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BIKE BREAKS, the Girona Cycle Centre is operated and owned by the Meeting lots of cycling friends at the London Bike Show thanks to all of you for. CatInfo Girona @Cati_Girona 23 Nov More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. A la Fundació #Mascort hi han estrenat l'exposició "Una mirada emocionada". Escolta-ho a Joanwalkersg Meet the cast of the lion men: Ultim . Panels and annual meetings, a Meet the Experts . AED, espero estés tan emocionado como yo Girona- Hospital Trueta, Girona, Girona.

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We both have a creative background, so we designed our house together. How did you end up in Brazil and how does your European heritage affect your everyday life there? My first visits to Brazil were related to a workshop in sustainable design and architecture processes that I was leading in the Amazon rain forest.

Anoushka Shankar - Boy Meets Girl live at 12th Girona Festival

After two years there, I decided to stay in Brazil and opened my office. I am Mediterranean, a mix of both Slavic and Latin bloods, so Brazil is the perfect home for such an eclectic cultural background.

Are your origins also reflected in the decoration of the house? For sure, I carry with me textures, forms, light I studied architecture in Venice and did postgraduate studies in Barcelona… those places influenced me greatly.

Order versus chaos, concrete versus plywood and pipes, development versus poverty. This photography exhibition is an engaging attempt to explain some of the many contrasts of Brazil which are becoming more evident due to the building of the infrastructure necessary for the World Cup. There is the opportunity to demonstrate to the world that the country has developed in all areas and that a difference has ben made in the lives of ordinary Brazilians.

These pictures evoke a sense of protest but they are also beautiful compositions, with a remarkable aesthetic sense. On the other hand, favelas Brazilian shanty towns occupy a place where physical structure structure hardly exists even exist — buildings are constructed haphazardly with no regard to any form of building control and an almost total lack of amenities.

The Devil’s Bridge and the Fifth Lake

Utilities, where available, are connected in a way which would make even the worst cowboy builder in this country wince. The spontaneous and continuous way of building results in chaos. Will its inhabitants really appreciate a change, an improvement of their living conditions? Many times, these fields are the only public space in the whole neighbourhood and represent a real place of resistance.

Sport, art, social protest, housing bubble… there are several teams in this match. Take a look at the pictures and see if you can work out the final score in this unusual match. In this project, he focuses on his homeland to tell us a story about contrasts, about football and architecture.

There was so much of it! I remember choosing blue fabric, patterned with flowers - the costume was basically made of three strips of this material: She wore a red jumpsuit and a white bonnet and she made a sound when you pressed her belly.

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My mum still has her! This km-plus road connects the east and west of the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco: After a few minutes flicking through it we had decided.

A few days later we left the chaotic bustle of Recife for an unknown destination… The BR left the city in its wake, the suburbs gradually dissolving into the countryside, with huge fields of sugar cane flowing down the hillsides. The road was still busy — not just with traffic but with the stalls and barrows which lined the route, full of fruit, cheese and other products.

After an hour we reached our first stop, Bezerros. Borges, a world-famous artist and xylographer woodcut artistwho you can easily find working in his own workshop. We had a simple country lunch of meat, beans and rice and then continued on our way. Four men, shorter than him and also dressed in suits, protected him from the chaos.

The escort appeared at his side, instead of the group of colleagues that were usually seen to gather around him. He came close to my ear because the noise of the crowd gathered in in front of the rectory. Before the smoke took away his youth and many other youths. But not in this body which I inhabit that is nearly rotten with flies, but in those times when I had limitless energy. He sighed a bit and carried on smoking, he never stopped smoking, even though it was what had killed Eduardo.

He says that he is more resilient, that he is going to live to one-hundred and beyond, and if he can he will power on until That all those memories will keep him alive. We were excited, ecstatic. He held a true admiration for Barros since long before that march and the talks and all that. Eduardo was very straight. But Eduardo had a hope for Barros that was contagious.

And so, there we were. We were going to follow the rector to the march. The clock had just struck seven and he came into the classroom, and we were only five or six people because no one arrived on time, only him.

And I liked to arrive before him, because it was amazing to see him come through the door with that heavy but irreproachable elegance.


Make fun of me all you like, mate. And that was back in the day when it was rare that they would understand you even a little bit, to treat you humanely… well he did. I ended up liking it. Well that was what the engineer was like, but with numbers.

What can we do? Where does our ignorance lie? We cannot carry on like this: He said that he liked to be there, only when there could he truly fulfil his responsibility. That is where we are heading; our raw punches sound with determination on the pavement, and in our throats. The soles of our feet vibrate indignantly. It even faintly reaches the mouth of my stomach.

The beautiful placards marched high above our heads. It looked as though they were doing it of their own accord. The street sign reads STOP, but we keep going.