Meet bill from saigon vietnam nightlife

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meet bill from saigon vietnam nightlife

Ho Chi Minh City's nightlife scene varies from one district to another, though venues that play live music close soon after midnight due to Vietnam's rather strict. 3 days ago Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's definitive party city, with its hundreds of bars You have several bars and clubs where you will meet the same. Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit, but almost every tourist here would have You can find them in the major cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Nha Trang. . that has been charged but not ordered and a new bill is given, check it again. . Nightclubs, where “prostitutes” pretend to proposition tourists by grabbing.

The venue is kitted it out in an industrial chic style, with space to dance and an upstairs area with ample seating. Music ranges from house to hip hop and a bit of mainstream party pop, depending on the night. For a romantic night in Ho Chi Minh there is nothing better than taking a leisurely cruise down the Saigon River. The Bonsai Dinner Cruise combines a slow river journey aboard a beautiful wooden barge with a sumtious feast of western and Vietnamese favourites.

Along with dinner and the views of the HO Chi Minh City at night, there is a live jazz performance on board and a traditional Vietnamese dance to enjoy.

meet bill from saigon vietnam nightlife

Although busiest during the day, night time brings many food vendors onto the streets serving a wide variety of seafood, as well as many fashion stalls and souvenir type stalls.

The night market is setup alongside the market on Phan Boi Chau Street and becomes a pedestrian zone from Be aware that prices start very high here and bargaining is a necessity.

Vietnam Nightlife 2018

Apocalypse Now is a legendary nightclub in District 1, attracting a healthy mix of backpackers, expats, and Vietnamese ladies looking to mix and mingle. The Saigon Opera House is a beautiful colonial building in the centre of Ho Chi Minh with a stunning facade of ornate winged statues and curved window frames.

Saigon Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs

Inside the opera house the culturally inclined are able to witness the best of the fine arts that visit Vietnam seasonally, and although there is no consistent performances, events are common.

Priced at VNDupwards, the range of performing arts on show includes ballet, musical concerts, Vietnamese traditional dance and live theatre. Located on Le Loi Street in the centre of District 1, there is a cover charge which comes with a free drink which is a great deal considering this place offers some of the finest live jazz in the city, but drinks prices are higher than most other places in town to compensate.

meet bill from saigon vietnam nightlife

And the kings of rooftop bars are: Chill Skybar or Glow Skybar. Chill Skybar is without a doubt the most exclusive rooftop bar in Saigon.

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On the 26th floor of the AB tower, it attracts an eclectic crowd of international business people, socialites, tourists, expats and wealthy Vietnamese.

Chill Skybar If you can afford it and if you can get past the strict door policy, it is a recommended place for a classy drink or a date. The music starts to get louder on weekends after Glow Skybar remains a favourite for fancy expats and tourists, as it is even advertised at the airport. It is also a rooftop bar and shares some great features with Chill Skybar: The music has more of a mainstream feel to it.

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Ho Chi Minh - Best Places to Go at Night in Saigon

Drink prices are not cheap, but it definitely gives you a good impression of what typical Saigon nightlife is like. MGallery Now, what about the ground-floor venues in Saigon? Qui is the currently most trendy place to spend your money in style. You better dress up some to get in here. Plus, they have a great selection of party drinks.

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They will not be too crowded during the week, but on Fridays and Saturdays you can expect a full house and a very lively atmosphere.

The music is generally more mainstream than at other places but Xu especially has some great drinks to offer. Beware the Oyster shot though. Last but not least, Envy Club caters to both Vietnamese and foreigners and is probably the most spectacular party spot in town with its Las Vegas-style bling-bling decor and staggering acrobatic performances.

meet bill from saigon vietnam nightlife

It is known to be a good pick-up place for both girls and guys. Lush The infamous Apocalypse Now, often referred to as the oldest nightclub in Saigon, attracts a diverse crowd of late-night revellers, expats, tourists, and — be warned — many freelance sex workers. The music includes popular hits from the past 20 years. The averagely priced drink menu makes it a cheap option for late-night party people; however, best stick to beer here — the cocktails are not recommended.

Piu Piu is a much more recent addition to this category. Sitting right behind the Saigon Opera House, this club boasts two floors with different music styles. There are also a roster of events that happen during the week, including the increasingly popular Mid-Week Crisis series every Wednesday which is perfect for those looking for an intimate, yet subdued night out with a beer or two with great music.

The majority of hostess bars in the city are pretty innocent compared to those in the rest of Asia. These will usually have young waitresses in sexy dresses chatting with customers in exchange for drinks.

meet bill from saigon vietnam nightlife

Bars of note include Elixir Lounge and Voodoo. Elixir Lounge Other options are: Wildcat Bar and The Rock. Live Music in Saigon The best options to listen to live music are located inside or next to 5-star hotels.

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In District 1 alone, you have at least 15 popular nightclubs, 30 karaoke bars, and twice as many beer bars. If you dare to venture in other districts, you will discover there are hundreds more. We are big fans of those clubs as they can be great for meeting Vietnamese people.

The atmosphere is usually crazier than in more Western clubs.