Kentridge invitational swim meet 2016 mock

Washington Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association

kentridge invitational swim meet 2016 mock

Kentridge Invitational - 1/10/ to 1/11/ Kentridge Invitational Results - Kentridge Invitational Event 1 Men Yard Medley Relay Meet. Where should you go to eat after a morning at the Met? THE NEW YORKER, NOVEMBER 7, . We invite you to check out the new Goings On About Town online. For this show, Kentridge has made heavy use of diagnostic imaging: X-rays, He says that he doesn't really know how to swim. Information for Washington Swim Coaches and meet results. Kentridge Invitational: Held at KCAC During Boys Season. National Clearing House: Register.

His passion and joy was the natural world, begetting adventure and mischief with him w h e r eve r h e we n t to t h e delight of those who knew him. His friends and family will miss his energy, intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, inquisitiveness, quick wit, ready advice, propensity to laughter, knowing grin and his enormous generosity.

A businessman by trade, specializing An adventurer, sailor, aviator, gun enthusiast, skier, poet, Freemason, husband, father, brother and humanitarian by calling. Never forgotten, his spirit lives on, forever in our hearts and in the trees and sky.

Phan was really born the year of the Dragon in He came to the U. He was jack of all trades. He loved taking things apart and putting them back together to see how they worked. As well as building things with his hands. His favorite thing to do was fish, especially with his dad a n d t wo o l d e s t s o n s. H e also loved to sing and dance with his one and only d a u g h te r. H e wa s a ve r y intelligent and well respected man. H e worshipped his four children, and, loved teaching them new things.

He was a great cook and loved to eat everything spicy hot. He leaves behind his wife, Colette; his sons, Nic Phayah, Louie Phayuk and Jarome Kwan; his one and only princess, Echo Duen; his father, Khamphaune; his father-in-law Louie; his s i s t e r, S o u n e J e s s i c a ; s i s t e r - i n - l a w, K a u l a ; h i s brother, Thonxuene; brotheri n - l aw, C h a r l o ; a n d m a ny other nieces, nephews, cousins; and friends.

Visitation at SchaeferShipman Friday, January 29, at 1: Funeral Services will be held Saturday, January 30, at 9: He graduated from Nor th Royalton High School. N a v y, receiving many awards.

Sidney Taylor MCCI Diving 2016

Lad retired from the Navy in H i s f a v o r i t e activities included racing at the Monroe Raceway, N a s c a r, fo ot b a l l g o Browns! He is survived by his fo r m e r s p o u s e a n d g o o d friend, Jeannette Hogg; son, Justin Wyzykowski; daughter, Kristina Schmitt, and her husband Br yan. Lad was excitedly expecting his first grandchild, Bryce, due to be born on February 15, Lad is also sur vived by cousins that he loved as if they were siblings, Jennifer, Michael, and Jackie; he felt more like a brother to each o f t h e m.

H e a l s o l e av e s behind an aunt, Laurie Townsend and her husband, Odus; uncles, Mark and M a r t y Z e l e n ka ; a n d t h e i r children. A memorial ser vice with military honors will be held on February 6, at 1: Yo u a r e l o v e d beyond words, and will be missed beyond measure. Her family moved to Anacor tes, Wash.

She began a long career as a grocery checker working for the Ferguson and Stewar t fa m i l i e s i n M t. P u n k y wa s p r e c e d e d i n death by her brothers, Wally and Fred George; her first husband, Chris Olson, her son, Mark Olson and her second husband, Ed Moddelmog. Frequently the life of the par ty she was smiling until the end. There will be no memorial service. A f t e r serving his country he attended Eastern WA College where he received his master degree in te a c h i n g.

H e e n j oye d h i s students teaching ar t, psychology and photography. He may be gone but never forgotten. His Memorial will be held at 10 a. Students and friends are all welcome to attend.

Jeffrey Alvin Morgan Born January 25,in S n o h o m i s hWa s h i n g t o nJeff passed quietly away on January 25,with his wife at his side. He is preceded in death by his parents, Alvin and Betty Morgan, longtime residents of Snohomish. Jeff is survived by his wife, Michele and two stepchildren, Curtis and Brian; two grandchildren; and one niece; sister, Lynn Willis; two nephews, Scott and Travis; aunt, Shirley Marquez and four cousins. J e f f g r a d u a t e d f r o m Snohmish High School in and entered the Army in serving in Vietnam.

