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meet me vdn

A regional commercial bank operating in many African countries. “Okay, but, what do you expect me to do with the information in the diary? inside, “Meet me at 8p.m. near the Krishna Temple on Thursday, the 31st. VDN. “Okay, but, what do you expect me to do with the information in the diary? inside, “Meet me at 8p.m. near the Krishna Temple on Thursday, the 31st. VDN.

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meet me vdn

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meet me vdn

They would just go inside the box, disconnect the jumper here, connect them back up, and we would continue billing the customer.

So, it is extremely important that this become common and that all of us have respect for each other's property. The patch panel is not something really contemplated in the regulations, so I am still trying to understand. What happens is in the regulations the subscriber drop is here. It is not going to happen. It is going to be too much trouble. It is going to be too expensive. It is unfortunate how the CISC couldn't come to these agreements.

This was stuff that we all proposed at the CISC. The new entrant would pay for the common patch panel. If a second new entrant came into the building, they would split the cost 50 per cent. We have done that with cameras with Look TV. It is very simple. The patch panel was not contemplated by the regs, but in our opinion it is the only workable solution. So, it would be necessary for us to be able to go and provide service for ourselves. We couldn't possibly rely on the other party in the event of a labour dispute.

Would you explain what is meant by that. The wire is not really of high quality. People call and complain that their picture image is not as strong as it could be. A lot of it is mini coax.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines (North America)

I am sure Philip could explain that better. So, I think there is no question that there is a lot of wire out there that is quite old. In CQMI's calculation of inside wire, they indicated that a significant portion was essentially worthless.

So, clearly, much of that has to be replaced. Just another point about the wiring for a second. One of the biggest issues that we have is that you have two types of wiring in an MDU. You have what we call internal wiring, which would usually be installed in conduits, and you have external wiring that is attached to the building and usually covered with a moulding or possibly not covered with a moulding.

How prevalent within VDN's territory is the situation you described in the diagrams?

meet me vdn

Ninety-five per cent of the buildings that we serve. Without a common patch panel, though. They control the CSE. They install a jumper inside their box. They provide a six-foot piece of wire outside of their box, and we connect on to that wire. There are two major problems with that.

They don't know if it works or it doesn't work. So, when they make that connection inside the box it is a problem, because you don't know if it is going to work or not work. It could be defective.

The customer is out of service for at least a day. For example, if you have a disconnection for apartment and you disconnectbut really you didn't disconnect ; you disconnected because the "7" on the top is worn, is faded.

VDN comes to hook up, and we are providing service to the wrong customer. We are stuck again. And VDN can't provide service to its customer. What percentage of the buildings have now a patch panel, in your experience?

We would have to get back to you to qualify that. By Friday we could give you an exact number of the buildings we serve. What percentage of the buildings in the service territory are VDN's buildings in the sense that VDN has wired the building, and in what percentage of the buildings do you depend on dealing with VDN? McCallum, I believe we have answered the question in the public file.

I would have to dig up the page. It is in here somewhere.

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Maybe you would like to continue and Mr. Sherman could look up that number. Approximately a week after we got the letter they must have blitzed and done every single solitary building that we served and locked the service closure up with a big padlock, big enough to keep your garage door closed at home.

All they have done is they have purchased a hasp, which is a device that you put a padlock on, and they have installed a big master padlock. One of the things we heard yesterday was that there may be some movement or some degree of negotiation for the "contrat d'utilisation" that was presented to the competitors, because some of the things we were questioning about there were no specific terms to address it.

To the best of our knowledge, Gary has been dealing with Mr. That is the only way, in our opinion, that it is going to work. It has to be on "a bonne foi", on a goodwill basis. You are going to have inadvertent accidents that happen due to the age of wire, due to technical mistakes, due to incorrections of wiring.

If we do not work together in this as an industry, it will go from bad to worse to worse. Perhaps I could respond to that. Sherman indicated, I did speak to Mr. I assumed there was nothing else negotiable.

That was pretty much the key issue of the contract. That is on page Sherman, I think your 5th March letter changed that to eight. Yes, you are right. That would be on pagewhere we did indicate that it is eight. Thank you very much, Madam Chair. They are buildings that are attached. One of the thing that you said, Mr. Sherman, in your presentation this morning, in talking about who drafted the contracts, that they resulted from discussions with Mr.

I think the company existed at the time those negotiations took place. The company, in a numbered company form, without assets, without employees, without anything, existed prior to February 8th.


It had no real existence other than as a shelf company prior to February 8th. Another point is that if the would have had everything organized and ready when we got served with the letter on February 12th or 13th, why didn't we get a copy of the contract at the same time?

Why did it only come three days later? I don't really know. I think you would have a bidding war for the wire. It is far too speculative to determine that. First of all, we feel as our business it is definitely an essential facility. Without that piece of wire, our customers don't receive any service.

If the wire is inferior, they are going to receive lousy service. Could you provide details of the investments that you refer to in your presentation this morning? Are we willing to provide details of those investments to the Commission? I am asking not for a spreadsheet where you give all the details but a summary of what was involved for those investments. What we could do is we could use the Le Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal as an example.

Basically, for us to enter into an MDU north of units, the investment is as follows: We must take the fibre from our fibre backbone, bring the fibre into the building, install our electronics, install our CSE and all that.

Le Sanctuaire, in this case, is a multi-unit complex with seven buildings. We have brought our services to all of these buildings, as far as I know. Five of the seven. That involves leasing conduit spaces, building our own conduit spaces, doing physical construction. It is not simply a matter of putting a dish on a building.

We have a lot more physical labour involved in getting to those buildings. There is some other figure in analog network. The millions of dollars that you are referring to at page 4 must not be the 25 that you are referring to at page 1 but some bigger figure.

I will make it a little clearer. Everything is brand new. We haven't upgraded our network yet, because we just started in business. Let's say, for argument's sake, that there are buildings that we cannot serve today because we are blocked by CQMI. I guess it is not entirely stranded, because for the moment we are still serving our customers. It is the same network. It is a fibre optic network which we use to provide analog services. There are no two different kinds of networks or two different kinds of investments.

Was it at page ? Maybe you can explain that figure. Basically, it is paragraph That is on pageor something in that area. Maybe, as they say, it is 50 per cent. They provided us withsuites for themselves. That is the number of customers they have.

meet me vdn

There are additional other customers. We must remember that we are all claiming that the life of the wire is 25 years. So if we multiply by 25 years, the numbers are astronomical.

Again, we have that difference between theversus , but we can ignore that. So, you can use those figures. You spoke this morning about your marketing plans.