Meet bob hdmi adapter

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meet bob hdmi adapter

Is the Lightning Digital AV Adapter basically a small AirPlay-like receiver? I don't mean It's in no way passing raw HDMI out from the device, but rather presenting said stream upscaled to p. Bob. 3/2/ PM. Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Dual DisplayPort Adapter Using our UD dock with an adapter via the Dell's USB Type-C port .. Bob, so far so good on replacing the A with the adapter under the BIOS. I purchased a pluggable Thunderbolt3-to-dual-HDMI adaptor, and it works out of the. Synopsis. Plugable USB video adapters and USB docking stations can work well with many Chromebooks. In this post we go over the evolution.

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Smells more and more like NIH-syndrome and lock-in instead of a technically superior solution. It sounds like a round-about solution to a simple problem. Joe Cassara And they all laughed when Commodore put an entire computer in their disk drives!

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Fabricator Well Apple is all about lighter, thinner, and longer battery life. Hack out the parts that suck battery or take up space and add the functionality back with expensive accessories. The capacitors are used to filter the power so everything receives clean DC power.

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The black components are resistors. Judging by the size, it looks like 0. The adapter output a p signal, but the signal is converted from a lower resolution one.

The reason behind it? Apple can update the adapter with a new OS easily, thus enabling higher resolutions and introducing more features later, without the need to introduce a new adapter. It seems that the lightning connector is similar to the thunderbolt connector idea. Each method requires a specific combination of pins. Updating to a different protocol, support for other devices requires difficult pin sharing thus hardware modificationsupport for currently unknown future connections is impossible.

meet bob hdmi adapter

With lightning you can connect anything. Similar to thunderbolt it does not use a specific protocol to handle a specific task. It uses a general method to communicate between adapter and iOS device. After investigating the behavior via our handy diagnostic tool PlugDebug https: Plugable is different from a lot of other companies in that when we send replacements they are tested at length by a human being in our lab.

Despite this effort, when the customer received the replacement which had been tested over 12 hours the behavior was still present. Our support engineers set out to better understand the issue.

We collectively scratched our heads and dug deeper. The same chip which enables Thunderbolt 3 functionality on these systems also enables USB 3. Having just launched our first Thunderbolt 3 products https: Yet even with these updates applied on certain systems we still saw issues in specific instances.

While the thread is quite long, it does reflect similar unstable dock behavior while also indicating the common theme of the whole USB bus resetting or disconnecting and causing problems.

meet bob hdmi adapter

As official Dell comments on the thread have dropped off, customers have tried their own pragmatic approach in finding work-arounds and some but not all have found the behavior diminished if the laptop was run with the lid open.

Unfortunately this update was removed by Dell shortly after it was posted https: In the course of troubleshooting USB disconnection issues mentioned above we again sent a pretested replacement dock to rule out a hardware problem but again the issue remained. The customer even went to the extraordinary length to have Dell replace the system, and yet the issue remained.

In this case we actually sent the customer some additional Plugable USB 3.