Meet my baby brother

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meet my baby brother

I'll be the best big sister Just you wait and see! It's official, Timmy's little brother is here! Brennan is pleased to announce he finally got the little. First Little Readers: Meet My Baby Brother (Level B) - Kindle edition by Liza Charlesworth. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Big brother meets his new-born baby sibling for the first time The tender moment they meet for the first time after an agnoising 14 hour wait.

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Mommy started to feel better and her belly started to grow. I can see now that you are growing inside of her. Mommy used to ask me if I wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. Right from the very beginning I always said that you were going to be a baby boy. A few weeks later, mommy and daddy came home very excited from an appointment and showed me pictures of you. I remember saying how silly you looked. They told me you were growing big and strong, had a big brain just like me and that we were going to have the whole family over and cut into a cake and see if it had blue icing for a boy or pink icing for a girl.

The big night came and sure enough the cake was blue! Mommy told me your name and I loved it. We went shopping for you, picked out boy clothes, I got some toys for you AND baby brother I am even letting you have some of my toys from when I was a baby.

I have so many plans for us! Books to read, mudpies to make, food to throw and I will show you how to scream and cry at the top of your lungs to get anything you want! Trust me little brother, it still works for me.

meet my baby brother

The carts are so big and can sit two people. I told mommy and daddy the other day that my brother will be able to sit here with me.

Meet my baby brother💙

They must of thought it was a super cute thing for me to say because mommy teared up a little bit and daddy gave me a high five! Of course there will be rough times too little bro. You may want to keep the announcements brief, especially if you plan to use multiple images.

Photo birth announcements also become great keepsakes for family and friends. The following phrases are short and sweet: Meet my new sister! Laura would like to announce the arrival of her new playmate. Jordan is please to announce the newest member of our family!

Steven would like to introduce his new best friend.

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Holden has a little sister! Cameron has a new hand to hold! Russell is pleased to announce that he is officially a big brother. Big sister April is proud to present the newest member of our family.

Cody and Hayden have a new brother!

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Katie is pleased to announce that our family has grown. Proud big brothers Tom and Tim are pleased to presenttheir new baby sister.

meet my baby brother

Erica is thrilled to announce the birth of her new baby sister. Sarah is proud to announce the newest branch on our family tree. Big brother Bobby would like to present our newest family member. Jennifer is happy to announce the arrival of her little brother. With great Joy, Liam would like to present his new sister Lisa.

ABC and someone new to play with me!

meet my baby brother

Big brother Derek is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our line-up. One son was so much fun Bryan thought we should have another one.