Maine european motorcycle meet 2013

Northeast European Motorcycle Rally

maine european motorcycle meet 2013

20, , PM The man we're about to meet one bright September morning is one of the The FBI calls the Horsemen a "one percent" Outlaw Motorcycle Gang . These German hearing aids are going Jul 5, Tens of thousands of bikers from 77 countries are coming here for the European version of the Labor Day weekend rally that Harley has. Those discussions brought interests from all over North America, Europe and.

That all being said, we firmly believe that LD is balanced, fair and effective in its approach to increasing accountability on the part ofall users. And in doing so, LD will improve safety. LD does three critically important things: Current gaps in language and differences in how the law is interpreted complicate efforts to police these dangerous practices. LD will make it easier for LEOs to know that they are on solid ground when writing tickets to bicycle riders.

The bill also spells out exactly which lanes are obligated to stop as a pedestrian is crossing a roadway. LD better protects people crossing streets by clarifying that their right of way can be asserted before they have to step into traffic, as soon as they show a desire to cross.

LD requires that motorists must come to a full stop as soon as a pedestrian indicates an intention to cross by doing something as simple as waving their hand or their cane over a marked crosswalk. The clarity of these new rules will help guide motorist behavior, and remove ambiguities that make enforcement of pedestrian law difficult.

The bill creates this emphasis by both education and enforcement. The bill also creates a category of traffic infraction that is punishable by fines and other penalties if warranted.

maine european motorcycle meet 2013

This law provides a simple option for LEOs to reference when a motor vehicle operates unsafely near a variety of unprotected users, and it prohibits harassing or menacing behavior as well. The language for the pedestrian section is based on Oregon law and was developed in part with reference to templates provided by America Walks, a national pedestrian advocacy group; our law is most closely based on language from Oregon.

The measures proposed in LD are consistent with national best practices for improving the safety of roadways for non-motorized users. We believe that LD will do very positive things for Maine roadway safety. And we are not alone: We feel that this bill is needed, effective and balanced, as it clarifies expectations for bicycle, pedestrian, and motorist behavior in a fair manner.

maine european motorcycle meet 2013

We ask you to support LD We empower Mainers to become champions of better biking and walking through advocacy training, education, and ongoing technical support. Anyone who would like to register to attend can do so HERE. Please note that we have only ground-truthed a limited number of the roads in the study area.

There are no sidewalks currently on the ByPass. This is when the front or rear wheel loses traction in a corner and you go down.

These tend to be fairly easy crashes and most of the time people will walk away from them.

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The other less-common crash is called a highslide. This is when you lose traction with the rear tire and it catches and spits you off. These are a bit more serious but can be walked away from as well. Crashes are a part of our sport and it is something that will happen, whether it is your fault or not. We race in the rain so this can make things interesting. But if someone gets hurt, we rally around them, pack up their gear, make sure all of their stuff is taken care of and then support them however we can.

When my dad crashed inhe was in the hospital for a month. We already know that the USCRA and our racing friends were like family, but we never realized how loved and supported we were until that time. It is a truly amazing community with some of the best people I have ever met. The great thing about this sport is that is attracts all different kinds of people and each of them has at least a few screws loose to do this. There are doctors, lawyers, marketing professionals that all come together for the love of the sport.

Things like geography, political differences, all off that is put aside — well, most of the time. We are just a bunch of adrenaline junkies! I have been there for over six years.

I love what I do because I not only raise money to help the community, but I get to meet some of the most fascinating and generous people. The Greater Portland community is a very special place and I get to experience that every day. I am so lucky to work with such a supportive and awesome group of people. One of my coworkers has actually come to the track to watch me. Everyone is so great about my racing, asking questions and showing a real interest in something that is probably pretty foreign to them.

My passion for it is probably a bit infectious. It is so cliche, but my family and friends are so important to me. I have the most supportive parents, Frank and Cathy Smith, that come to every race and really are there for me every step of the way, both in racing and in life.

And beyond my family, I have such supportive friends, both racing and non-racing. My racing friends are there to bench race at any time of the day. We talk lines and strategy and general racing fodder. My non-racer friends humor me by listening to my racing stories and understand that my love and passion takes me away from home often.

I am a very lucky girl to have so many great people in my life. I am really trying to live in the moment and enjoy the ride. As someone who is constantly on the go, I am really trying to take some time and savor what is going on right at that moment. I am attempting to do this in all aspects of my life.

maine european motorcycle meet 2013

Some days are easier than others. Students will learn and will strictly adhere to safe practices and OSHA regulations. The program is also looking to incorporate Certified Logging Professional training.

The plan will create a true career pathway. Norman Beckwith made a long successful career trucking for Comstock Woodlands. With more than 40 years of trucking under his belt, he knows a few things about how to get logs from the woods to the mill and he has more than a few stories to share.

As part of the roll out of the log truck driver training, Norm visited the CDL classes and talked with the students about the challenges and joys of driving log trucks.

This is a key part of selecting students for the program.

maine european motorcycle meet 2013

After hearing from Norm, students expressed excitement about the opportunity to drive for the forest industry. The Tax Id is Five valuable candidate breakfasts held statewide Members and candidates listened carefully and asked questions about important industry issues at the Old Town breakfast. These breakfasts are valuable because they bring our members together with candidates who care enough about our industry to show up — some driving many miles — and listen.

Greg follows in the footsteps of his dad, Clif, who represented District 41 in the th, th, th Maine legislatures and is still an MFPC Board member. MFPC, Maine Woodland Owners, and the PLC appreciated the opportunity to talk with candidates across the state about some of the issues that are most important to the forest products community.

They were excited to hear about the opportunities ahead and wanted to help us meet the challenges we face.

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I think everyone wants to help our industry and many times we were asked what legislators could do. That gave us opportunities to explain important issues they were likely to face if elected.

Another prominent topic was workforce development. Candidates know, as we do, that a serious state effort will be needed to supply workers for us and for other industries. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to provide breakfast for both candidates and members. I was especially heartened by the informal discussions between members and candidates before, during and after each breakfast.

The breakfasts also helped us bring forward a positive message about our industry.

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So thanks so much to all of you who helped us get our message out. Outside of the primary and secondary locations, this would include class 3, 4, or 5 lakes and about 2 percent of the class 7 lakes. More information The class 7 lakes would have to meet three criteria in order to be considered must meet all three: