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meet edward nygma gotham

The actors behind Gotham's Penguin and Riddler, Robin Lord Taylor and Corey After their initial meeting last season, the two characters quickly just as enamored with that, in this case it happened to be Edward Nygma.". Edward "Ed" Nygma was a former forensic scientist working for the Gotham City Police Around the same time, he also has a chance meeting with Oswald. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), aka The Penguin, and Edward Nygma ( Cory Michael Thomas), the future Riddler, will share a scene for.

Once he had recovered he started an investigation to figure out who had killed Isabella, his only conclusion was that it was Butch who killed Isabella.

Nygma kidnapped Butch and his girlfriend Tabitha and tied them up, he followed up by torturing Butch whilst he was still convinced that he was the one who murdered Isabella. Nygma then built a mini guillotine and took Tabitha's hand off, in Butch's moments of desperation, he told Nygma how much he enjoyed shooting Isabella in the head, this proved to Nygma that it was not Butch who killed Isabella because she died in a car. Nygma had then given up on trying to figure this out, however Barbara did some digging and discovered that Oswald had feelings for Ed, to her this was the perfect opportunity to spark war so that she could end up taking over the criminal underworld.

Barbara visited Ed and cleverly hinted that Oswald loved him, at first Ed did not believe this but he felt curious to figure out if it was true or not. Ed tricked Oswald to say that he had feelings for him, once he had he could finally see that Oswald was the one who murdered Isabella.

Nygma came to Barbara, Butch and Tabitha and proposed that before they destroy Oswald, they would make him suffer first. Nygma mentally tortured Oswald on live TV during an interview by using Clayface to disguise as Oswald's dead father. Once Nygma thought he had tortured him enough, he revealed to Oswald that everything that had happened was all him.

After testing Oswald to try and make him admit to himself that he is entirely selfish and cares about no one but himself. After Oswald had proved himself, Nygma took him to the edge of a pier and shot him in the stomach, Oswald fell into the lake bleeding out. Nygma then left him to die. Powers and Abilities Abilities Criminology: A former police forensics officer, Ed is skilled in the field.

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He was even briefly the medical examiner at GCPD. Ed originally was a quite smart on his own. When Riddler was born in his psyche and merged with his original personality, it seemed to boost his intelligence. After being frozen in ice, Ed lost most of his intelligence; it all ended up going to his Riddler personality. Following his first two murders, Ed became paranoid and developed a second personality.

There was his original persona and new personality that represented his darker side and obsession with riddles. After accepting he enjoyed killing, the two personalities merged.

However, after being frozen in a block of ice for months, the personalities split apart and Ed was himself again. However, the new Riddler personality was able to influence him into "awakening" him.

Due to Ed's love for Lee, Riddler was slowly starting to merge back together with Ed; however, he allied with Penguin and Grundy to kill Lee. Riddler and Ed are obsessed with riddles and puzzles. Edward Nygma is portrayed by Cory Michael Smith. Kristen makes it to the door, with Edward groping after her, and she demands he let her go.

Angrier than ever, Nygma tells her that he did it for her, to protect her. She slaps him, knocking him back a little bit. Nygma rises again and grasps her. Kristen busts a glass on his head, causing him to fall, and his glasses to break. He then gets to his feet and cups his hand tightly around her mouth and throat. He attempts to reassure her by saying he killed Tom to protect her, saying she'd never let anyone hurt her, as he loved her, all the while, unknowingly choking the life out of her.

When he released his grip, Kristen's lifeless body slumped down onto the floor, and Nygma screamed in grief. The Riddler personality taunts Edward and sends him on a grisly scavenger hunt to find the corpse.

meet edward nygma gotham

An envelope left on the bed tells Ed to find Kristen's initials, KK, at the police station. He eventually finds her severed hand in the 'KK' slot of a vending machine, and, extracting it, discovers a rolled-up scrap of paper stuck to the hand.

The next clue leads Edward to Leslie's lab, where Kristen's body is hidden in a drawer. Leslie nearly discovers the corpse, but Ed quickly makes up an excuse to get her away by telling her that he and Kristen had a fight and asking if she could give him some advice over coffee.

