Meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

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meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

May 5, Zak told me he would meet us inside for the lockdown. only by Calle and Aaron, the new addition to the Ghost Adventures crew."~ . Next thing I know we are heading to my house in Zak's black Ford pickup. All things GAC:) | See more ideas about Ghost adventures zak bagans, has her wish to meet the Ghost Adventures crew granted through the generosity of. Zak Bagans relives old evidence from the Ghost Adventures Crew's (GAC) three is more evidence from the GA's New Orleans Season 7 episode (). .. to Zak that some of the production crew would meet their end in mysterious ways. replacing the discontinued Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor after in.

One of the controversial scenarios here is Zak telling Marie that he believes that both her and Jay are using the paranormal to communicate with Steven. In turn, he starts talking about dead people, spirits, and ghosts in the Yates' family home. Zak also believes that she "rejects" the scientific aspects of autism and welcoming the dark side of the paranormal to deal with his condition. Jay, however, mentioned to Zak that Steven would run out of the house, due to seeing spirits.

As a result, the police came to them for assistance. Before that, Marie lived in an apartment with her son. What she did not know before was that her apartment had a past homicide. It involved a boy named "Nick", who died by suffocation from a man named "Snake. When she opened the shower door, she saw a spirit of a boy staring at her. After that, she and her son left the apartment, leaving everything behind there. As a result, she started to learn about a link between autism and the paranormal.

Zak also believes that the two of them had spirits from Goldfield follow them home, presumably to engulf Steven with negative energy. Diane Powell explained to Zak that it is possible that people with autism or other brain-related injuries could have psychic abilities.

What was shocking to her was that autistic people could remember their past lives and seeing ghosts, as examples. Upon Jay's permission, Zak gets Dr.

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Powell to visit the Yates home, in order to further his knowledge about a psychic link between autism and the paranormal. Marie and Jay Yates paranormal investigators and parents to their son Steven and Dr. Zak states that the Fear Factory is most likely to be haunted for real and it is not coming from the workers themselves.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

Zak found out later that some of those workers were Satanists and they used the silo area for their evil rituals. However, the central point for the Waltons' current family strife is a girl spirit from that property. It was assumed that she followed them home and fomented their crises. The dark energy was potent enough that they are now separated and Erin has filed for divorce.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

Also, she believed that Morgan may be having an extramarital affair with one of the female workers there. The one condition that Erin set up for Morgan is this: If he stops working at the Fear Factory and never return there, then she can slowly accept having him as part of the family again. Here, Zak confronts Francesca Guerrero about her experiences at the Magnolia hotel.

However, unknown to Zak at the time, she was making a student film about it. As a result and after becoming a "regular guest" there, she was banned from coming to the property by the current owner. Also, she has become addicted and marked to and by that place.

She has received a four-finger scratch on her lower back, getting nightmares, and she cries uncontrollably from there in her past. Zak gave her a frank discussion about what the consequences are by becoming a paranormal investigator PI.

If the situation goes unchecked, she could get herself in serious danger from the spirits there. Next, Zak talked briefly to the hotel's caretakers: Susan and Dawn Sulaica. Texas Horror Magnolia Hotel interviewees: Francesca Guerrero paranormal investigatorSusan and Dawn Sulaica caretakers of the hoteland Robbie Prince paranormal investigator.

Here, Zak talked with former Sloss employee Michael Scoggins. He said to Zak that the Sloss Furnace location is not for anyone who wants to go there. There was one time that Mike would be violent at times while being in that location. Also, he had to save a young man from committing suicide there.

During one of their excursions at Sloss, one of their video cameras caught an apparition without a head. Also, Jason was partially possessed after taunting a spirit with a powerful command. With a bit of holy water, Jason returned to being himself again.

Retired police sergeant, Joe Shukstur, came to the studio to explain to Zak about some information he could not share, when he was on duty.

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It revolves around the gruesome scene of dead children in the area suspect was caught, arrested, and later died. Most of all, that cemetery has attracted some people, in order to do harm or kill each other. For example, someone strung some "metal wire" between the trees, in order to decapitate their victims. Zak explained to Joe about seeing this "ball of light" with no sounds at all in the area. Joe agreed with him because he saw it, too, that day.

