Lol so true tumblr friends meet

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lol so true tumblr friends meet

Image: LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr. | If that WWE FAN 08/19/ Found on Google from · View it. . So naturally, people are finding out about Rap Monster only after becoming BTS converts. .. Its true that BTS as a whole is very popular and it would be hard to .. lol this is pathetic, I'm sorry your life sucks so much that you use it to I recall numerous posts going around on Tumblr telling Armys to not. Her face is perf now Bc she got her squidward nose fixed at 16 lol .. Uhh so shes recently been on tumblr alot and some of the things she posts is kinda funny since all the people she meets on SL and IMVU are probably the .. Like to her if a friend isn't kissing her ass 24/7 then they aren't a true friend.

Most social media platforms that evolved afterward replicated that feature, for the same reasons. Most people on tumblr use pseudonymous handles. Most profile pictures are of something other than the user herself, and usually come from whatever thing the user is a fan of.

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The same user can set up multiple blogs under multiple pseudonyms. And you can post as much text as you want. God, in the olden days, if you wanted to know whether people were visiting your website, you had to install a hit counter, and if you wanted them to be able to leave verbal feedbackyou had to install a DreamBook or some shit like that.

It is also, of course, much newer in its overwhelming preference for images moving and static and in the reblogging function this was not a thing back in the day; the only way to circulate content was to attach it or incorporate it into an email. And when you first sign up it is really difficult to figure out how to have a conversation on it.

lol so true tumblr friends meet

The new udpate, of course, makes that even more difficult. So it makes perfect sense to me that there are a lot of people from my generation of internet users on tumblr. You want it to be hip and cool and cutting-edge and always feeling twenty-two. Youth is what sells. Most of the people I follow are either people I knew before tumblr, or people who I assume are more or less in my age range.

Fandom always has been. We all have a lot to learn from each other. I really liked LiveJournal myself. Ironically, I saw a post the other day that mocked people who miss journal sites with moderated forums. A great post from Plaidder as always. I do think, at the risk of stating the obvious?

People took care writing their posts, and there were genuinely good discussions about the show. Really old-timers might remember the Primal Screamers — they were formed in the Fanfic Junkies folder in those forums. Technology has advanced so far beyond those days, but they still hold a certain appeal. If you are old, I am very very old in that dreaded death categorybut I appreciate your perspective and your post.

Hate to shock the young-uns about our existence, but the good news is you dont have to outgrow being a fangirl. The anonymity is why I like this place. Hell to the no. So it stays here. No images of me come up when you search for my tumblr. No more or less so than I would on Twitter. This is so good, and so true! I started using the internet sometime around when I was It was weird back then- so slow it took like 20 minutes to download a x jpeg.

But I discovered chat rooms before fandom stuff.

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So I went in that chatroom every day, I met a lot of awesome people there. Also, it would crash if there were more than 9 or 10 people on at once. When I got into fandom I was on Yahoo Groups.

lol so true tumblr friends meet

I had my own groups and was a member of others. Me and my friends who I met on LJ all posted both fandom stuff and personal stuff, too.

19 Types Of Indian Men You’re Likely To Meet On Tinder

I really used it like a journal and I connected with other people through personal situations as well as through fandom. I had to do all kinds of crazy shit in order not to get roped in. My Twitter account is the same way, though, too. No one irl knows about it. Great trip down memory lane and why older people are on Tumblr. Follow the fandom, though it sometimes does lead to mighty odd places.

I think we got pissed at LJ and started looking for alternatives, tumblr being one of them. Before fandom settled on Dreamwidth for a while, before AO3 was developed. We used to move in mass from one location to another back then.

On the one hand, I will happily go to the mat for the right of middle aged women to be fannish and do fan things. Rebels and I am keenly interested in not doing to SWR what the bronies did to MLPwhich is basically to make the fandom actively hostile to younger fans. If anyone ever, for any reason, would prefer that I not follow them, please just let me know and I will promptly unfollow with no hard feelings whatsoever.

I love all the reminiscences that have been crossing my dash lately about The Elder Days of Fandom. I remember those too! All I really remember is that I felt quite strongly that Scully would glow. She had to glow. If you swipe right, so are you! Also the stalk might follow hate comments. Mr Shady Okay, so he may not be all that shady but no matter what he says, you simply cannot trust him. For all we know he could be a serial killer! But the fact remains: He only wants to hook up!

He really has no time to talk. And might be pretty open about it.

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Completely your call on this one! Because he probably is out of town, or due to some Tinder fuck up, matched with you from somewhere over the rainbow, who knows? Somebody ought to educate him a little on the concept of Tinder. The only downside is that the guy might just be into you… Source: I Know This Guy! In fact, you probably know him too well. Match if you both want to get awkward together!

In fact, you wish every guy on Tinder was just like him. We find love in hopeless places after all! Tinder is probably just the first step! Bollypop After this quick gyaan on Tinder men, you have two options: Uninstall or use it right pun intended.