Later that night, Nygma returns to the lab and confronts his alter ego, who asks Edward how it felt to commit a crime and not get caught by Leslie. Ed admits that it felt "beautiful," and, grinning, he begins cutting up Kristen's body. During this, he kills a hunter who comes across him. He returns to his car to fetch his gear, planning to dismember the hunter's body, but when he returns, he notices someone has stolen his sandwich that he took for a picnic. Noticing a blood trail, Nygma begins to follow the suspect with the intent to kill them.

Hours later he comes across an isolated trailer, and when approaching the door it bursts open and Nygma is stunned. Placing back on his fallen glasses, he notices it is Oswald Cobblepot, injured, weak and begging for help.

Nygma kidnaps [ [6] ] sometime later, he tells Oswald that he can kill Leonard for retribution for his mother's death, but Penguin then refuses, tells Ed he is done, and that he is leaving Gotham forever. Edward then drags Leonard into the closet, when he hears Oswald humming a song that his mother used to sing to him when he was a child. Later that night, Ed plays the same song, awakening Oswald in the process. Oswald asks him why he is playing the song, and Ed replies with a riddle, which Oswald correctly answers as 'a memory'.

Ed explains to Oswald that he heard him humming it under his covers, and figured that it had meaning to him. Oswald then explains to Ed that his mother used to sing it to him every night before he went to sleep.

Ed then shows Oswald Kristen's glasses and explains that they are all he has to remember her by, and when he looks at them he no longer feels sadness, but gratitude. Oswald refuses to hear why, and proceeds to leave but Ed quickly stops him and tells him that love is their crippling weakness and that they are better off without it.

Oswald is angered at this remark and grabs a knife, and sticks it up to Ed's neck, though Ed quickly saves himself by stating that Oswald's mother was his weakness, and tells him a man with nothing left is 'a man who cannot be bargained, a man that cannot be betrayed, a man who answers to no one but himself'.

Ed then grabs the knife from Oswald's hands. The newly befriended Oswald asks where Leonard is, Edward opens the closet where he is being kept, and Oswald states his mother used to say a party's not a party without entertainment, to which Edward smiles, then drags out Leonard.

Nygma's cell phone starts ringing, to which Leslie inquires if that's Kristen calling Ed, when it's really Oswald. Ed quickly fabricates a lie that he was talking to his plumber and proceeds to tell another lie that Kringle had left town with Officer Dougherty.

He then breaks down in tears to cross off her suspicions. Once Leslie leaves, he answers Oswald's call, realizing Oswald was just calling to ask where the spicy mustard is in Ed's fridge, ending up finding it himself and ending the call. Dumas Order of St. Sometime later Nygma went back to the GCPD where he overheard a conversation with Leslie and Barnes, he heads over to her and tells her to go to his apartment.

Ed starts chuckling, and they all grow suspicious when they all go over to him and ask if he knows where Gordon is. He tries to riddle them and Lucius figures out that the answer is "home," and asks Nygma if he's talking about his own home. Nygma reluctantly replies yes.

Freezing a rose using liquid nitrogen, he comes to the conclusion that Fries was using cooled liquid helium as opposed to liquid nitrogen. Gordon asks where they get it, and Ed inquires why exactly they'd need some. Bullock explains that they don't and that they just wanted to know where it comes from, calling Ed a dummy. Ed is seen crushing the rose and says he doesn't like being called names.

Gordon tells Ed to be easy and that Bullock was simply being colorful. After that Bullock leaves the room but Gordon stays to ask Ed the nature of Oswald's relationship with him, and that he is concerned on why he aided a criminal. Nygma tells him that he found Oswald wounded and dying in the woods and that he nursed him back to health. Ed calls it an innocent mistake. Their conversation is then cut short when a cop is heard shouting and they head out to see everybody clapping that Oswald Cobblepot has finally been arrested.

