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Meet Bros Anjjan and Yo Yo Honey Singh chip in with one song each Bros Anjjan, Hangover is pleasant but the tune will take time to grow on. Baby Doll This song is by Meet Bros Anjjan and features Kanika Kapoor. Sone sone patole lakhaan Sone sone patole yeah Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan. Kick: Hai Yehi Zindagi | Salman Khan | Meet Bros Anjjan! Main Tera Boyfriend song sung by Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkar & Meet Bros and Rap by Roach killa.

So, both aspects should march hand in hand. In the past, old songs would be a blockbuster even if the hero and the heroine were seen seated inside a room.

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But things have drastically changed now. Today, a blockbuster song rides upon a lot of extra elements, required to be chipped in to propel its success. Many old school critics despise dance numbers and racy tracks. But your discography shows some runaway hits in these genres. So what do you have to say?

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Music you know, is a very personal matter. At least, the feeling comes across like that. But music is independent, free of all bounds. However, the irony is that in music, you actually tend to start internalising your favourite song and think it to be your own.

You attach a sense of belonging to it. When it comes to the old school critics, I presume that they have been brought up with a very different kind of music to listen to. What you grow up being catered with, becomes an inbuilt habit or your staple diet for life. However, the new generation is different; they live life on a fast lane. By that logic, music too follows suit.

It ought to be for-the-moment, swift, vibrant with a tempo and prompt on demand. In the past, people would seldom battle the stress. Today, there are too many distractions. So there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the mind and body because of the daily chores with their backbreaking deadlines to meet and deal with.

As a result, the listeners reasonably need something to go easy on the ears.

Baby Doll (2014 song)

They want songs to lift up their mood with feel-good factors that bring a smile upon their faces. So this music is for the next-gen and the new world. Enough music has been created for the aged audiences to enjoy and take a walk down their memory lane.

On the flip side, the current-day critics must also accept the contemporary idiom and learn that the times they are changing. It is in a constant flux.

Music is who we are. It bears an authentic reflection of the socio-political-economic culture we represent. It is a correct identity, so it cannot be different. If the millennials and the Gen-Z progeny like their music in a certain way, so be it. How did you guys professionally foray into the mainstream Bollywood music?

Oh, this goes back a long time. Actually, when we were working at an FM radio station in our hometown Gwalior, we used to have a lot of free time in hand while programming the shows. Hence, we started making songs. In fact, it was our first-time stint with the songmaking routine in life. We realized that we can actually make music. Right from our colleagues to everybody else at our workstation would appreciate our songs and would ask us to lend them in films.

So when we finally moved to Mumbai, we just met a few good people who had genuinely showed a keen interest in our songs. We perhaps had enough confidence in what we had created at that point of time. And after garnering appreciation from whoever we had played our songs to, it made us somewhat feel that we are on the right path.

It was our maiden break and both the flicks I remember, had happened to release together. So our journey somehow kicked off with these two features. How is she as a singer? We had an awesome time making that song and putting it on record with Sonakshi. She is very humble and a very nice human being. She is extremely passionate about music and singing. She is fun on the mike and the number came naturally to her. We specifically made the song in her comfort space because we understood her voice and how she likes to sing.

Normally, people of high stature throw their weight around others and are full of star tantrums. She was very down to earth. It was like recording any other artiste behind the studio. We would love to do more work as in songs with her. Her voice texture is different and she can easily become a female rapper, if she wishes. Do you subscribe to the present-day trend of actors doing their own playback? We are delighted with the fact that actors are taking a shine to singing. For there are numerous people who are embracing this idea which is discernibly on a rising graph.

Also actor Riteish Deshmukh did a Marathi song with us. People hero worship the stars and actors, who they consider their idols.

Many singers have taken to acting and they have been applauded for their performance skills. Singers like Himesh Reshammiya and Honey Singh have been accepted when they took to acting. See, this is a period of multitasking.

Today all are hell-bent to step out of their cosy shell and prove their mettle to the world.

Meet Bros Anjjan:Baby Doll Lyrics

It did turn out really well. Is any single in the works? Yes, singles are definitely on the cards. But these things fall in place when an appropriate time comes.

Singles is the future of music, no doubt. And it is something that was long-awaited and we just need to glide with the tide. Any album on the anvil? To tell you frankly, there is very little or no market for albums anymore. Album is not in the trend at present.

