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Read user MadCap Flare reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. for print/PDF media as opposed to web, but it definitely meets my needs. teacher I've been providing training and consulting services for MadCap Flare and other Services Offered; Price Information; Remote Training; Onsite Training. I provide several services, so you can customize the training to meet your needs. André will lead a MadCap Software workshop, dedicated to EPUB, on Saturday April 18, Register to order your badge, and meet us on booth C23, dedicated to technical writing and MadCap Software solutions. Price: USD per person.

Many companies must comply with regulations that require them to meet certain standards in their documentation, such as documenting safety requirements. Perhaps a regulation may require disclosure of certain risks up-front during some procedures.

Finally, many German doc shops translate their material into a number of languages. In summary, in Germany the tech writing scene emphasizes the following: Manufacturing engineering products Standards and regulations Translation In the United States, all of these characteristics are much less common. Most of the technical writing jobs are in the software industry, not manufacturing engineering. Few companies develop their own XML. Apart from some regulations in the financial or medical industries, most technical writers don't have to worry about regulatory standards.

Finally, since English is spoken in so many countries, translation is not nearly as common. Because of these vast differences, I can see why my blog may not be so relevant to many German technical writers. Many of the companies are software companies based in the U. India is young What took me by surprise in India is how young the Indian technical writer population is. If I were to guess, I'd say the average age falls between years old for Indian technical writers.

Additionally, technical writing is somewhat new as a profession here, so the generation of technical writers is younger by default. In contrast, when I attend a conference in the U. Many of the technical writers I met at the conference were eager to improve their documentation. They were forward-looking and ready to embrace and follow web trends and other innovations. In contrast, many U.

Once they learn a tool, they're often fanatical about sticking with it. However, being young and eager for change doesn't fit so well in a multinational company where the documentation processes are usually heavy DITA or XML implementations with little chance of ever changing course. Even so, I had people from big companies tell me that different doc teams had autonomy to be flexible. If you listened to my keynoteyou'll see that I painted a picture of an open doc road with startups, where you can choose your tools, define your processes, and try out different documentation experiments.

The picture I was describing might have seemed a bit surreal to many of the audience members locked in multinational companies with heavy, fixed doc processes.

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Even so, many of the tech comm professionals in India connected with this message. There are some startups in India, and the number is growing, but startups aren't the norm.

There's a need for more out-of-the-box thinking, rather than just being a cog in a large multinational wheel. Visiting Capgemini The day before the conference, I had the opportunity to visit Capgemini, a large technical services consulting firm that offered, among various services, documentation. Capgemini has about aerospace engineers writing documentation for an airplane company called Bombardier, one of the largest manufacturers of planes and trains in the world.

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Bombardier is based in Montreal, Canada. Capgemini literally has multiple floors filled with hundreds of engineers sitting in front of computers creating documentation from highly technical engineering specs for airplanes, addressing all aspects of the engine and aircraft. I toured the facility with about 6 Germans from tekom. When we entered the workplace, women dressed in colorful traditional Indian dresses put lays made of shaved, fragrant sandlewood around our necks.

Then using matches, we lit some wicks sticking out of a tall brass lamp. The floor was an open office setup with aisle after aisle of desks, each divided from the next only with a short inch glass wall.

The color of the glass differed by section, so you could see a mix of orange, blue, and green throughout the workspace which seemed about 75 yards wide and 75 yards long. I'd never seen hundreds of technical writers working so closely together.

What was more impressive, most of the technical writers were aerospace engineers, and many had previously worked as engineers on aircrafts, literally designing and creating machinery for airplanes.

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What's more, without question, most of the aerospace engineer tech writers were happy to write documentation. They said it presented its own set of interesting challenges.

One person noted that the documentation roles offered management positions, and allowed people to scale up the corporate ladder more quickly than in an established engineering firm. Cost of licenses I asked if there were any challenges with their existing doc setup, and one person mentioned that the cost of licenses was steep.

This is an interesting topic that popped up in multiple contexts. Is the cost proportionate to the average wage in the country? What may be affordable in the U. He said that the pricing for Flare is the same globally, which makes it difficult to sell in countries where the cost of a license is proportionally more expensive than in the U. As a result, he said many people will get a hold of a specific version of Flare and stick with that version long after Madcap upgrades to the next version.

For example, although Flare Jose said he once worked with someone who was still using Flare version 3. So although Madcap has thousands of companies using Flare, the real question is how many of these users upgrade Flare every year. This is an interesting dilemma for software companies from Madcap to Adobe to PCT and nearly every other vendor.

In order to pull in revenue each year, you need to push out a new version of the software that entices people to upgrade to that version. When users upgrade to the next major version, there's usually a significant cost such as half the cost of the full versionand this is how many software companies stay in business. This kind of perpetual improvement of the software might be healthy, but it might lead to feature bloat as well.

Each new version has to tack on some cool new features for example, apparently the release notes for Flare At some point, when your product becomes unwieldy and bloated with features many unnecessary to usersa new lightweight, simpler model operating in a lower value market might come along and replace you. Think of the story of WordPress and Jekyll. One of the main reasons people like Jekyll is that it's not overloaded with heavy infrastructure and unnecessary features like WordPress.

Simple ways to publish a site During one of the conference's evening activities, one of the Indian technical writers approached me and said there was a need for simple people for example, farmers to be able to publish a website — without knowing any code or having technical skills. This got me thinking. In my keynote, I promoted and encouraged people to use the tools of the web rather than the tools of tech comm.

Static site generators are one category of web tools with tremendous promise. Almost every static site generator I've come across is free and open source. All you need is a text editor.

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In fact, Github Pages also provides free publishing, so in this scenario, someone who earns very little could, if he or she has Internet access and a computer, publish a website online using Jekyll and Github Pages.

Of course, many other options, which are both simpler and easier, are also available, such as WordPress. Scalability might be more important than I anticipated in India. If the cost of each software license is prohibitive, a solution that uses text editors, static site generators, and code repositories to share, version, and collaborate might really be a system that scales easily. If you can start up a documentation company and pull in 50 technical writers without worrying about provisioning a licensed seat for each writer, that's huge.

And not just in India, but any country with IT talent where you want to scale. Touring Bangalore I stayed an extra two days in India to see the city.

I usually feel comfortable in exploring a city by myself. I can learn the public transportation system, use guidebooks to find the sites I want to see, and get around by myself asking simple questions. Not so in Bangalore. I felt intimidated just crossing the street.

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Cars don't stop for pedestrians. You have to play frogger to cross the street. Understanding CSS stylesheets is critical to getting good looking output from Flare. In this module we dive deeply into how CSS works with Flare, and how you can make stunning output. Flare shines brightest when you know how to use conditions, snippets, variables, and conditional snippets to single source your content for a variety of outputs. In this module, I work with your organization to identify potential opportunities to re-use content, and then I show you how to do it in your own project.

Leverage my experience to help you work with master projects, templates, and other advanced features in Flare. Or, just have me help you get your feet wet in your own project.

You choose the method that works best for you, either online or on-site. As an added bonus, when you bring me out for on-site training, my fee is the same, regardless of the number of participants.

In the classroom, whether I train one person or your entire team, you pay the same rate. For web-based training, there is a per-person fee, but not all participants need to come from the same company. See below for details. When requesting your quote, consider the following items: What is your current experience with other help authoring tools?