poison is lost, then Cranky will get very angry. The first five levels in the first chapter, "Cranky's First Course", are free to play, while the rest of the chapter and the whole the second chapter, "Hunger Pains", are accessible through a one-time in-app purchase. An all new Food Groups and the third episode "Bulking Up" were released on April 5, and adds 6 challenges and two bonus stages.

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It is a revisit of previous levels from the main game except the player has to deal three special kinds of ducks. On October 30, as part of the release of Swampy's Underground adventures, 20 more levels were added to Mystery duck.

meet swampy level 2 18 on wheres my water

On November 15, as part of the levels of the week, the last 40 levels were added to Mystery duck. Allie is Swampy's girlfriend.

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The gameplay in this mode is the same as the other modes, but this time, it requires players to direct steam to operate Allie's makeshift pipe organ. Ducks are blue and can only be covered in steam, while other fluids except clean water will kill them.

If water or other fluids get in the inlet, the level is failed.