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"Serious kid" sets sights on serving as chief executive of Oklahoma

Kevin Stitt. Oklahoma's Turnaround Starts Now! Conservative Outsider. Oklahoma Businessman. Proven Leader. Join Kevin's vision to make Oklahoma a top Kevin Stitt is trying to woo teachers with promises of education reform. was paying a visit and told me Askey was one of the best teachers he ever had. Stitt's campaign said it did try to arrange a meeting with the committee. Meet Kevin Stitt! Use MeetMe to make friends, meet new people, video chat and play games. It's fun, friendly and FREE!.

kevin stitt meet me

Was there one appify money or one moment where you could look back and go? That was when I decided to make this happen. And just always kinda thinking watch it the next level. People usually give up too early. And, uh, you know, an early on in our career we had the financial crisis around And, uh, I kept going and pushing and uh, you know, tighten our belts, straps and, and uh, and uh, you know as a business podcasts, I knew that it was getting better and we and we would come out of that and, and we, uh, uh, made some good decisions along the way.

Have a great team and and after that financial crisis we just kind of took off and now, but one of the largest servicers where we serve as close to 20 billion now in homeless. Kevin, why did you decide? This is my opinion than you can. This is how I look at it. I built my fortune or my wealth with my first company called Dj Connection Dot Com and we did entertainment for weddings. You know, thousands of them all over Tulsa.

I think one, I think you started off as a carny. If you get upgraded, you move up to a DJ. If you go from a Dj, you could eventually become maybe mortgage and then from there the next level is kind of politics. So what would make you decide to be crazy enough to go from mortgages to politics?

Because you know people are going to do nothing but attack you.

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They want to attack you personally. Make up false allegations. Why would you, you have a wife, you have six kids, why would you want to enter the world of politics? Our, our state is in big trouble. I mean, in, in our forefathers, never envision career politicians. They thought that somebody would temporarily leave their farmer business and go serve their state.

Uh, as I traveled and visited our offices in Texas and I see all the momentum and positivity and growth coming out of that state. I want to take off from my company, goes served my state and really focused on that next generation and not the next election. So you have a thoughtfully articulated your ideas on your website, but I had a couple of your main ideas that I wanted to have you break down if I could.

In fact, do you want to put the check book online? What do you mean by that? And I think running state government is more like running a business than anything. How are we getting better in roads and bridges?

kevin stitt meet me

A budget is much larger than that. So infrastructure is a huge core function of state government. And where do you think I built it?

It costs more to build projects than it does in other states. So all those things play in a business podcasts person just wants to make sure that we, we get those dollars into the projects and the roads and not waste on administration level.

So I want to do that. And your other question was on healthcare, right? Six percent of our citizens now are on Medicaid or some kind of assistance. So I felt like I was in the right. I was kind of frustrated. The way we parted wasn't good. I wasn't as friendly as I should have been to him.

You know how we sometimes hold bitterness and unforgiveness. I woke up I think it was Monday morning — maybe Sunday night — and I realized that I kind of held some unforgiveness toward this person. I did that Monday night because I just felt like the Lord had kind of put it on my heart that I was holding unforgiveness toward him.

I want to have a clean relationship with you.

Stitt wants voters to ask him about the negative things they've heard

Thank you so much for calling me. That occurred in earlyabout two years into Cornett's first term as Oklahoma City mayor.

kevin stitt meet me

It's a great plant that some company is going to try and invest in. And today there are more people working in that facility on the base than there were when GM had it operating as an automobile plant there.

Kevin Stitt - Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate 01-04-2018

In his first venture into politics, he claimed the Republican nomination by defeating nine other candidates, including some well-known state and city leaders. Let's just move on. One of those buddies, Hobie Higgins, has been working for Stitt for 15 years at Gateway Mortgage, the company Stitt founded that is based in Jenks and operates in 41 states.

Higgins and other longtime friends paint a picture of an executive who is hardworking and competitive but encourages dissent and debate. He's not a micromanager. That's a big part of his success. If someone is doing something better than him, he wants to learn from that.

That's the same kind of curiosity he has about government.

Kevin Stitt for Governor – Oklahoma’s Turnaround Starts Now!

Stitt had been mostly uninterested in politics, to the point of rarely voting, and the prayer breakfast was his first major exposure to the arena. While he mulled a run for governor, Stitt met with some veteran Oklahoma Republicans, mostly about whether there was a potential to change the state's direction.

Kevin Stitt said he also struggled with the personal and professional sacrifices he and his family, including his six children, would have to make during the campaign. So it was kind of scary. The Stitts moved back to Skiatook, where they had roots, when Stitt was 5. Stitt is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation as a descendant of his great-grandfather, Robert Benton Dawson.

Dawson was given land in the Skiatook area because of his tribal citizenship, and the land is still in the family, now owned by an uncle of Stitt's. Kevin Stitt's maternal grandparents were dairy farmers in Skiatook.

Joyce Stitt said she still remembers Kevin playing T-ball when he was in kindergarten. Stitt was raised mostly in Norman, where his parents moved when he was in 2nd grade. His father became pastor at Riverside Church. Joyce Stitt said her middle son played several sports and always had a lot of friends at the house.

And he always had his own money. The family's vacations were typically camping trips, and Joyce Stitt recalled Kevin, as a boy, using money he had saved to buy an inflatable raft. Stitt studied Southwestern's metrics and figured out how many doors he had to knock to meet his sales goal. The next year, Kevin recruited a team of sellers that included McGuire, who was living in a fraternity house at the University of Oklahoma when Stitt sought him out.

McGuire told Stitt to knock on his door and make his book-selling pitch in front of several fraternity brothers and their girlfriends; Stitt won him over, and McGuire, Stitt and a third student went to sell books in North Carolina that summer.