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meet me there movie review

[DVD Review] 'Meet Me There' is on Time with Good Character Study, to Sheol a half hour into the movie, which itself clocks in at 93 minutes. 'A movie that defines perfection': Judy Garland in Meet Me in St Louis. is up there with "Over the Rainbow" and "The Man That Got Away"). This results in movie after movie borrowing heavily from other films we Recently, I was sent the film Meet Me There to review and it looked.

meet me there movie review

The car ride near the beginning of the film does a good job of developing these two as they converse. It also helps that Lybrand devotes a great deal of the first part of the film to developing the two characters, which is essential to a film like this. The thing is that the camera remains in this close quarters setup for much of our time with Ada and Calvin, either apart or together.

The film also has a few problems with pacing.

Meet Me in St Louis – review

It can be a difficult balance to have moments of character development, along with having plot progression. Unfortunately, the beginning of the film gets bogged down with so much time spent on developing Ada and Calvin, that they only end up getting to Sheol a half hour into the movie, which itself clocks in at 93 minutes. Worse, things only really start to get going at the one hour mark. Regardless of my idiosyncrasies, Meet Me There is still quite the indie film.

meet me there movie review

When they get to Sheol, the couple encounters ominous event after ominous event. The town is literally in the middle of nowhere and has no telephones or cellular signals. When they finally realize that they must leave, it turns out that nothing in Sheol is ever that simple or that easy.

In a low budget, independent production, the personnel often need to wear several hats. Meet Me There is no exception. The original score was created by Mark Daven. The direction, writing, score, and acting all contribute to the atmospheric tension that builds throughout the film. The old cut away machete gag is used numerous times, and copious amounts of blood abound in this one which may satiate the gore tooth in you.

The film is annoyingly filmed in a first person found footage sort of technique. The story itself is repetitious as well, as one couple stumbles across a Camp Blood sign and then gets murdered, and then the same sign is found, and they get murdered, and so on and so forth. Usually they are the stuff of big effects from the big houses. The story is simple. Turns out a local crazy is bringing up a herd of raptors and one tyrannosaurus rex, of course at his ranch and when the crazy falls ill, the raptors get hungry and go wild.

This is bad news for all involved. There are definitely aspects of this that feel a whole lot like a SyFy movie, and in many ways it is. The effects are not the best, with the renderings of the CG dinos being slightly off when animated over the film stock.

meet me there movie review

The movements of the dinosaurs and the use of weight is off too--always a good indicator of cheap effects. A lot of the humor here works, with the deliveries from the mostly unknown cast members actually showing some skill behind them.

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Theney Written by Joston R. Theney makes this one stand out from the herd by imbuing a little maturity and some complex relationship drama into the mix. But instead of these twentysomethings playing teens, they actually play twentysomethings, which is refreshing. This group used to be college best friends who now have grown up well, not all of themand their lives have become pretty complicated.