He will be sorely missed! In lieu of flowers please give to the Cancer Society. The Daily Herald Friday, He graduated from Auburn High School in Jack had a lifelong love for aviation; he soloed on his 16 t h b i r t h d ay, h a d h i s private pilot certificate when he was 17 and owned his first airplane, a Stinson Voyager, when he was Jack earned his FAA commercial pilot certificate for airplane land and sea and also earned a commercial helicopter pilot certificate with an instrument rating.

He logged over 15, hours of flight time. The Federal Aviation Ad m i n i s t r a t i o n p r e s e n te d him with the prestigious and coveted Master Pilot Award in This is an award that the FAA gives only to pilots who have given 50 years or more of safe aviation to the industry. J a c k loved his Airstream travel t r a i l e r, A m p h i c a r, r a d i o controlled model airplanes, and had a large collection of models.

He loved all animals big and small. He enjoyed meeting people and made friends with everyone he met. He of ten made visits to nursing homes to entertain their patients with his miniature airport.

J a c k i s s u r v i ve d by h i s wife, Mar y; his sons, John Hein and Walter Hein; his grandsons, Tyler and Cody; and his brother, James Hein; along with many other family members and friends. She died peacefully, although heartb ro ke n by t h e S e a h aw k s loss. Bur ta was the youngest and last surviving of the nine children born to Walter and Grace Wood.

She lived in Everett, Wash. Many family holiday celebrati ons would begi n around her table. She prepared a feast for family and friends at every Thanksgiving until two years ago. The modest, familyconstructed cabin over flowed with relatives, friends, fish, clams, crab and lots of beer.

Burta belonged to Tulalip Council 11, Degree of Pocahontas, and spent 65 ye a r s a s a m e m b e r. S h e also was a life-time member of the VFW Auxiliar y. Bur ta was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Bud; her oldest son, Brian Ambrose; and by her siblings: S h e also leaves four grandchildren, six greatgrandchildren, and nine nieces and nephews. Mom, Grandma, Auntie Bur tahowever we addressed you, i t wa s w i t h l ovej oy a n d thankfulness.

Private burial will be at Evergreen Cemeter y in Everett. Anybody But Trump, please. He leaves behind his mother, Pat Guthrie; brother and sister-in-law and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

Visitation will be Saturday at the funeral home, for a time of informal sharing, before processing to the Ipswich City Cemetery at Access varies by location and device.

kentridge invitational swim meet 2016 mock

The question the piece inspired in me was whether America itself is a utopia. Founded on the dreams of the dispossessed, in many ways it is. Democracy is, after all, just a theory, adapted and adopted from past civilizations, most notably Greece and Rome. It was molded by religious fundamentalists, the early colonists, who were fed up with the loose interpretation of Protestantism by the Church of England and sailed across the Atlantic to have it their own way.

Opinions still vary about whether the country ever had a singular identity to begin with. Alexis de Tocqueville described early America as a curiosity—a fascinating and fragile venture. Perhaps we need to be reminded of that, in spite of the fear-mongering that has brought it to our attention.

Jacobs Venice Beach, Calif.

kentridge invitational swim meet 2016 mock

Between andin particular, thousands of utopian experiments sprang up nationwide. Most utopians of the seventies retreated not into cynicism, as the cynical story often goes, but into practicality, with their ideals intact.

Many moved away from free love and communal households and embraced the nuclear family, but they kept working as organic farmers, social-justice activists, and environmentalists. The fundamental inhumanity of the journey toward utopia is that one must cross rivers of blood to reach it, yet the destination remains stubbornly out of reach.

Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and may be published in any medium. We regret that owing to the volume of correspondence we cannot reply to every letter. We think this will do a better job of bringing our dynamic content to your fingertips—and helping you decide which real-world experiences are worth turning from your devices for. New features include a revolving display of spotlight articles curated by Goings On editors, grids of listings based on category, a Goings On About Town video series, and an interactive map of events, navigated by category or by neighborhood.

