Karunanidhi press meet nandita

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karunanidhi press meet nandita

With the passing of M Karunanidhi, a chapter in Tamil Nadu politics has ended. How will the five time chief minister be remembered by history?. In high-level panel meet, DMK discusses simultaneous polls Chennai, Jul 27 () DMK president M Karunanidhi today entered his 50th year as the party chief. See video at catchsomeair.us More After a high level party meeting, Karunanidhi told NDTV that ”Ram is as big a lie as .. have never been carried out, says historian Nandita Krishnan.

Karunanidhi was married to Dayalu, but he'd also taken Rajathi as his wife. It was Rajathi who stayed with him at the residence on Oliver Road.

Thalaivar Kalaignar Press Meet 14/07/2012

Without fumbling, Karunanidhi shot back, "My daughter Kanimozhi's mother. Karunanidhi knew the value of power, like any other politician. However, he also had the self-awareness to know how far he could reach. However, Karunanidhi said, "I know my height", putting an end to the speculation. Do you feel whatever Karunanidhi did as a social reformer will be overshadowed by corruption and love for his family? That is the tragedy of Karunanidhi.

He was not a Chanakya who could look beyond his family. Had he not looked within his family, he would have been right up there. He had started a lot of social welfare schemes for women and the downtrodden. He was an extremely clever, well-read and smart politician and a very good administrator.

The tragedy of M Karunanidhi

Along with that, he will be remembered as a person who could not win two consecutive elections. It meant people did not give him one more chance because of the perception they had.

karunanidhi press meet nandita

Cho Ramaswamy once described him as the person who institutionalised corruption in Tamil Nadu The Sarkaria Commission report also mentioned that. That is his tragedy. Whatever good he did, all his achievements were overshadowed by the perception of corruption and other things. That is the sad story of Karunanidhi.

Will the politics the AIADMK played, by not allowing him to be buried at the Marina next to Annadurai as per his wishes before bowing to the high court order to do so, give M K Stalin popular support and sympathy? Even in the election Stalin led the party admirably and the only reason the party lost was because of the weak coalition. The DMK had more vote share too. If they had contested more seats, they would have won the election. Jayalalitha defeated him tactically.

The tragedy of M Karunanidhi - catchsomeair.us India News

The DMK is doing much better than how they were doing 5, 6 years ago. What will happen to the DMK without Karunanidhi?

The DMK is synonymous with Karunanidhi, but he was not very active for quite a few years. The protesters threw stones at the BJP office and destroyed cycles and scooters parked there in crowded T Nagar in the heart of the city.

Son MK Stalin pens poem for Karunanidhi

The only question of any real value in this whole mess is what the ecological impact of the project will be. The Centre should not make any attempt to give up the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project, bowing to pressure from such forces, Karunanidhi told reporters at Yercadu near Salem. Asked about the fresh affidavit filed by the Centre in the Supreme Court on the Ram Sethu issue, he said there was nothing wrong if the fresh one was filed to abide by the directions of the court.

Karunanidhi declined to comment on the Left parties opinion that the Centre should not have mentioned about Lord Ram in the first affidavit. There were attempts to break the alliance but they would not succeed, he said. On his remarks on Friday that he desired to retire, he said one should note that he had spoken about this at a conference of retired government employees. Asked whether he had any plans to have a Deputy Chief Minister, he replied in the negative.

Where is proof Ram built bridge, asks Karunanidhi Express news service Posted online: In which engineering college did he study and become a civil engineer? When did he build this so-called bridge?

Is there any evidence for this? It is between us and dominant forces that are using superstitions of the people to stall the project and achieve their ends. It is not a conflict between us and the Union Government. Our stand is that the Centre should not succumb to these communal elements. Their objective is to subvert a major project that would usher in development in the southern parts of our state.

The Centre, he advised, should not be intimidated by threats from religious elements and delay a project that the Prime Minister and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi had agreed to implement. Karunanidhi, whose remarks about Lord Ram, provoked the activists of some Hindu organisations to resort to the violent acts, stood by his remarks, while answering a question. He told a satellite television channel here yesterday that there was also no proof of Lord Ram having constructed a bridge and being an expert in engineering.

karunanidhi press meet nandita

I had only stated that there was no person in the name of Lord Ram. What is wrong in that? He said he had faith that the Karnataka government would do what was needed as it was duty bound to take action against the culprits.

He said those who opposed the Sethu Samuthram project wanted to find minor reasons to stall the project. The Chief Minister said his government would definitely prevail upon the Centre to continue the project. Valmiki said Ram was a drunkard: Karunanidhi Friday September 21 Reiterating that Rama was just a character in the Ramayana, Karunanidhi said: The author of Ramayana described Rama as a kudikaran drunkard.