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meet me conference penn state

Dinner at The Tavern a long-standing tradition in State College & Penn State THE meeting place in State College for generations meet me at The Corner!. Women in Dairy Pennsylvania - Penn State ExtensionLast year we had Last year we had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of dairy She said that it was the ladies from the tour that suggested me as the speaker. For me, Mishelanu is about bringing Israel to campus. of this opportunity to meet other Israelis and Israeli-Americans who feel the same way.

I would not let my weary body get me down. I had to go explore. I called them at the last minute. They asked what I was interested in seeing. Offered me a very fair price and picked me up right away to escort me on my adventure.

meet me conference penn state

A perfect stop for me right? The whole time, as I was enjoying this, I kept telling myself how much Tony would love to see this and vowed to come back and spend more time. After my full day I got to enjoy dinner with some of the Penn State Extension team. After a surprisingly good nights sleep, that moment, that I had agonized for so long, was now here.

I admit, I was glad that I was up first. When I was done I felt great relief and satisfaction. I had wonderful feed back and response and felt embraced. These are hard-working dairy women. They are busy working on the farms, milking cows, raising calves and taking care of their families.

I was happy to share my life. I believe they realized, like I did, that even though we might run our dairies differently. We might have more or less cows to take care of. We share to same goals and struggles in our lives. At the end of the day our lives are consumed with the care and well-being of not only our families but our animals. Sitting on the blogging panel was fun. It is always fun to share the rewards and challenges of blogging.

I got to sit on the panel with Raechel Sattazahn. Her husband is a guest writer and they do a wonderful job sharing our agricultural story. I got to enjoy the rest of the day mingling, eating good food, and taking in the other breakout sessions. I met too many wonderful people to name individually. During the day I had the opportunity to meet Jessica Armacost. They have a very impressive program.

The girls are very active in promoting dairy in their state. She had with her two of her princesses, Callie and Heather. They were staying the night and asked if I would like to join them for dinner. What a great evening.

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She drove us into the town of Harrisburg and indulged me in some picture-taking of this beautiful town. I so appreciate their invitation. This was a perfect ending to a wonderful experience. I want to thank Dr. They make it seem easy. Congratulations to you both and everyone who made this day the success that is was.

James Franklin takes blame as Penn State stuffed by Ohio State late

I made it back home without delay. This is the guy who gave away the first gold medal he won as a high school sprinter.

meet me conference penn state

Who deadlifts more than defensive linemen, who runs faster than This is the person Franklin says sets the tone for the entire program: Who hates losing quarterback drills to quarterbacks. This is the author of the most ridiculous touchdown run you'll ever see, in the Rose Bowl against Southern Cal, and whose afterburner gear leaves defensive backs in his dust. Barkley has walked the length of the hall. He shakes my hand and puts his backpack on the floor as we sit in a small office.

I remember being told to hold my voice recorder close because his voice will not carry.

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He does speak quietly, which is OK. Saquon Barkley saves his loudest statements for the football field. The run is supposed to go between the tackles; the Trojans defense forces it outside. I felt like I was able to get inside the next defender cornerback Ajene Harris.

meet me conference penn state

I made a cut in. In the moment, you just start reacting. None makes the tackle. After the bounce, Barkley scampers right, toward the Penn State sideline, then left into initial traffic.

So I pick my feet up. And I was just running, running, and my wide receivers really did a good job.

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Chris Godwin served as an escort to the end zone, shielding the speedy Jackson closer to the goal line. His speed is second to none," Godwin, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneerssaid recently. At some point, you've got to make the decision to get vertical. He made the first guy miss, got vertical. Made the second guy miss, got to sideline, got vertical.

They thought the inside zone run would be a good play; Barkley made it exceptional. As the coaches watched the beginning of the game unfold, they thought Barkley was the fastest player on the field; he proved them correct. He scored standing up. I looked at the scoreboard. The game wasn't close to being over. From snap to score, The Run lasted 16 seconds. It will be remembered forever.

meet me conference penn state

Everybody's watching the Rose Bowl," coach James Franklin said. Barkley, thick in the Heisman Trophy race, has become a human highlight reel.

His Roadrunner-foils-Coyote stylings belong in video games.

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Did you see the yard touchdown against Akron where he somehow accelerated as he turned the corner? The 8-yard touchdown against Pittsburgh where he powered between the tackles and through defenders? The yard touchdown reception against Georgia State, where he caught a short pass at the 22 and zoomed past defensive backs that were in position downfield -- and had an angle?

The gravity-defying hurdle over the Iowa defender? The yard touchdown on the opening kickoff against Indiana? Did you see the jump cut on the yard touchdown as he finally solved a Northwestern defense so hell-bent on stopping him that quarterback Trace McSorley played catch, setting a school record with 15 consecutive completions?

For all the Houdini that Barkley has on his football resume, there's no escaping those 79 yards. It was getting tweeted at me every single day. It's not on the football field. It was Mayand Barkley won the meters in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference track and field championships.

He'd never run track before, so this was his first gold medal. Within a couple of hours, he gave it away. Rachel Panek from Saucon Valley High School had won the girls' meter hurdles, but because of a timing issue, the race was re-run.

On the do-over, Panek clipped a hurdle and finished last. I didn't want her to think it was about sympathy. She has said since that Barkley's gesture made her a better person. Whitehall High School athletic director Bob Hartman still shakes his head when he remembers that day. When he goes back now, it is an event. At a Whitehall football game last year during Penn State's bye week, he felt bad about taking attention away from the players on the field.

At a basketball game after the Rose Bowl, Hartman had to cut off the line of well-wishers, and he and Barkley retreated to the athletic director's office. Once there, Barkley told Hartman, "I don't want to say no to any of them. They played Scrabble, and Zack beat him in Madden. On a recent September day, Hartman's secretary was surprised by a happy birthday text from Barkley. She was delighted; he had remembered. At the Rose Bowl, Barkley spent free time with Whitehall assistant principal Alicia Knauff and her three daughters, including year-old Shadimon, his high school classmate.