We invite you to check out the new Goings On About Town online. Beach House The surprise album drop, having become a standard of popular music, is taken one step further by some more ambitious camps, such as the Baltimore dream-pop mainstays Beach House.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival The irony of an electronic-music festival in Brooklyn addressing gentrification is ripe for parody. The New York native Frankie Bones brought rave culture to the boroughs inwhen he held his first Storm Rave in Flatbush; the neighborhood remained more or less the same after the party was over, up to around nine years ago.

The first half of the record features the buttery arpeggiated synthesizers and pulsing drum machines that Forma is known for, but as the record advances listeners are treated to soothing psychedelic drones and a piano composition reminiscent of the early-twentieth-century spiritualist and composer G. Good Room, 98 Meserole Ave.

Porches, the brainchild of Aaron Maine, has joined this storied lineage. Warsaw, Driggs Ave. His replacement is Ben Solomon, but the original rhythm team of the drummer Steve Gadd and the bassist Eddie Gomez is still intact. Blue Note, W. Charlie Haden Jazz Liberation Orchestra Haden, the master bassist and openhearted jazz spirit, died inbut his Jazz Liberation Orchestra lives on under the direction of his invaluable collaborator, the composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist Carla Bley.

Jazz Standard, E. Village Vanguard, Seventh Ave. For maximum impact, visit the show on a Saturday, when a mirror-covered New York City garbage truck is parked, during museum hours, between the east side of the building and the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows—Corona Park. InUkeles invited three hundred custodial workers in one Wall Street building to dedicate an hour of their eight-hour shifts to perform their duties as art, instead of as labor. New York had just skirted bankruptcy, and an art critic joked in the Village Voice that the sanitation department might secure some fresh funding if it got in on the conceptual act.

Ukeles liked the idea and proposed the residency to its commissioner. Against all odds, he agreed. In the most moving section of her retrospective, L.

2018-2019 Boys Swim and Dive Season League Results

Charlotte and her equally brilliant sisters, Emily and Anne, initially published under male noms de plume. Smallness is a recurring theme: At first glance, some appear to contain toy or taxidermied parakeets and canaries; on closer look, their contents are even stranger.

Kudo, who died inwas a key figure in the Japanese antiart movement of the fifties and sixties; he harnessed the saccharine delights of consumer culture in order to mirror its perversity. Electronic circuitry, kitchen gadgets, fake flowers, and other fodder for landfill join cast-resin body parts in the bright indictments here.

In several, floating faces appear, as if in repose or meditation—whether they have turned on, tuned in, or simply dropped out is left to the viewer to guess. Her hybrid handmade works— painting and sculpture are one and the same here—fill the ground floor with restless energy.

Classic Stage Company, E. Irish Repertory, W. Bank Street Theatre, Bank St. Pershing Square Signature Center, W. Second Stage, W. Party People The Universes ensemble stages this piece about the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords, based conceptual practice is not without irony, but unabashed sensuality and refreshing sincerity rule.

Alexander and Bonin, 47 Walker St. The resulting lines evoke seismograph readings.

kentridge invitational swim meet 2016 mock

His technique may owe a debt to Marco Breuer, but Whale achieves elegant effects, particularly in his abstract images, which suggest veils of fabric and slivers of agate. Where Breuer is principally concerned with formal innovation, Whale dives deeper. Public, Lafayette St. Polonsky Shakespeare Center, Ashland Pl. Sweat Kate Whoriskey directs a new play by Lynn Nottage, about a group of friends from an assembly line who find themselves at odds amid layoffs and pickets.

Claire Tow, W. Weisz is in every scene, and she charges all her moments with a combination of madness and hope. One wonders how much of the politics that concerned Hare in even matter to an American audience now. Two Class Acts A. Flea, 41 White St. Each begins with the fall of Saigon and follows its Vietnamese protagonists to refugee limbo in America, and each feels like a decades-overdue corrective of American obliviousness to Vietnamese people in particular and a purge of American horseshit about Asian people in general.

But only this play boasts an eye-popping comic-book aesthetic, a physics-defying five-way fistfight, and several foulmouthed rap ballads. City Center Stage I, W. The result will be particularly meaningful, and possibly revelatory, to parents who have struggled with a child in crisis.

