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london girls meet up

London User Group is a meetup for developers but everyone is welcome . (or @nodegirls_LDN on Twitter). We are a group of girls aged 20'ss who love socialising in bars, clubs, restaurants, days out and weekends away. We are thrill seeking and full of life! There is. Eventbrite - Episode Meetup Team presents Episode London Meetup MOD Pizza - Leicester Square, London Girls Can Do Anything tickets.

But, still, it works out. I have taken the opportunity to try and start learning French, and we have all had some really fun nights out together. Having great flatmates is huge for making friends in London, and I am so thankful for that.

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But, I still of course wanted to make more friends. I missed my group from home and would walk by the pubs and parks and see people all having fun together sharing a picnic lunch or an after-work pint. I wished to also have people to go to the pub with on Friday afternoons, to do touristy things with, and just to hang out at home with.

So I set out to find even more ways to meet people. I surfed the internet thinking of ways to get myself out there. I think it is kind of sad really… But, I had no other options ut to push past the curious unsocial norms of London to continue making friends in London.

My friends took this when they came to visit me. I saw that it started at a bar within walking distance of my house, and it started in a few hours. So, later that night, I showed up, got my wristband, and was told that the rest of the people on the pub crawl were inside.

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How should I start conversation in here? Everyone is talking in tightly knit groups.

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They told me everyone was at the bar. Should I go to the bathroom? Where even is the bathroom here. Shit, nope, fire exit. I just went in a circle. Let me pretend to be seriously looking at the drink menu with you, caught in an extremely tough decision about what I should get. Except hell no am I buying these drinks for 10 pounds.

I might get that too! Her group comes over. That is so great.

Free UK coding groups for women

I mean, I would have carried on conversation with these people but that would have made it even more awkward. Feeling defeated, I thought I would have one more go. Some new people had appeared on the other side of the bar, so I went up to them. What are you guys getting?

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A few drinks and a few pubs later, we were all good friends, including the pub crawl leader and another friendly solo straggler like me also making friends in London.

We met the others on the pub crawl and shared a bottle of wine and stories from our home towns in Manchester, California, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, and France. We danced on the stage at the last pub until the early hours, and shared contact information so we could all meet up again.

london girls meet up

At a Run Club! The run club I signed up for very coincidentally and unfortunately began the morning after I signed up for this pub crawl.

london girls meet up

It was rough, but again, worth it for making friends in London. I walked in and smiled, slightly hung over and awkward, and joined the circle of girls clad in spandex who were standing inside the store. We settled on doing a loop across the Tower Bridge and London Bridge, and set out at a nice easy pace.

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We took turns running with different people, and I got to hear the unique story of each girl there. The leader of the group was incredibly inspirational and had granola bars for each of us when we got back, and a few of us who really clicked got together and decided that we wanted to go get coffee afterwards. We ended up hanging out a bit after the run and meeting up the next day for a free yoga class one of the girls knew about as well.

So, just like that, I made some new friends and gained an amazing and supportive group of girls to work out with on the weekend! Being one of the kinds of music I am into, I immediately really wanted to go.

london girls meet up

I tried to get my flatmates to come with me a few times, but they were busy. I asked a few other friends I met, on the pub crawl and elsewhere, and they either lived too far away or were busy on the days I wanted to go.

london girls meet up

So, one Sunday came up, and after exhausting my options of people to go with, I decided that I would simply just go by myself, since I have apparently become pretty good at just up and going to things alone these days. It said it started at 10, so I waited until about I walked into the bar… to see 4 people inside. I strongly debated just walking straight out again, maybe walking into the bathroom, or pretending to look for someone before getting my phone out and pretending to text someone.

But I stopped myself. I had come this far, and I was damn well going to as least try to have a good time and enjoy the music whether I ended up making friends in London or not. Worried the guys at the bar, who probably saw this whole thought process go down in my head, would think I was even weirder than you usually think of a girl who goes to a bar by herself, I just waltzed straight up to them and introduced myself.

Yeah, I really wanted to come to this and no one would go with me so. Some of the groups have been going for over a decade and meet at a different venue each time to encourage expats to explore their new home.

Some groups have formed around specific areas of London e. South East Londonwhile others are focused more on where you originated from e.

The American Society in London has been going for over a hundred years with its mission of strengthening ties between Britain and America, but there is a joining fee.

Social Media and Blogs Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter can help you track down American contacts, although some groups are more protective of personal contact information than others. Nevertheless you can usually find some way of posting a message or finding a contact number or email address to make initial contact.

As for Twitter, try searching USexpat or similar hashtags to see what other Americans abroad are tweeting about. There are plenty of blogs written by American expats in London, and again you may be able to elicit some help in meeting other Americans by leaving a comment or tracking down contact details.

london girls meet up

Some bloggers will be more than happy for you to get in touch by emailing them directly. You can find relevant blogs via the blog directory at Expatsblog. At the time of writing there were 60 blogs from London alone, with Americans very well represented among their number. Of course, as with social networking within the United States, you should never disclose your address or any other sensitive information publicly. If you do arrange to meet a fellow expat, make sure it is in a busy location and bring someone else with you if possible.

Go out into the City If you really want to meet other Americans in London, it will be much easier if you are out and about enjoying all the capital has to offer, rather than sitting in your apartment watching TV all evening.