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Knowing Ptolemy's forces would thwart her attempts to meet with the Roman general, Cleopatra had herself wrapped in a carpet—some. Cleopatra arranges to meet Caesar under intimate terms by having herself rolled up in a carpet that is delivered to Caesar's home quarters. When the carpet was. Discover facts about the Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra who is celebrated for her beauty and love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Charveau, also the author of Cleopatra: This work provides a genealogical table of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and maps of Egypt. Although this source does not provide much biographical information on Cleopatra, it would satisfy a researcher interested in her impact on Egyptian society. Daughter of the Pharaoh. The World of Royalty. Written by Cinderella, a history lover who will not give her real name, this site provides a very detailed biography of Cleopatra VII as well as numerous links to other sources of information.

The author breaks down these links into sections such as; books, plays, movies and documentaries about Cleopatra.

meet cleopatra

This site also has pages devoted to the History of Egypt as a well as Caesar. The Last of the Great Macedonian Monarchs. This site was created by the friends of Macedonia to showcase the Macedonian culture. There is information on the history, language, and religion of the Macedonian people.

The portion of the site dedicated to Cleopatra VII provides a thorough biography which provides all the basic information on the seductress of Rome. Simon and Schuster, His work on Cleopatra tends to focus on her relationships with Caser and Antony. Grant believes Cleopatra is unjustly criticized as being a seductress of Rome and should be admired for doing anything necessary for Egypt.

He depicts Cleopatra as a ruler who was at the mercy of the Roman Empire which led to her romantic involvement with both men. This secondary source provides solid information for any researcher investigating the romantic life of Cleopatra. Stories of Egyptian Mystery and Magic.

This site created by Joan James is titled after an interactive character that goes on adventures in Egypt. This site enables you to read along with these adventures of mystery and magic. Although this site offers everything from Egyptian vacations to interactive learning, it does provide biographies of famous Egyptians including Cleopatra. The biography of Cleopatra is similar to most found on the web, it contains basic background information, but the best part of the Cleopatra link is a portrait painted by Winfred Brunton.

Lahanas, a physicist, created this website to showcase his Greek heritage along with Greek historical figures and topics that interest him. Although this site contains references to scientific topics particularity in the field of physics there are some historical links. The Cleopatra site provides basic information on the Egyptian Queen and also provides links to some unconventional Cleopatra websites which deal with topics such as her beauty and costume wear.

One plus of this site is the lists of resources Lahanas makes available. He lists literature, films, television specials, and art which showcase Cleopatra. Mark Antony decides that he and Octavian can never work together.

He decides to resume the campaign against the Parthian Empire.

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Cleopatra joins him at Antioch and they get married. This was not only illegal under Roman law it was a betrayal of Octavia, his legal wife and the sister of Octavian.

meet cleopatra

This makes war between Octavian and Mark Antony inevitable. He even gives Jericho, a portion of Herod's kingdom, to Cleopatra. This not only enrages Octavian, it infuriates most Romans and they back Octavian in the struggle between the two leaders. The Parthian campaign results in only minor conquests, notably Armenia. Cleopatra bears Antony another son, Ptolemy Philadelphus. Mark Antony celebrates a victory triumph in Alexandria for his gains from the Parthians.

At the celebration he awards Armenia to his and Cleopatra's oldest son, Alexander Helios. The area west of Armenia is awarded to the second son, Ptolemy Philadelphus. The daughter Selene is given Cyprus. Furthermore, at the celebration Caesarion is publically declared to be the son of Julius Caesar and thus the king of kings.

The celebration of a triumph in Alexandria was a serious offense to Romans. Such celebration were only supposed to take place in Rome, the capital of the empire. He publicizes its contents. Mark Antony's will made provision for turning parts of the Roman Empire over to Cleopatra. The Roman citizens are outraged.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra live together in Greece. At the height of the battle Cleopatra fearing capture takes her ships out of the battle. Mark Antony's forces alone are not strong enough to match those of Octavian and Mark Antony's forces are defeated. His army surrenders to Octavian. Mark Antony escapes from the defeat and joins Cleopatra on her ship, but he is furious with her for having unnecessarily precipitated the defeat at Actium.

After several days he relents and he and Cleopatra stay together in Alexandria. Mark Antony has revealed himself as a loser and Cleopatra needs someone else who can protect her. Octavian communicates to Cleopatra that if she kills Mark Antony that he might work out something with her. Cleopatra realizes that she is not powerful enough to expel Mark Antony from Egypt or to assassinate him.

She conceives a fiendish plot. She has a message sent to Mark Antony saying that she had killed herself. Upon hearing that his loved one was dead he falls upon his sword. The injury does not kill him at once and he has himself taken to where Cleopatra's body is supposed to be. He finds her alive and tells her to make her peace with Octavian.

After Mark Antony's death Cleopatra realizes that Octavian can never treat her as anything but an enemy and that he will take her and her children to Rome to be paraded in a victory triumph.

She sends Caesarion with trusted protectors to hide in the east of Egypt near the Red Sea. Cleopatra first intends to commit suicide by setting fire to the mausoleum where she has collected her treasures. Roman soldiers find entry to the mausoleum and thwart her plans. She is taken captive. Cleopatra then arranges for a poisonous snake, an asp, to be smuggled to her in a basket of figs. She then commits suicide by allowing the asp to bite her on her chest.

She arranged for her and Mark Antony to be buried together. Octavian sent agents to hunt down Caesarion and kill him. Thus ended the sad life of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt at 39 years of age. She led a fleet in a naval battle. Cleopatra eventually married Mark Antony and had three children with him, but their relationship also spawned a massive scandal in Rome.

The conflict reached its climax the following year in a famous naval battle at Actium. The battle soon devolved into a rout, and Cleopatra and Antony were forced to break through the Roman line and flee to Egypt.

10 Little-Known Facts About Cleopatra

Cleopatra may not have died from an asp bite. Cleopatra and Antony famously took their own lives in 30 B. A film about her was one of the most expensive movies of all time.

It was the most expensive movie ever made at the time of its release, and nearly bankrupted its studio despite raking in a fortune at the box office.

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