Zak and Billy compared that evidence to their experiences shown in the Halloween Special: Transylvania episode in Next, Zak got to meet the owner of the famous ghost apparition photo.

Her name was Judy Huff. She had a special camera that only accepted a specialized roll of film negative with it. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery interviewees: Joe Shukstur retired police sergeantJudy Huff photographerJohn Stephenson paranormal investigatorand Tom Wyckoff photo analyst.

It seemed to be that both Tina and Charlie are addicted to the place to some degree. On top of that, the spirits there seemed to know about them, due to that they live on the property itself. Also, these spirits love to mock them, when it was convenient for them to do so.

Charlie mentioned to Zak about a old-fashioned tube radio contraption that was supposed to communicate with spirits, like today's version of a spirit box. However, Charlie has a pacemaker and the spirits seemed to know how it works, causing him to have spasms inside his chest, especially at his heart. Waverly Hills Sanatorium interviewees: Tina and Charlie Mattingly co-owners.

In this episode, Zak was interested in human trafficking and how it still resonates from the past to the present day. As a result, he and the guys got permission from the police to go with an on-duty officer, in a police carto find likely vulnerable women in the streets. That scenario would become an awareness campaign about human trafficking itself.

For the first time, Zak interviewed a woman named "Barbara" not her real name who managed to escape from her captor s. To protect her identity, Zak turned off the spotlight over the chair and modified her voice for her safety. She explained to Zak about being attached to a spirit named "Nina" there, before she became a victim of a smooth-talking human trafficker. It seemed that this spirit was trying to warn Barbara that someone was going to take advantage of her.

Once her interview was done, Michael Jones explained to Zak that he was victimized in the tunnels by having three long and bloody scratches on one of his arms. On top of that, when the GAC went to do some reenactment footage at the site, a bloody red spot showed up on one of his upper arms.

Michael Jones tour guide and "Barbara" a victim of human trafficking. This episode brought fame to Chris, who was still working at the hotel, by saving Zak from getting his head severed from his body by that elevator stunt. Also, this episode is an exception in some ways. First, Lonnie had almost lost his woodworking business, after the GA investigation of the hotel. One day, a gentleman came to Lonnie's workshop.

His knowledge about woodworking was astounding to Lonnie. Once he joined in as a Lonnie's partner, the business was booming again.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

Also, the hotel's spirits seemed to like him a lot. This was the first time Zak has noticed that this whole scenario produced a positive outcome in the end. Next, Zak interviewed Lonnie's wife, Renee. She mentioned that Zak has been "collecting spirits" while he goes to any GA investigation. At the end of the episode, Zak met with Kim Brasher.

She was asked about what technique she used to have contact with spirits. Jerome Grand Hotel interviewees: Connor explained to Zak about his two heart transplants and that he said that he could be in touch with two donor spirits.

Also, he explained that, after the GA investigation, the hotel's atmosphere has turned darker. The next person Zak interviewed was Lisa.

Ghost Adventures

She started to tell about one of her experiences there, along with Connor, a demonologist, and a priest. Connor had later verified the information of what Lisa told Zak. The final person to be interviewed here was Callea. She was a former employee at the Stanley Hotel. In this case, an outtake from that episode showed that Zak just could not stop himself from laughing with Callea about the phrase, "Suspense Keepers.

Billy Tolley was part of one ghost investigation there at the hotel with Callea. At the end of these interviews, Zak added the toll-free number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Connor Randall current employeeLisa Nyhart current employeeand Callea Sherrill former employee. Conroy was explaining to Zak about how the awful conditions at Pennhurst led to the creation of schools and classes for special needs students in the s. However, someone tried to purchase all the property itself inin order to have condos built there.

The Great Recession put a stop to those plans. Now, it was rumored that the place has now been converted into a haunted attraction. Briana believed that decision has angered a lot of people and any spirits inside the school. Zak wanted to interview the current owner sbut they declined to do so. Therefore, they send Mara to speak in their behalf.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

She talked to Zak about experiencing an encounter with a spirit of an evil doctor. As a result, a crowbar was thrown at her. Most of all, Zak was saying to Dr.

