Meet rose by sherryl clark

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meet rose by sherryl clark

Our Australian Girl: The Rose Stories written by Sherryl Clark, the isbn of this book, Buy Our Australian Girl: #1 Meet Rose from BooksDirect. Booktopia has Meet Rose, Our Australian Girl Series: Book 1 by Sherryl Clark. Buy a discounted Paperback of Meet Rose online from. Meet Rose. Download Cover Image · Clark, Sherryl. ISBN. Format. Paperback. Recommended Price. R Published. May

Young readers today are relating to all these aspects of the stories. I was at the launch of the Our Australian Girl series and it was clear that it had absorbed the lives of everyone involved. Why do you think this series is so important to the creators? Well, as I mentioned before I do feel a responsibility not only as a publisher but as a mother and as a female and maybe even as a human being! I wanted to give them credit rather than patronise them. I am very concerned about the broader challenges for young girls growing up today, and here was an opportunity to maybe make a small difference to the way girls see themselves and the way they make choices.

And I am working with people who share these concerns and are passionate about making a difference.

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We each believe in the goals and ideas behind the project so fervently that I suppose we probably appear a bit evangelical! But I do feel this in some ways is the most important thing I have contributed so far!

Is there an Our Australian Boy series planned? We have had so many people ask us this question and we are in the early stages of developing something for boys. And it will link in with Our Australian Girl so that teachers will be able to use the series alongside each other in the classroom. What are you enjoying most about working on the series? At the moment I am enjoying seeing the third lot of books out in July land on my desk from the printer.

As each lot arrives, we put them all together and just gaze at them lovingly because the design of the books makes them look so appealing all sitting together, either face out or spine out. Lucia was born in Italy, but moved to Australia looking for new opportunities.

She thinks all Australians keep in their blood a bit of their pioneer heritage, regardless of their own birthplace.

Our Australian Girl: Meet Rose (Book 1)

Lucia is visiting us today to talk about her journey and her work. And I love it. I was born and bred in Livorno, Italy and I moved to Australia in with my partner. In Australia I have seen my first books published. I am sincerely grateful to them for betting on me and my artistic vision.

I really liked to work on the illustrations for the Our Australian Girl series. The most challenging thing for me has been to find images that I could use as references. All the four stories are well set in a specific epoch of Australian history and I needed exactly the objects in use in those years. And some of the objects are very rare to find nowadays: I think has been also a nice way for me to approach Australian history: But I was fortunate enough to have the authors and Davina to my side who helped me and gave me feedback.

This was the first time I worked with black and white illustrations: I really enjoyed the process and I am happy with the results.

meet rose by sherryl clark

For the 64 final illustrations I used watercolor and I added details with a black pencil. I painted the images slightly bigger than the size they are printed on the book. She wants to play cricket, climb trees and be an adventurer! But Rose's mother has other ideas, and only wants Rose to be a proper young lady, wear frilly dresses and learn how to sew. Then Rose's favourite young aunt, Alice, comes to town, and everything changes Rose's Challenge by Sherryl Clark Book 4 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Rose is finally allowed to go to school - the magnificent St Swithin's!

But Rose has never been to school before - will she be able to keep up?

meet rose by sherryl clark

Will she fit in? And will she be allowed to join the cricket team?!

Our Australian Girl: Rose in Bloom (Book 4)

In the meantime, change is afoot in Melbourne: Federation is imminent, and the suffragette movement is gathering force. When Mother gets ill and Aunt Alice takes a position in a poor state-run school, Rose realises that she has taken a lot for granted - but the changes taking place around her will change Rose's life forever The littlest pirate and the stinky ship by Sherryl Clark Book 4 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide While Nicholas Nosh, the Littlest Pirate, is sailing home from an expedition to get special food for his birthday party, his crew is overcome by a terrible smell.

Soon the Golden Pudding is boarded by a band of pirates led by Captain Stinker, the dirtiest, ugliest, smelliest pirate in the Seven Seas, and Nicholas and his crew are taken captive. Stinker's ship is his secret weapon.

meet rose by sherryl clark

It's so disgustingly putrid that it can overpower any other ship without so much as a shot from its cannon. And because Stinker wants to keep it that way, he won't allow anything to be cleaned, ever. But Nicholas can see that Stinker's crew aren't very happy. He has to win them over to his side - but how?

Our Australian Girl: Meet Rose (Book 1) by Sherryl Clark on Apple Books

Rose in Bloom by Sherryl Clark Book 4 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide The Federation celebrations are fast approaching but Rose hardly has time to get excited - so many other marvellous things are happening in her world, including her first real cricket match!

But then she has a nasty accident, her best friend disappears and Aunt Alice is thrown in gaol. Can Rose still fight for what's right when everything around her is falling apart? Rose's journey concludes in this, the exciting final instalment of four books about a Federation girl who's determined to do things her way! Saving Moonbeam by Sherryl Clark Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 98 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Gemma comes across a neglected, starving horse and is determined to help it, even though its owner objects.

She feeds it secretly, and calls it Moonbeam. When the local council takes matters into its own hands and there is a danger that the horse will be put down, Gemma kidnaps it to keep it safe Pocket rocket by Sherryl Clark Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 97 WorldCat member libraries worldwide All Ellyse wants to do is play sport. Cricket, soccer, touch footy, athletics - you name it! But now that she's in high school, playing sport and having fun doesn't seem so simple.

For starters, there's more homework, and a mix-up with her electives has her stuck with debating! Then her friends Jazz and Charlie don't invite her to go rollerskating.

To top it off, mean Ms Parkes won't let her on the school cricket team because she thinks Ellyse is too small. Could life be more unfair? Luckily, she still has club cricket. Her team is a sure bet to make the grand final, and Ellyse can't wait to get out onto the pitch with her mate Jamie.

Will Ellyse be able to handle the challenges of high school and still find time for all her sports? Rose on Wheels by Sherryl Clark Book 4 editions published between and in English and held by 90 WorldCat member libraries worldwide It's and Rose lives with her family in a big house in Melbourne.

Then Rose's favourite young aunt, Alice, comes to town, and everything changes Boots and all by Sherryl Clark Book 4 editions published between and in English and held by 90 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Tony's dad wants Tony to be a footy superstar, just like him.

meet rose by sherryl clark

But Tony's got another talent, one that's more important to him.