Nobody wants to listen to a complete, full-fledged album these days due to dearth of adequate time and a short-lived public memory. The retentive power has decreased to a great degree. People are more interested in seeing one big video and a song. It piques their urge and curiosity to wait for the next one. You can either churn out four singles in a row or put them out in a CD together.

Tell us something about your forthcoming Bollywood scores? We have already done one movie with Tiger Shroff in which Kanika Kapoor has sung a song. You will hear it as soon as it releases.

After Baby Doll, Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Gets a Balochi Makeover. And it's Awesome

There are many projects in the pipeline but we would like to talk about only those that are nearly on the verge of seeing the daylight. In Bollywood, you are either contract-bound by a project or not sure until it matures and you get to sign on the dotted line as things keeping shifting very fast. We have been doing a thorough market research on this and are putting out feelers into the intended direction.

So the development work is already in process. Hopefully, you should shortly hear about something along these lines. Your trio with music director Anjjan Bhattacharya broke after 13 long years of successful joint-ventures. Any specific reasons for parting ways with him? Anjjan is still a brother. It is very rare that you opt for separate routes and yet remain on good terms.

We bade goodbye to him on a healthy note with sheer positivism. We remember having joined hands together in and ever since, forged a strong bond. Anjjan is a very sweet guy. And he had his solid ground to move on as a soloist. Everyone wants his own entity, characteristic traits and individuality to come through his music because each has his own style.

And Anjjan was no different on this score. We totally respected his decision in the way like your own sibling comes and tells us you that he wishes to have his own business and leave behind his mark on it. We did let him go but not before a happy farewell and a bear hug. We promised to be always there for him and vice-versa. We are still in connect with each other. We party hard together and have loads of fun. We definitely want to work together again because when we were previously coordinating, we had made a lot of quality songs.

Our track-record evidently shows that. We are like brothers and there is a strong link between all of us in the quartet.

For instance, Anjjan, Kumar the lyricist and us, Meet Bros. Did you undergo any technical tutelage in music? Is it necessary for every musical aspirant? Professionally, we would assimilate all the subtle nuances on the field itself.

You see, our life is totally driven by passion with which I perceive, you can absorb almost anything on the earth. During our preparatory time, say 20 years ago, when we were seriously shaping up as future music scorers to translate our dreams into reality, there were hardly any good music schools available or proper career counsellings to guide us all the way. We were clueless about our forthcoming pursuits.

And choosing music was not a lucrative job avenue for us then. When finally the craft took us into its fold and we started getting work, climbing the steps of a music school or enrolling for a course was way too late in the day for us. But we stuck to our guns and had very quickly imbibed what was required of us.

The only part where we had to correct him was the pitch, because obviously he is not a singer. We told him to go slow on the energy, as it was a romantic track and not a rock number.

But then, he worked really hard. He told us not to let him go till he perfects it. We felt as if we were training a new singer. So, we can credit ourselves for giving a break to Salman Khan winks.

We have a democratic process; we ask our whole team, and then vote. Mostly, the two brothers are never on the same side. We go ahead with the track only when we are sure. Do you three sing the lyrics together? Someone sings at a high scale, another low, the third, in the middle. So ek alag tone nikal ke aata hai. Doing a regular job of one person singing is very easy, but three people singing the same song together is rare.

The technical treatment is a trade secret. Is that your secret mantra for a hit song? It is our time. Samay chal raha hai to sab theek hai. We are a mix of Bengal and Punjab. Plus, we have dedication. Jo hum karte hai, dil se karte hai. Earlier, people had success parties when the film ran for 25 weeks; now they do it in three days! There is also a technical reason. Melody takes time to grow on you.

If you want melody, you have to give it time to grow on you. We just released Singham. One is Babboo Ki Jawani. Yes, humara team ban gaya hai. Now, if anyone wants to cast Sunny, they come looking for us. In office too, people have many colleagues, but ek ke sath tuning baith jata hai. Sunny too had worked in 10 songs with many music directors, but I guess our destinies are intertwined. As soon as we came together, the songs started becoming hits.

Now, the situation is that we are doing four films with her. There have been many item girls. What do you think makes Sunny unique? Sunny is not a diet food, she has namak, tadka and mirchi. Then she is beautiful and hard working. Add to that she is an international figure and very professional. She is a full package and has also proven herself. People ask us whether we find her hot.

But surprisingly, we find her sweet.