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meet ochobot

"Power Sphere") older than Ochobot with untold powers. That quest also leads Boboiboy to meet his toughest foe yet, an alien treasure hunter who is looking to . Read Meet Ochobot from the story Boboiboy and Gang save the day! by BoboiboyFan with reads. fang, ochobot, savetheday. Today ( pm) A boy with an. "You don't meet a lot of Spheras because Spheras like to hide. Ochobot!" Everyone in the room, except for Fang, greeted the boy and his.

Everyone's heads turned to look at the small and cute boy wearing an orange cap with a yellow lightning symbol on it and a matching orange jacket with the same lightning symbol on the zipper.

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Beside the boy, was a flying black and yellow robot ball with blue robotic eyes. Papa Zola laughed a victorious laugh. Welcome back my student of justice! I'm sure they've missed you, just as much as I have. Except for Fang, who ignored Boboiboy, still feeling jealous. And now Fang also feels ignored, now that everyone's attention is not on him.

meet ochobot

But Boboiboy, being the nice and friendly boy he is, noticed the new kid, and decided to at least properly greet him. He's the new kid. He joined the daycare just today. Fang, this is Boboiboy, the one we've been telling you about! Fang can talk on his own, you know! Then he turned to Fang. And it was coming from the bag in Boboiboy's hand. Captain Kaizo arrived Papa Zola's Space Daycare, since he's done with today's mission and some extra chores his parents made him do.

He went to the room where he could hear the sounds of children chatting with each other lively and the familiar cute laughter of his brother.

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He smiled when he saw his brother playing with a boy in orange and black clothes, beside him was a yellow and black Sphera. Both boys had big smiles on their faces as they continued to play with their action figures. Fang pouted while the boy in orange and black frowned. I want to play more with Boboiboy. Mom and Dad won't like it if I go home without you. Let me stay a bit longer. But little Fang resisted, trying to go back to his friend, and break free from Kaizo's grip.

No, no, no, no, no! I want to stay! It was so cute! The artist name's is Widzilla. Idk if I should put the link to the pic or their Deviant account link, but some may recognize what and who I'm talking about I have more Fang x Boboiboy oneshots but most of them are NSFW.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Papa Zola takes a selfie alone at the jetty.

meet ochobot

He gets startled by the arrival of BoBoiBoy and his friends. They ask for help to find Ochobot. They find a clue about the floating island's location, which is near the lighthouse. They take a boat ride towards the lighthouse's location. Probe answered with saying that he and Adu Du were friends.

The other Tengkotak members erupt with laughter, much to Adu Du's fury. Adu Du and Bora Ra end up in a heated squabble.

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However, they are interrupted by information that BoBoiBoy was near. Bora Ra gives Adu Du the Kurita, a small squid that enlarges when exposed to water.

meet ochobot

Adu Du and Probe with the Kurita later get ejected into the sea. Meanwhile, Papa Zola realises that Adu Du is coming closer. BoBoiBoy orders Ying to speed up the boat using her power. They eventually encounter Adu Du and Probe and questions him of Ochobot's whereabouts.

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Kurita, exposed to the sea water, grows to gigantic size and attack the boat and Adu Du. They try to beat Kurita but failed. The boat speeds up to run away from Kurita, with Adu Du and Probe hooked on it. They eventually land on the big island. Fang thinks he had beaten the giant squid, but suddenly the squid attacks them again. Yaya lifts the boat, finding no squid hidden beneath them. Kurita swims towards them. Papa Zola throws Gopal towards the squid so he can change it to food, in which Gopal does so.

They continue their journey by walking in the forest of the island, with Papa Zola eating the fried squid. They camp in the jungle for the night.

meet ochobot

Meanwhile, Yoyo Oo monitors Ochobot's movements. Klamkabot - the Power Sphere who has been the target of the aliens - emerges from nowhere and attacks Ochobot, losing the latter's transmission.

Back at the camp, BoBoiBoy wakes up to Ochobot's cry. After jumping to and entering a cave, Ying finally finds Ochobot, who is seen being 'controlled' by Klamkabot. BoBoiBoy hastily attacks Klamkabot, suspecting him as one of the Tengkotak gang members until Ochobot stops him. They end up listening to Klamkabot's story about himself and the alien race of Ata Ta Tiga.

While they attentively do so, Bora Ra finds them and attacks them. The kids run away with Klamkabot's help. Meanwhile, at the camp, Papa Zola realises that he is left alone.

meet ochobot

He spots Adu Du and Probe from afar. Papa Zola chases Adu Du and questions him. But, Bora Ra and Gaga Naz follows them too and attack them again. Gaga Naz attacks them, destroying the platform.

He presumes the kids to be dead and his work done. After Bora Ra had captured Klamkabot, they return to their spaceship.

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Unbeknown to them, BoBoiBoy and his friends were hidden below the platform rubble. Adu Du and Probe fool Papa Zola to feel the ground for the kids' fresh footsteps. Papa Zola becomes furious from this trick and demands them where BoBoiBoy's gang are heading. They all get a surprise attack from J-Rex, revealed as a giant shark with legs, and flee to safety from the creature.