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meet joe black house

Fact: The Rhode Island State House in the film is surrounded by skyscrapers, including the former Bank of America “Meet Joe Black”. When the makers of the movie “Meet Joe Black” wanted to convey the idea that the Anthony Hopkins character was a man with the world. Meet Joe Black () Filming Locations, Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani, Jake Weber, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeffrey Tambor.

meet joe black house

A bit later in the conversations he raises the same glass to drink some more, but now it is full again, and he did not pour any more wine into it in the meantime.

When Joe is eating lunch at Bill's desk and asks Bill about how it was when he first met his wife, he sits back while there is still quite a lot of his cold lamb sandwich left on his plate. As Drew enters the room, there is less food on the plate, and a tomato is visible which we didn't see at all in the first shot. When Claire Forlani arrives for the party her dress straps are crooked and her hair is turned up. Later she's talking and her hair is turned down.

When she's dancing with her father or talking to Joe, her hair changes several times. At the dinner table at Parrish's, the two staff members provide Joe Black with a place setting, but in the next shot focusing on Joe Black only a very few seconds later, there is all of a sudden a plate of food in front of him, and no staff member is visible.

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Towards the end of the dialogue, she hugs him and hold a silver object in her right hand, that object changes hands and even disappears, while the book stays in the same hand. When Joe gets a taste of peanut butter in the kitchen in Parrish's NY apartment, he puts the whole spoon in his mouth and coughs afterwards, yet most of the peanut butter, if not all of it, is still left on the spoon when he asks for more.

meet joe black house

At the beginning, Bill is drinking a cup of coffee on the balcony. He raises it to his mouth and drinks, but when the shot changes to behind him, his hand is down by his side. When Bill and Joe are walking to Bill's office, Bill has to pull Joe back to prevent him from being hit by a car. Right after, there is a close-up of the two, but the extras around them are not the same as in the moment before.

A little later a car passes them in front of the camera, and one of the extras who was walking faster than the two before the car came, is at a further distance after the car passed. During the party, you will see Anthony Hopkins switch from having a vest underneath his tuxedo and a cumberband while seated and talking to Joe Black in his office and back to a vest again during his birthday speech.

In the scene where Bill is having a drink on the couch before dinner just a few minutes before he meets "Death"he's holding a highball glass while talking to his daughter Alison. When he gets up and heads toward the dining room, the glass has disappeared. In the scene where Drew and Susan are exchanging harsh words in the foyer, Susan's hair changes in almost every shot - one minute it looks wavy and slightly disheveled, the next minute it's perfectly smooth and tucked behind her ear.

Meet Joe Black () - Filming & Production - IMDb

This inconsistency spills over into the conversation she has with Joe at the foot of the staircase right after Drew leaves.

When Joe encounters Susan in the pool area while she's swimming and he's eating peanut butter, the bed in the background is on the right.

That morning in a coffee shop near the hospital where she is a doctor, Susan falls in love at first sight with a handsome young man played by Brad Pitt. He's killed in an accident shortly after they part and his body is taken over by Death, who thereupon moves into the Parrish household under the name Joe Black. Joe gives Bill a reprieve until the mammoth sixty-fifth birthday bash his other daughter Marcia Gay Harden is organising, but he prevents anyone knowing his true identity.

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Films in which people become aware of their impending death normally involve remorse over past sins and attempts to put lives in order.

Kurosawa's Living is the classic instance. But, astonishingly for a rich man involved in the media, Bill has conducted himself impeccably.

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There is not a stain on his private or professional life. In fact, his only remaining task is to preserve the integrity of the communications empire he's created by preventing the duplicitous Drew from merging it with the corporation of an unprincipled rival. Death, in fact, could hardly have found someone better prepared to go into that good night. He thus has more quality time to spend with Susan, who loves him not as Death but as a mysterious stranger.

Anthony Hopkins gains his victory over Brad Pitt by sheer screen presence. This isn't entirely Pitt's fault because the movie's four screenwriters clearly don't know what to make of Death and haven't agreed on what precisely he is or what he's been doing with his time. From his appearance and behaviour, he's a narcissist, fascinated by his own experiences but little interested in others, apart from Susan and Bill. He's never heard of peanut butter or cookies, yet he can get around Manhattan without a map.