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lets not meet stalker clear

Read Stalker Chick Killed My Cat from the story Let's Not Meet~ Reddit Horror Stories by Lapiisum with 70 reads. dogs, creepy, stalker. So this was Matt and I decided we'd both have to delete our facebooks because we were getting scared . The victim should never meet the stalker alone or at their home; If there is Give clear instructions not to initiate any contact with the stalker and tell them what to Let people know where you are going and how long you will be; Join an auto. I used to work at a large department store known for not paying its employees basic minimum wage. I worked in the remember me reset password. login You are not required to end your story with "So, X, Let's Not Meet!.

Turns out, it was Edward Surrattserial killer. His house was about 6 or 7 blocks from the school, so when the weather was nice he would walk home from school. One day on his walk home, he noticed a guy in a van driving by him slowly. It was a bit strange, but he thought nothing of it. Then it happened again and again.

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Eventually the guy driving the van started yelling things at him, usually asking him to buy drugs. This is when my dad recognized the guy as Roger. Anyway, the cycle of Roger following my dad for blocks as he walked home and asking him to buy drugs continued for who knows how long. My dad always got this gut feeling that something was deeply off about Roger. The walks must have seemed like they took forever. In a different town, still small and remote, a woman is at home with her son and 3 stepsons.

Roger and 3 other men break into her home with shotguns and force her and her boys to lie face down on the floor. Roger and the gang threaten and taunt them for hours before shooting them one by one. One of the shots partially blew off the wig that the mother was wearing. Roger thought her skull had blown off and, assuming she was dead, stopped shooting her. She survived, later describing hearing a horrible noise as she lie there, and then realizing that she was hearing the blood drain from her son and stepsons.

But it was never about robbery, it was about the thrill of taking human lives.

lets not meet stalker clear

The mother eventually identified Roger and the 3 other men as the perpetrators, with Roger being the ringleader. Roger recently died in prison.

lets not meet stalker clear

She just wanted to hug me… Back in i was at second grade and was coming home from school alone for the first time. She said she had no husband, had lost her son years ago and just wanted to give me a hug. Something about this woman got me the creeps and now later on thinking she did act, talk and look really weird. Almost like she was a man dressed in old womens clothes. But This could be just my then juvenile imagination playing around.

After asking me for a hug she reached her hands towards me in the motion of one waiting for a hug, i took off and ran as fast as i could, all the way home.

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As i ran i think i heard her laughing really loud with a really low, manly tone. And for a reason an 8-year old like me was not allowed anywhere near that kind of a magazine. I read about an incident that happened in the area where i lived. It was about a boy, my age, last seen by his friends, hugging an old woman and walking somewhere with her just to be never seen again. The case is still unsolved today. I still remember this today, 15 years later and it still gives me the shivers.

I was in my tent…watching people try to break into my house When I was younger I lived on an estate of houses that backed onto a huge field where many people walked their dogs, it was even used as a cut through to the next neighborhood, which would take approx 25 minutes to walk though.

When I was about 13 my neighbor and I decided to camp out for the night in my back garden, which apart from a 6 foot wooden fence, was completely open to the field, albeit with 20 trees around the fence. Seeing as we were into action man figures at the time, we decided we would make the tent a hideout, so we got together some branches and one of those army nets to put over the tent to make it a bit stealthier, we also put the tent in the corner of the back garden which had a small roof over it, which made it very dark once the sun went down.

We did the usual thing, ate loads of crisps and sweets before we decided to try and get some sleep in our well hidden super dark tent.

Around 4am I woke up to the sound of some one landing, and then walking on small stones, I then realized that below the fence my mum and dad had decorated with some gravel and flower pots, at first I thought it was our cat, but it was far too loud to be such a small animal, I slowly sat up trying not to make too much noise from my sleeping bag, then I heard it again.

I once again tried to make my way to the front of the tent silently, and looked through the zipper, about 10 feet away from us, there were 2 guys dressed all in black crouching under the window sill of the kitchen talking to each other, I immediately froze and had no idea what to do, they proceeded to creep closer to us, looking for more windows or maybe an entrance, because we were in the corner of the garden, we were quite close to the path that led down the side of our house where there was a door into the adjoined garage, I heard them talking quite clearly as now they were less than 5 feet away from me and my friend who was still asleep.

They were talking about being unseen and just taking whatever they could find in the garage instead of breaking into the House and disturbing anyone. I had no idea what to do, so I rang the house phone which was pretty loud and waited for some one to answer took a while as it was very early as soon as the phone rang the 2 people bolted to the fence and hopped over, My dad then answered and I whispered for him to get outside ASAP with a bat or something.

Nothing happened in he end, but I am glad my friend slept silently! Someone used my whole group of friends to Catfish people This happened about 3 years ago when I was My housemate and best friend at the time we will call him R was browsing Facebook when he came across a profile with his picture and a name that was not his. So R decides to add J and tell her that he was the real person from the picture and that she was in an online relationship with a fake profile.

They get on Skype with each other and she is shocked to find out she was being catfished by this fake profile.

lets not meet stalker clear

As soon as J sees me her face goes pale and she sends a link through to another fake profile with my picture. Upon doing some further research we discovered some scary stuff. We found about 20 more fake profiles, all of our close and extended group of friends. All of these profiles were active and were posting the exact same statuses as we all were. It was like a fake community of all our friends, they all interacted with each other and posted regularly, copying and pasting every single one of our statuses to post on their profiles.

That was just one example of the several creepy statuses posted about our location. It was then that we realised that whoever this person was, was following us.

lets not meet stalker clear

This continued for a few weeks. We tried in vain to contact Facebook and get the profiles deleted. This person was following us, and posting our whereabouts when we had told no one. One day, it all just stopped.

lets not meet stalker clear

The profiles were gone. We never figured out who it was, and the whole thing remains unsolved. Keep e-mails on the computer and in hard copy.

Keep a log of expenses and receipts as they may later be important in regards to any claims for compensation.

21 Creepy Accounts From Real People Who Were Terrorized By A Stranger

Keep a small camera or use a mobile phone to take pictures of any items in the location in which they are found. This is also important for perishable items such as flowers or damage to property. If photographing the stalker, use extreme caution, try not to be obvious and under no circumstances compromise safety. If items are delivered, contact the delivery service to determine who placed the order, when, and how it was paid for cash or credit card.

Try to obtain a description of the person who placed the order. Handle all evidence carefully so as not to smudge fingerprints. Either hold items by the corner or use tweezers. Keep the item in separate plastic bag.

Telephone messages Keep the tapes from answering machines or, if your machine is digital, keep a second recording of the message elsewhere. Have someone else listen to any messages Try to record the message so can be stored in another format. This includes the issuing of warnings, the serving of protection orders or laying of charges Consider whether you want to apply for a protection order see our page on protection orders Ensure that all breaches of protection orders are recorded and reported to police immediately If you have relocated, ensure that your new details are not inadvertently provided to the stalker in legal paperwork If the complaint is not taken seriously or breaches of protection orders are not acted on, request to speak to a senior officer.

If the outcome is still unsatisfactory, lodge a formal complaint. Ignoring the early warning signs Not taking the situation seriously Responding to a stalker in any way, shape, or form Trying to reason or bargain with a stalker Blaming themselves Not taking adequate privacy and safety precautions Seeking a restraining or protective order without thinking of the potential consequences.