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meet joe black screen it

Meet Joe Black movie reviews & Metacritic score: Bill Parrish (Hopkins) has it all not a wasted moment, and every moment a pleasure to watch on the screen. Meet Joe Black Awards and Nominations. Nominee Stinker Award, Worst On- Screen Hairstyle Brad Pitt. Yoga Awards Winner Yoga Award, Worst. So the opulent Meet Joe Black, in which Brad Pitt impersonates Anthony Hopkins gains his victory over Brad Pitt by sheer screen presence.

Something important to say. Meet Joe Black wants us to look at this film and then look at our lives and realize that there is a lot to live for.

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You just have to get through all the mist and cloudiness and you'll find it again. There is an innocence about how this movie feels and it is such a wonderful picture.

It makes you feel good.

meet joe black screen it

Good to be in love if you are good to want to be in love if you are not already and good to be alive. It will make you glad that you did.

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I know I was and my life doesn't seem so bad right now even though there are many things that I could complain about like Ah hell, what's the point. Life can only get better. Meet Joe Black helped me see that. Was this review helpful?

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Sign in to vote. A Truly Enchanting Movie! Because it is unique, the plot enables humor to be weaved within the dramatic and romantic elements. The many string and piano melodies are beautiful, and fit smoothly.

meet joe black screen it

There are so many memorable moments, like father-daughter conversations, and the scene in the coffee shop. Brad Pitt, in his portrayal of Death,displays naive and vulnerable feelings, skillfully in sharp contrast his behavior at the beginning of the film.

meet joe black screen it

While some criticize its length and unrealistic aspects of the plot, I found it to be so captivating and quite well-made. Meet Joe Black has an indescribable effect on me whenever I watch it. Rarely has there been a film with so little justification for such a marathon running time; much of the problem stems from the dialogue direction, which often has the actors pausing significantly for many seconds between lines. Brest, who began mulling the project seriously more than 15 years ago, and his writers have taken just the central premise — of Death assuming human form for a few days to get a taste of what life is like, and falling in love along the way — and spun it in different, much more detailed ways.

meet joe black screen it

With his 65th birthday fast approaching, New York media tycoon William Parrish Anthony Hopkins begins hearing a strange, disembodied voice, and shortly suffers a heart seizure while being spoken to so mysteriously. In short order, the voice materializes to the mystified William in the guise of the fellow from the coffee shop. Thus begins a peculiar relationship in which the dazzlingly blond Joe Black follows the powerful William on all his rounds.

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But Susan, for one, is willing to overlook all this in her determination to figure out who the mystery man is, and sure enough maneuvers him into her arms. By taking so much time and building to the climax so methodically, Brest seems to be trying to pull off a metaphysical slow burn, one whose cumulative impact will prove moving and profound.

Meet Joe Black

Death, in fact, could hardly have found someone better prepared to go into that good night. He thus has more quality time to spend with Susan, who loves him not as Death but as a mysterious stranger. Anthony Hopkins gains his victory over Brad Pitt by sheer screen presence.

meet joe black screen it

This isn't entirely Pitt's fault because the movie's four screenwriters clearly don't know what to make of Death and haven't agreed on what precisely he is or what he's been doing with his time. From his appearance and behaviour, he's a narcissist, fascinated by his own experiences but little interested in others, apart from Susan and Bill.

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He's never heard of peanut butter or cookies, yet he can get around Manhattan without a map. He can pass himself off as an Internal Revenue investigator, but has never heard the saying 'Nothing is certain except death and taxes'.

He knows he isn't gay, but has to be taught the fundamentals of sex, which suggests he wasn't on duty when Nelson Rockefeller or John Garfield died.

None of this would matter if the director, Martin Brest, hadn't provided so many longueurs in which we might contemplate the film's hollowness and contradictions.