He quietly asks him if he is doing okay, and if there is anything he can do to help, but Oswald responds that he is beyond help, however, he asks if Ed can take care of his mother's grave occasionally, and tell her that he is thinking of her. When a guard comes in to collect Oswald and tells him he is going to Arkham, due to Oswald's claiming that he's insane rather than a criminal, their conversation is cut short.

Gordon asks Ed if he has heard from Kristen Kringle lately. Ed then poses Gordon a riddle: Gordon tells Ed he hasn't seemed to locate her, and that she hasn't cashed her last few paychecks, Ed asks if something bad has happened.

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Gordon asks if he can look at said note, but Ed says he didn't think of it as a keepsake. With nothing left to go on, Gordon leaves.

From this point on, Edward makes Jim an enemy and starts devising a plan to get him off his trail. Nygma waits for the place to clear before going in with a knife and a green spray-can to leave clues for the police to find. Using the knife, he cuts off the painting and sprays a green question mark in its place. Later, Edward is seen taking a bomb out of his car, and puts it in a locker in the Gotham Train Station, spray painting a green question mark on the door of the locker.

He waits for Gordon to get closer to the locker before activating it. Gordon then uses a crowbar to open the locker and grabs the bomb out and throws it into the statue before it explodes. Ed then flees the area. Ed goes over to Jim and congratulates him on his quick thinking with the bomb.

Edward later picks up the crowbar that Gordon used to open the locker to further his plan to get Jim off his back. Back at his apartment, he is examining the crowbar he just took before Oswald knocks on his door, Nygma is happy that he is out of the Asylum he lets Oswald in, and asks why he is covered in feathers, but Oswald came to tell Nygma that he can change and anger is not the solution.

But Edward tells him that he was hitting his stride and that he is really grateful on all he taught him. Edward changes the bomb report to another sheet. Some time later, Nygma calls the police station masking his voice, about the murder of Theo Galavan, Soon after that Edward goes to Officer Pinkney's apartment to kill him for the final piece of the puzzle, to frame Jim Gordon.

Eventually putting Jim Gordon into prison. Bullock tells him that Jim is wasting away in Blackgate and that the real killer is out there, but Ed tries to put it back on Jim. Later, Jim Gordon goes to Ed for help on the phone call audio that said Jim Gordon killed Galavan when Ed got into his apartment, scaring Ed, Jim tells him to relax and that he isn't going to hurt him.

meet edward nygma gotham

Jim tells him that he needs his help and that he didn't kill Pinkney and he needs to find the man who framed him Jim shows Ed the recording that was recording from the I. A and that they secretly record everything that calls in, Ed says smiling "They do? Those sneaky little buggers, and-and what did you hear? Ed tells him that he came to the right place Ed tells him he will get his stuff, and make some tea.

PNG Ed tries to throw Jim off by saying, but Jim says he should at least clean the tape, Ed agrees to do so, and tells Jim that he needs some more tea, a satisfied Ed puts tells Jim that the museum robbing was all a setup, and Jim tells Ed that he thinks Loeb was behind it and that he thinks it was "payback" and tells Ed he still has lackeys in the GCPD.

Ed accidentally smashes a glass with the jug, Jim asks him if he is all right, and Ed tells him that he is. Ed then asks Gordon whether he think Loeb killed Pinkney himself, and Jim answers and says that he had some 'psychopath' do it for him. Ed is offended by this notion, and Jim calls the 'murderer' 'sick', but Ed brings up that Gordon had killed tons of people.

Gordon says that it was in the line of duty, and brings up rumors he had heard. Ed tells Jim about the rumors of him killing Galavan, and a confused Jim asks him what Penguin told him anything about the night Galavan died, asking him if he talked to Oswald when Barnes brought him in, and Ed tells him the tape had finished.

The noise is revealed to be a clock bird, and Ed is eventually discovered by Jim. Ed's clock bird sets off, and Ed starts laughing and tells Gordon that he knew that Gordon knew he had done it, before setting of an electric box wired to the mains electrocuting Jim.

