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meet edison robot

Edison and EdBlocks Activity 1. Programmer's Name. Meet Edison. This is Edison, the programmable robot. What is a robot? A robot is a machine that. Free robot programming software for Edison, the LEGO compatible robot. Image result for meet edison robot. Edison is a fun way to teach Computer Programming, Robotics, and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) to children.

meet edison robot

The worksheets and activity sheets allow students to study independently and learn at their own pace. Get familiar and set up Lesson 2: Robot movement — Driving Lesson 3: Robot movement — Turning Lesson 4: Maze challenge and Mexican wave Lesson 5: Design brief 1 — My Program Lesson 6: Clap sensing Lesson 8: Line sensing and tracking Lesson 9: Respond to light Lesson Design brief 2 — My Program Learn more about our robotics lesson plans or download the 10 Robotics Lesson Plans pdf document.

meet edison robot

EdWare — Graphical based robot programming software EdWare is graphical programming software that makes teaching educational robotics a breeze! Using drag and drop graphical icons robot programming is easy to learn and great fun!

meet edison robot

Advanced programming is just a mouse click away — up to 5, command icons can be used in a single program Edison V2.

Sophisticated programs using bit maths and event interrupts can also control one Edison, or several Edisons operating together.

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Programs are downloaded using the supplied EdComm cable. The EdComm cable connects to the headphone jack of your computer or tablet and uses a stream of pulse encoded audio to program Edison. EdPy — Python based robot programming software EdPy makes text-based programming fun, as students can see their code come to life in their Edison robot. Python is easy to learn, has high readability and is very popular.

With Python, students are learning a real life programming language, and they can apply what they learn as part of a professional career. Edison has already progressed a long way from our original product concept to detailed CAD models and physical prototypes.

meet edison robot

We have big plans for Edison beyond our Kickstarter launch. Create additional resources - lesson plans and class activities Run competitions, establish Edison clubs, increase online activities Create an iOS and Android App - to program and control Edison And, most of all: All are great value offers - and as you can see below - when there are more Edisons in an EdPack - we can provide lower unit prices through economies of scale.

Edison Robot V2.0 (Meet Edison)

We would love to hear from you! Pictures of Meet Edison stickers and EdMats are representative of final product design. Pictures of Stretch Goals are representative only.

meet edison robot

With support from the Kickstarter community, we want to develop Edison into our best robot ever! Our dedicated and enthusiastic project team of 10 has completed the initial development and building of a first batch of pre-production units, some of which you can see on the video, and we have the EdWare program operational for controlling Edison.

As with all projects, there is now the detailed development work of fine tuning the hardware and software before we proceed with a first large batch production run. There is also some schedule risk with the purchase of electronics component parts that are a long lead time to supply.