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Pen Pals from South Korea (Pen Friends) - Email Exchange of Language and Cultures

meet korean friends

Meet People in South Korea. Chat with men & women nearby. Meet people & make new friends in South Korea at the fastest growing social networking website. If you have never been to Korea or are planning to go, you might be wondering how you can meet Korean friends where you live. If you live. There are many Koreans on MEEFF who are eager to make foreign friends just like you! With MEEFF, You can find Korean friends near you to enjoy - language.

Aside from that, it is famous for its cute characters, the Kakaotalk friends or simply ' Kakao friends ' with even pop-up stores all over South Korea. Currently, this app has been popular worldwide thanks to Korean dramas! Once you download the app, you may check on public group chats and join the group that you wish to engage on.

Friendly Korea Community Friendly Korea Community is an online platform that requires everyone to sign up first before they post information about themselves.

Currently, you'll be seeing Filipino, Koreans and other nationalities exploring this website. Aside from the chat as one of the features, they also talk about Korean food and even have a dictionary for it! Hellotalk Hellotalk works almost the same as Kakaotalk but remove the stickers.

However, it focuses on the language exchange between Koreans and foreigners so if you are a Pinoy who wishes to learn about Korean language through chats, then this is the best place for you!

Make Korean Friend Also working as an online platform to help Korean language learners through chat exchange, the website Make Korean Friend also has a tutor list where you can choose among their Korean tutors.

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They also have open boards where you can react on a certain topic and share your thoughts with other learners. If you have never been to Korea or are planning to go, you might be wondering how you can meet Korean friends where you live. If you live outside Korea, it may not seem that easy to do.

Can't read Korean yet?

meet korean friends

Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes! More Koreans are living and traveling abroad than ever before.

meet korean friends

Many of these Koreans are also interested in making friends from foreign countries and learning about foreign cultures, so making friends with people from Korea is easier now than it ever has been.

Korean Communities Abroad Photo: Here the Korean community has gathered together with shops, restaurants and other businesses catering toward Koreans.

meet korean friends

These neighborhoods can also be great places to meet Korean friends, learn about Korea and have new cultural experiences and eat delicious Korean barbecue. These can be great places to start as you can begin to familiarize yourself with Korean people, food and culture.

How To Meet Korean Friends – Outside And Within Korea

You can go around and introduce yourself to people at cafes or proprietors of local shops expressing your interest in Korean language and culture. If you express genuine interest, are friendly, and avoid being too pushy, the people you meet in Korean neighborhoods will be thrilled to share their culture with you.

Many Koreans are quite proud to share their culture especially with those who express sincere interest. There are also many community organizations and churches in Korea Towns and getting involved in activities and volunteering can be an excellent way to learn about Korean language, culture and meeting new people in the Korean community all at the same time.

Top 5 Apps and Websites to meet Korean friends online

One great thing you can do is to volunteer to teach English, especially if you want to get your feet wet before moving to Korea to teach English.

Korean Students Photo credit: South Korea sends more students to study abroad in universities than any other country in the world.

meet korean friends

Many of these students go to universities in the United States and many Korean students can be found on campuses around the US and the world. They come to learn English, and many are looking to make friends with native English speakers and not just the people in their class.

Making connections with people that are just as eager to learn about your culture as you are to learn about their culture is always fun! Many of them hang out in coffee shops around the schools.

It helps if you know some Korean already so you can recognize which people are Korean and which are not; it could be quite awkward confusing a Japanese student as a Korean!

meet korean friends

The Korean alphabet can be learned in about 60 minutesand generally people are able to have simple conversations in a few hours of studying! Take a Korean Language Class Photo credit: Not only does taking a Korean language class give you the opportunity to practice conversation and pronunciation with a teacher, but there is also a good chance that your Korean teacher would be open to chatting with you about Korean culture and maybe getting a coffee or some soju after class.

Think about it — Korean language teachers are teaching Korean because they want to spread knowledge and awareness of the Korean language to non-native speakers.