Later, Edward drags an unconscious Jim across the road, trying to put Jim into his car Jim wakes up and runs away, pulling a gun from his pocket, Ed fires at him and shoots him. Ed runs into the building that Jim just escaped into and Ed hears him and shoots at him, Ed heads down to find Gordon's blood on the step, before hearing him close the door, Ed runs out for Jim, but Jim disappeared into the city. At the GCPD when [ Kyle Selina Kyle ] tells everyone she knows where Jim Gordon and that he knows where the bodies are buried is, a worried Ed runs into the bathroom trying to relax himself.

PNG Sometime later, when Ed is out in the woods where he buried Kristen Kringle he starts to dig up where she was buried, until Gordon sneaks up behind him.

Ed hears his footsteps on the floor and pulls out the gun, pointing it at Gordon. Jim asks him how he became what he is, but Ed simply tells him that this is who he always has been, and that he was finally admitting the truth to himself. Jim states he was Ed's friend, but Ed dismisses this, believing that Jim simply pitied him. Jim calls him completely insane, and Ed tells him one last riddle for old times sake: Jim answers the riddle by saying "Death. Ed hesitates, saying he was arresting Jim but Barnes says he heard everything he said, and was giving Ed one last chance to surrender.

Instead Ed decides to make a run for it, until he tripped over a log, lifting his hands as he was surrounded by officers. Edward stops to look but is dragged off by the guard. Nygma Going to Arkham. After that, Nygma listens to Strange and Ms. Peabody commenting on Gordon as he could prove to be a big problem to their current plans.

At that Nygma offers his help in taking Gordon down, but Strange refuses, though Nygma unintentionally gives him an idea of how to solve his problem with Theo Galavan. Later, Ed was still upset about how Hugo Strange had dismissed him earlier.

Ethel arrives and asks Aaron to come with her. As she closes the door, Ed holds it open with a newspaper. He realized that Strange hiding something, and follows Ethel and Aaron in a corridor and discovers that there's a secret passage in the hallway.

Later, Ed almost has all the tools necessary to find the secret passage down the hallway except the bug zapper, as Norton had brought him a fly swatter instead. Afterward, he uses the objects he gained from the other inmates to gain access to the elevator leading down to the Indian Hill facility. Walking into the facility, Nygma discovers the screams of the horrible creatures in the facility.

Later, he bumps into [ Kyle Selina Kyle ] in the vents, and two make a deal with each other, with Selina giving Ed the directions out, and Ed telling her how to get to the basement. Nygma gets out of the vents soon after, but is instantly caught by guards. Nygma tries telling Peabody that Strange will need him if he's going to deal with Jim Gordon.

Strange decides to take Nygma up on that, stating that he did find the secret entrance to Indian Hill. Nygma is then hired as Arkham staff by Strange and put in charge of finding out what a captured [ Wayne Bruce Wayne ] and [ Fox Lucius Fox ] know about Indian Hill, as well as who they told.

Nygma believes Strange gave him the job because he knows that Nygma would kill the both of them where they stand and not bat an eye.

Nygma then sets a timer for five minutes, in which time poison gas would spew into the room and kill Bruce and Lucius. Bruce answered "Wayne Enterprises", and Nygma says he is correct. Then Nygma asks if they know who controls all of Gotham. Bruce answers incorrectly, and Nygma lets the gas into the room, but it just knocks Bruce and Lucius unconscious. Nygma tells Strange Bruce doesn't know everything, and Strange tells him he did a good job.

Nygma asks who controls Gotham, and Strange says he would have to kill Nygma if he told him.

meet edward nygma gotham

Strange says they will learn a lot from Nygma, and then a guard grabs Nygma and locks him in a cell. Jim later springs Nygma and has him help him get into the room with the bomb. Jim locks Nygma back up in a cell. Oswald had forgiven Nygma for previously casting him out and brings him gifts, one of them which included a sweater to keep Nygma warm in the cold cell. During a particular visit six months after the Indian Hill incident Oswald brings him a puzzle box which is said to be advanced to the point that it gets passed down through generations, but Nygma successfully solves it in several seconds.

He thanks Oswald for the kind gesture, and makes it clear how sorry he is for how he mistreated him, which Oswald forgives him for.