James Conroy preservationistBriana Pietropaula paranormal investigatorand Mara Ciervo employee and psychic medium. At that house, Tony was receiving fame for the wrong reason by the paranormal world. He has been scratched so many times in the s by Sallie that he has lots of photos to prove his claims of being attacked. His wife, however, was never touched throughout the whole ordeal.

The evil spirit seemed to want to pull apart Tony from Deb, so that it can continue tormenting him. She did not know at the time that Tony wanted to harm or kill her.


With the luck that he got by leaving the haunted house, he could have killed her there. After the GA investigation was over, Tony received a "parting gift" of a big scratch from his chest down to around the belly button area. Next, Zak reviewed some of GA's evidence from their St. James Hotel Season 9 episode from In this episode, Zak talked to a psychic medium named Christopher Fleming. Christopher talked about channeling and its effects on the person using it, in order to make contact with spirits.

One scene from that GA episode has Bill Chappell inventor describing to Zak an entity that was beside Christopher during the channeling phase. Next, Zak met with Gary and Jan. They are a husband-and-wife paranormal investigators. According to Gary, at that very meeting after greeting each other, a bad spirit went from being attached to Zak to transferring itself to Jan. That chance encounter created Jan's anguish toward anyone that came in her way, including Gary himself.

It was still disputed on how Jan got affected in the first place. Christopher Fleming psychic medium and Gary and Jan Reynolds paranormal investigators. The owner does not like sensationalizing the place at all. I looked at my digital watch, we were 5 minutes into the lockdown. But it felt as if it were an hour already. I wonder if anything could scare him. Specially with a fellow crew.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 ford

I wonder how he could keep a smile at this time of night. My body shoke, I probably looked like a ghost myself, as my hand that grasped the device turned cold. But Zak's senses didn't make the slightest fear show, "Who are you? The Ghost Talker made white-noise once again, but I couldn't make out the sound. Do you not want us to feel welcome of your property? Although his voice was abit shaken, he didn't look frightened by apperance.

It just stayed silent against my palm, which was still freezing, I was freezing. But at that moment a shiver climbed up my spine, I felt like I was in the South Pole for acouple of moments, I swear I could see my breath. He wasn't cold at all. Zak toke a deep breath before stating, "They're trying to come through you.

I didn't remember the rest of that night. I shoke my head slightly, I had a major headache, plus nauesa to add on. His dark hair almost blending in with the darkness of the mansion. That's normal during hunts, I've been possesed before. It's a werid feeling, but you'll learn to control the spirits around you from. Just to make sure the spirit has left your body physically.

Zak just laughed through his words, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, "You'll be fine, you'll be fine. Out Of The Target Zone 5: Aaron was ready by the manison door when we left. His camera hanging by his right palm, as it was off.

Aaron shut the door behind him as he joined us outside, the mansion staying silent as before when we entered. The sunrise coming upward behind him slowly, as the sunrays brightened the orange clear sky. His hands were placed in the pockets of his raven-black jeans.

Next thing I know we are heading to my house in Zak's black Ford pickup. Zak driving as I was in the passengers seat, Aaron of course in the back, well, sleeping as he hugged his camera. I swear, he loves that thing as if it were his soulmate.

But Aaron was too deep in his slumber to be woken. I gave Zak directions to my home as he turned left at a stoplight. Zak turned a right this time, "Oh, nothing really. You just walked the mansion abit. You didn't say anything though. When Zak cut the engine of his truck we all got out and headed to my front door.

Brighten up, will ya? You can go back to sleep when we're inside, well, all of us can. I chuckled as I heard their little conversation, finally getting the door open with the silver key. I headed inside the house, turning on the living room and kitchen lights so they wouldn't trip over anything breakable. Aaron crashed on the living room couch as Zak shut the front door behind him. I didn't see him till I heard his voice, "Yeah. What do you have, if I may ask?

He was looking over my shoulder, watching over on what I was doing. I had to blush, way to go Callie! Well, t-take a look for yourself. My home is your home. Zak smiled walking over next to me, as he opened the fridge.