Meet me at starbucks documentary fed

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meet me at starbucks documentary fed

Sep 30, The campaign centers around a 6-minute documentary-style video that YouTube/Starbucks Coffee The feel-good video is called "Meet me at. May 29, For Starbucks, the scope of companywide anti-bias training on Tuesday was easy In another, the documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson Jr. provides an Jared Kushner Paid No Federal Income Tax for Years, Documents Suggest who hadn't made a purchase and were waiting for a business meeting. Sep 29, For the global campaign, called "Meet me at Starbucks," the coffee A second spot, which is a distilled version of the documentary, will.

meet me at starbucks documentary fed

Coffee shops proved a more attractive venue for getting the job done. There are no regularly scheduled meetings to attend and no co-workers to distract you in the break room.

One day several years ago, Ph.

meet me at starbucks documentary fed

They were there to brainstorm concepts for potential research projects, but one colleague protested that it was too noisy; there was simply no way they would be able to come up with good ideas. And that got Mehta thinking: They reached the conclusion that a moderate level of noise, such as the music and conversation that suffuse your average coffee house, provides a commensurately moderate level of distraction that actually elevates your thinking to a higher plane.

The steady hum promotes more abstract thinking, activating the subconscious and facilitating creative problem-solving — the kind involved in coming up with new ideas, not technical analysis. InMehta co-authored a paper published in The Journal of Consumer Research that presented these findings and read like a love letter to coffee shops in the gig economy.

Both freelancers, they needed a place to work and found that they gravitated to coffee shops. Suddenly, it all made sense.

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Since its launch inCallwood says 5. Coffee has fueled ideas for centuries. The first coffee houses sprang up in the s in the Middle East, the birthplace of the coffee trade. Adding productivity Once upon a time, coffee shops frowned upon workers camping out for hours in a row. But inStarbucks began offering free, unlimited Wi-Fi at its stores, an acknowledgement that customers who can pull out their laptops are more apt to stay longer — and hopefully drink and eat more.

The icing on the cake lies in the fact that the entire film footage was shot on the same day.

Meet Me At Starbucks’ Personal Touch

The hours of footage feature the multiple walks-of-life that routinely patron Starbucks locations for a variety of reasons. The film from Honolulu featured a group of hearing impaired friends that meet regularly at a Starbucks.

meet me at starbucks documentary fed

Other featured patrons included a group of scrapbooking women, teenage friends, elderly couples, band try-outs, and more. The spokeswoman for Starbucks, Linda Mills, said the campaign sprouted from the idea that there are so many ways for people to connect electronically, but unless you are face-to-face, a true connection is lost.

The campaign started with Starbucks monitoring its customers on social media to determine what people are saying about the brand and what type of content they are creating on behalf of the brand. Starbucks noticed that there were several videos on YouTube of people creating their content from inside a Starbucks location.

This told Starbucks that stories were being created inside their stores, and they wanted to feature these stories so the entire world could see. The original intention for the campaign was to create a film based off the videos already made, but as the project evolved, Starbucks recognized that this campaign needed presented on a larger scale.

The campaign will started its horn-tooting with a second spot that is an abbreviated version of the documentary.