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meet chinese women in south africa

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Most women don't have much say because they are usually far away from their husbands. Even if the wives do move to China with their husbands, the businessman still find ways to carry on affairs.

meet chinese women in south africa

Some wives go into the situation with the motto "one eye open, with the other eye closed" meaning they understand their husbands are bound to cheat, but want to make sure they practice safe sex and do not bring home children. Many first wives, in order to suppress the children's questions, downplay the fathers role and make it seem less important. Other women fear for their financial situations. In order to protect their life's work, some women try to protect their rights by putting the house and other major finances in their names instead of their husbands.

Unlike previous generations of arranged marriagesthe modern polygamy is more often voluntary. There is a derogatory term for women who are not married by the time they are in their late twenties, sheng nu. With these pressures to be married, some women who have very few prospects willingly enter into a second marriage.

Sometimes, these second wives are promised a good life and home by these men. Oftentimes, these women are poor and uneducated so when they split, they have very little left.

meet chinese women in south africa

Sometimes these women were completely unaware that the man was already married. See documentary attached, "China's Second Wives". Policies on divorce[ edit ] The Marriage Law of empowered women to initiate divorce proceedings. These requests were mediated by party-affiliated organizations, rather than discredited legal systems. Minan, a trial attorney in the Civil Division of the U. Department of Justice and a law professor at the University of San Diego, argue that the Marriage Law of allowed for much flexibility in the refusal of divorce when only one party sought it.

African banks can't be trusted, they explain, and it's impossible for a migrant to open a current account in the mainland. Like most of Guangzhou's successful traders, Issa has a Chinese wife.

Her name was Xie Miemie but I renamed her Zena. Youssou Ousagna also gets along well with his in-laws. Inafter an injury had ended his playing career, Ousagna moved to Guangzhou, where he met his Hangzhou-born wife - she worked at the pharmacy from which he picked up medicine for ongoing football injuries. This middle-class family have welcomed their Muslim son-in-law.

meet chinese women in south africa

Chinese prejudice against Africans is normally based on three aspects: Furthermore, until the s, foreigners were not permitted to live in the mainland, let alone marry a Chinese.

When a child is born, the parents must register its ethnicity with the authorities: But there are factors other than racism that might lead a family to reject a mixed marriage. Linessa Lin Dan, a PhD student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong researching Afro-Chinese relations in Guangzhou, says many African men who propose already have wives in their home countries - Muslims are permitted by their religion to take multiple spouses.

Furthermore, Lin has heard tales of husbands returning to Nigeria on a business trip, leaving a mobile-phone number that doesn't connect and disappearing. Like Ousagna and Issa, they often own a car, have a stable income and speak Putonghua.

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Forty per cent of African migrants surveyed in Guangzhou for the book Africans in Chinaby former University of Hong Kong professor Adams Bodomo, had received tertiary education - some even held a PhD. As one Congolese merchant tells Post Magazine, "To start a business in China you have to be quite well-to-do.

In business terms, it is the ideal merger, says Lin, who believes most Afro-Chinese marriages are a cynical play for better business. A Chinese wife can speak to suppliers. It's useful to have a Chinese partner. Marrying a foreigner is a way to upgrade their social status, because the Africans have money. Pat Chukwuonye Chike - a garment trader by day and Nigerian hip-hop artist known as Dibaocha Sky by night - has a Chinese wife who doubles as a business partner.

But, he says, if African men could legally work in China, many might not take a local wife. My mother-in-law helps look after the children, and she is poisoning them against Africa.

She's an old woman, she knows the game she's playing. There is crisis everywhere - terrorists were in Guangzhou last week - it is a sin to make my children scared of Nigeria. For those who have overstayed, a Chinese wife is more than a business partner; she is key to survival. Last August, a major police bust on an African-led drug ring turned life into a daily fight against deportation for overstayers.

From dusk till dawn, police checked passports in Guangyuan Xi Lu, the Nigerian annex of Little Africa, where most of the city's overstayers can be found.

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Those with Chinese wives went underground while their spouses manned their businesses. While the crackdown proved a Chinese wife's worth, the loyalty displayed points to genuine devotion in Afro-Chinese romances. One Sunday I ask him, "Is it love or business? He feels "slighted" by repeated assumptions his eight-year marriage is economically motivated.

meet chinese women in south africa

He met Winnie, a native of Guangdong province, at church and the pair are united in their evangelic mission "God knows it's China's time," he says.

Winnie, 34, is a pastor at the church's worshipper-strong Chinese arm while he leads the larger African congregation. Their tactile body language speaks volumes about their union. Michelle Zhang Nan, 35, doesn't fit the profile of a trader's wife, either. When we meet at McDonald's, she is dressed in an expensive A-line dress and kitten heels.

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Her three-year-old son, Calvin, trails behind as she carries a tray of Big Macs and milkshakes. A university graduate whose parents are government officials, Zhang lives in Guangzhou but has a prized Beijing hukou and owns a phone-battery retail business.

One woman says she was warned by the man she was dating that she'd only be able to spend time with her girlfriends twice a year should they marry while several others confide that the male need for status affirmation and control even finds its way into the bedroom.

A study published in Science magazine last year found that people born after the introduction of the one-child policy, inare more risk averse, less trusting and trustworthy, more pessimistic and less competitive than those born before.

According to Lata Gangadharan, professor of economics at Monash University, Australia, the study suggests the effects are more marked for men. Whatever the reason for the mainland's apparent shortage of good men, it is proving a real struggle for women who feel trapped between the societal importance of marriage and a fear of settling for someone they have little in common with. Consequently, many women are starting to look more seriously elsewhere, dating outside their ethnicity in order to increase the chances of finding a partner.

Afro-Chinese marriages boom in Guangzhou: but will it be 'til death do us part'?

To studied 50 leftover women and found them increasingly likely to choose Western men, "who are generally believed to be more open-minded and egalitarian in terms of gender roles". Zhang Yalin, who has been a professional matchmaker for 18 years, says that she's recently noticed a trend in women hoping to find their spouses abroad, with about 30 per cent of her female clients now deciding that foreigners are the best solution.

The programme is aimed at women over 30, divorcees and leftover women, who founder Liang Yali believes stand better chances of marriage with men from countries where age and accomplishments are viewed in a more forgiving light. Claiming a 60 per cent success rate, Liang says women are taught crucial skills, such as how to build confidence and gain greater self-understanding.

meet chinese women in south africa

Interracial relationships are nothing new in China. Since the first batch of expatriate opportunists started trickling into the country in the s, "yellow fever" has been a common condition among foreign men. The number of Chinese including men marrying foreigners swelled from an official zero in to 53, inaccording to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Although only a handful of the women I speak to seem terribly excited about the prospect of marrying a foreigner, all are at pains to differentiate between expatriates and men living in their home countries. A survey led by Gregory Mavrides, an American mental-health professional who taught at Guangzhou's Jinan University between andshowed that 49 per cent of the young, female respondents indicated a preference for Chinese husbands. Richard Burger, author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, points to another reason why women may tread carefully with foreigners.

As the Chinese population becomes increasingly mobile, more thancitizens on average are leaving the country every year. While the reasons cited include everything from escaping choking pollution to seeking new experiences and trying to further careers, women also see emigration as an opportunity to escape family and societal pressures.

Living with her parents as just over half of my subjects still are, and the majority of mainland women do until they get marriedYang describes in heartbreaking detail how distant she feels from her mother and the rest of her family, who constantly grill her about her single status.