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January 9th, AM Event Results, jcpdf us and let your friends, colleagues and followers know about our page: Pure Water JC Invitational. Welcome to catchsomeair.us, your official source for horse racing results, mobile racing data, statistics as well as all other horse racing and thoroughbred racing. California State Meet Results, PDF format () . In addition, statewide titles are awarded by the CIF in track and field (starting in for boys St Ignatius CC Y 5 J.C. Phillips Bakersfield C Y 6 Ron Rott Lodi - BUCHANNAN HS, CLOVIS; FRI & SAT, June 5 & JUNE 6 ( attn:).

Russell, the CIF's official history, says there were four not three sections in the beginning. I've also enclosed the text of my introduction to Bay Area Sports Stars, which explains the Bay Area situation in a bit more detail.

Anyway, here are the starting dates for the sections of the CIF, which was formed in March, Football was governed in by the Amateur Academic Athletic Association. Other games and meets were arranged in a haphazard manner untilwhen competition around the bay was provided by the Academic Athletic League. The AAL provided structured competition for boys in football, baseball, swimming, tennis and track and field.

Basketball was added early in the 20th Century. A few schools offered less formal interscholastic competition for girls in baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

Pure Water JC Invitational

Teams represented schools, but were not under the direct control of principals, superintendents or elected school officials. There were frequent disagreements over eligibility, rules and finances.

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InJames E. After a series of meetings, the California Interscholastic Federation was formed in March, Its main purpose was to put the direction of high school athletics in the hands of educators. The NCS was established in September, Of 70 high schools invited to join, only 15 responded initially. Some needed more time to meet and discuss the new organization.

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Scores of other schools became members within the next few years. Although several Oakland high schools were CIF members in the first few years after the organization formed, they dropped out in when the Oakland Athletic League was created. Four years later, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Section was organized. Eventually, it took in Solano County schools. Schools in all five sections belong to leagues which sponsor competition in up to 16 sports for boys and girls -- who became full fledged partners in the prep sports world when federal Title IX legislation was passed in the early s.

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Many athletes compete for post season section championships. In addition, statewide titles are awarded by the CIF in track and field starting in for boys and for girlsboys wrestlinggirls volleyballbasketballcross countrygirls golf and boys golf The world record for men is The weight throw event has had an enduring history in American track and field. It was a national championship event for men outdoors from to Highland games[ edit ] In the Highland Games, the weight throw consists of two separate events, the light weight and the heavy weight.

In both cases, the implement consists of a steel or lead weight usually spherical or cylindrical attached by a short chain to a metal handle. The handle may be a d-ring, a triangle or a ring.

jc track meet 2015 result of bar

The size of the weight depends on the class of the competition. The weight is thrown one-handed from a rectangular 4. The athlete must stay behind the trig at all times during the throw. The techniques vary, but usually involve a turning or spinning motion to increase momentum before the release. Each athlete gets three attempts, with places determined by the best throw. Weight throw for height[ edit ] A man throwing a weight over a bar at the Highland Games The weight over the bar, or weight throw for height, is contested at highland games in Scotland and elsewhere, and at track and field events in Ireland.

jc track meet 2015 result of bar

The weight is thrown one-handed over a bar set at increasing heights above the thrower. Similar to the high jump or pole vaultthe thrower has three attempts for each successive height. Places are determined by maximum height reached with the fewest misses. The size of the weight varies with the competition class. There are two techniques for this event. The classic technique swings the weight between the legs before pulling the weight up and directly overhead.

jc track meet 2015 result of bar

The alternate technique which is not allowed in some games involves a spinning motion, with the athlete throwing from the side.