Abrons Arts Center, Grand St. Career Suicide Lynn Redgrave. Reviewed in this issue. The program continues with an all too rare performance of a Haydn symphony No. Oratorio Society of New York Kent Tritle leads his impressive avocational chorus, a big group in the old tradition, in two masterworks at Carnegie Hall: Merkin Concert Hall, W.

National Sawdust, 80 N. MOVIES Joshua Bell and Alessio Bax Bell, one of those rare classical artists who can guarantee a sold-out hall, picks up his violin for an evening with his fine pianist friend which, once more, goes over very familiar territory: Rose Studio, Rose Bldg.

New York Baroque Incorporated: The gambist Wen Yang joins them. House of the Redeemer, 7 E.

kentridge invitational swim meet 2016 mock

First Person Singular Romy Schneider confesses to the camera. Bringing subtly bold methods to bear on the talking-head documentary, Syberberg detaches images of Schneider from her voice, showing clinically tight closeups of her in the semipublic setting of a ski lift while hearing her speak in voice-over, and relying on double exposures to evoke her recollections of her adopted city of Paris.

Syberberg was a key innovator of new cinematic modes that also created a new kind of performance, one that both ofered actors a far more engaged form of artistic commitment and, paradoxically, went even further than the popular press in blurring the lines between acting and life. He also miscasts himself in the lead role of Seymour the Swede Levov, a successful businessman living comfortably in a rustic corner of New Jersey, whose settled existence is overturned by the nineteensixties.

The Swede—so nicknamed, as a star athlete in high school, for his pale skin and blond hair, rare in his milieu of Newark Jews—is married to Dawn Jennifer Connellya Catholic of Irish descent. Their teen-age daughter, Merry Hannah Nordbergconsumed by political activism during the Vietnam War, bombs a local post office, killing the postmaster, and vanishes from home.

The first two episodes offer little besides moderately engaging plots, but the third packs an overwhelming power of mood, observation, and longing. In the first, Laura Dern plays Laura, a lawyer whose affair with a married man named Ryan James Le Gros is ending just as a client Jared Harrisa disabled construction worker, comes unhinged. The third story features Lily Gladstone as Jamie, a young caretaker at a horse farm who drops in on an adult-education class and strikes up a tense and tenuous friendship with the teacher, a young lawyer named Beth Kristen Stewart.

Here, Reichardt infuses slender details with breathtaking emotion. The fervent attention to light and movement—as in a scene of a quietly frenzied nocturnal pursuit—seems to expand cinematic time and fill it with inner life. Steven Strange Benedict Cumberbatch is a deft, brilliant, and ambitious New York neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car accident. Derrickson realizes visions of paranormal cataclysm with vertiginous glee; sidewalks, buildings, whole cities rise up, turn sideways, and churningly intertwine with an Escher-like intricacy.

Illicitly suave, it takes pleasure, over nearly two and a half hours, in fooling with the intricate plans of the characters and, for good measure, with the minds of the audience.

Everett Daily Herald, January 29, by Sound Publishing - Issuu

Kim Tae-ri plays Sook-Hee, a young woman bred in the low niceties of crime, who becomes a maidservant to the high-ranking Hideko Kim Min-heeherself no stranger to stratagems. Just to ensnare us more tightly, Park replays some of the episodes with a twist, from a different viewpoint, yet the marvel of the movie is that, far from seeming like mere trickery, it feels drenched in longing and desire.

The cinematographer, gravely surveying these shenanigans, is Chung Chung-Hoon. In Korean and Japanese. Michael Moore in TrumpLand Doing a one-man show on the stage of a vintage theatre in a predominantly white and Republican town in Ohio, Michael Moore converts his celebrity into a political weapon with robust humor and rhetorical ingenuity on behalf of Hillary Clinton. His jibes at Donald Trump and his supporters are inevitable and obvious, but brief. Then, Moore delivers an eloquently empathetic paean to white working-class citizens who, raging at an establishment that has shafted them, lend their support to a rich demagogue who despises their actual interests.

Moonlight Miami heat and light weigh heavily on the furious lives and moods realized by the director Barry Jenkins.