Jay leno george bush interview on meet

Mrs. Bush's Interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

jay leno george bush interview on meet

Former President George W. Bush made a rare late-night talk show appearance on Tuesday when he sat for a chat with Jay Leno of “The. Jay Leno is kicking off the third season of his hit CNBC show in arguably the most Texas way possible – on the ranch of former President. The following is a transcript of President Obama's interview on NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," as provided by the White House.

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He was assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer. Hide Caption 16 of 44 Photos: Senate resulted in his acquittal by a single vote.

History gives him a terrible performance review: His plan for post-war Reconstruction failed, and he had little support from Congress or the public. Hide Caption 17 of 44 Photos: Grant established the Department of Justice to protect the rights of freed slaves. He also authorized the military to fight the Ku Klux Klan and successfully lobbied for the 15th Amendment, granting voting rights to black men.

Hide Caption 18 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes promoted women's rights, signing legislation that allowed female lawyers to argue Supreme Court cases. He introduced the White House Easter Egg Roll as a spring tradition and established the first presidential library. Hide Caption 19 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Just four months into his term, James Garfield was shot by a disgruntled lawyer who'd aspired to join the administration as a diplomat.

The President was taken to the Jersey Shore, where doctors hoped the ocean air would help him recover. He died two weeks later.

Hide Caption 20 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Chester Arthur signed a bill mandating a merit-based system for hiring public workers. The idea was to curb patronage and politically motivated appointments.

George W. Bush on Leno: 3 things we learned from 'Tonight Show' appearance

Hide Caption 21 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Grover Cleveland ; was the first and only commander-in-chief to serve two non-consecutive terms. He was also the first bachelor President to be married at the White House. Hide Caption 22 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Benjamin Harrison signed into law the Sherman Antitrust Act ofwhich authorized the government to fine large corporations for price fixing and other corrupt business practices.

Hide Caption 23 of 44 Photos: During the beginning of McKinley's second term, he was fatally shot by an anarchist. Hide Caption 24 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States At 42, Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest man to take the oath of office. A progressive reformer and environmental advocate, Roosevelt brought lawsuits against corporate trusts, taking on business giants to level the playing field for the working class.

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jay leno george bush interview on meet

Hide Caption 26 of 44 Photos: But he was never able to convince the United States to join. Although he was first opposed to a federal amendment allowing women to vote, Wilson shifted his position during his second term and the 19th Amendment was ratified in Hide Caption 27 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Warren G. Harding's term was cut short by his sudden death from a cerebral hemorrage. Hide Caption 28 of 44 Photos: His campaign slogan was "Keep Cool with Coolidge," and his nickname was "Silent Cal" because of his reputation as a man of few words.

Hide Caption 29 of 44 Photos: Presidents of the United States Herbert Hoover was inaugurated on the year of the stock market crash that sent the country into the Great Depression. And we know that's a very high crime time in the U. Also, many boys are growing up without male role models. They are growing up without a father in their life, and that's really too bad.

I hope that a lot of men will consider teaching school, because we just need more -- Q Male teachers. Yes, men in the lives of boys. Q Well, how else can we reach boys? I mean, what else do you -- what is the cure? Well, one thing that I'm going to go to later today is a Shakespeare program, "Will Power to Youth," it's called, it's here in Los Angeles.

George Bush on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - video | US news | The Guardian

And it's a way to use acting and Shakespeare to get kids into -- Q Will boys really want -- Shakespeare, come on. They actually love it. Q It's bloody, yes. All those things that boys might like. Q See, I couldn't see myself -- "Hey, you gang-bangers, come on over here for some Shakespeare.

Seems like it would be tricky to do. Well, these maybe aren't gang kids.

jay leno george bush interview on meet

Q Okay, I gotcha. Now, you get advice from school kids, you told me. You got some advice from children. I got some -- well, actually, I read a letter recently that was all advice to the President. Like they suggested that he eat macaroni and cheese.

Q And what's the advantage to that? Just the little boy liked it, I guess.

jay leno george bush interview on meet

Wear fancy clothes, like slippers, he said. One little girl said she just hoped he would stay alive. Me, too, that's what I'd like. Q Well, that's a good one, that's a good one, that's a good one. Look, we're going to take a break. When we come back, we're going to talk about this secret trip you took that nobody knew about and what happened and where you went. We'll be right back. More with the First Lady.

We're talking with the First Lady. Okay, you took this kind of secret trip to Afghanistan. Tell us -- because nobody knew you were going. That's right, we kept it a secret. American women who partner with Afghan women. And so I was able to go straight into their events. We didn't really advance the trip like we normally would a trip that I would go on. And they were going to see what I really wanted to see, which is a women's dorm that we built, the U. We built a dorm that holds women in Kabul at Kabul University so women have a place to come into Kabul and their families will let them come in because they'll -- they have a safe place to!

And also, we started with the Afghan American Women's Council training teachers who come in from the provinces. They can stay in the dorm, and then they go back after six months' training to their villages and try to train other teachers.

They have -- it's actually a cascading effect to try to educate the country as fast as they possibly can educate it. Q As you go through the streets, what is the -- the people on the streets, are they accepting this change? Do they seem to be resisting it?

jay leno george bush interview on meet

No, it's very, very encouraging. Really encouraging -- I mean, when you saw the people of Afghanistan line up to vote. I went to visit President Karzai and he told me this story about the men and women who had gone to vote at their voting place and there was a rocket attack on the voting place. And the men all ran, and the women said, we're not going to run, we want to vote. And so then the men, of course, came back and joined them and they voted.

I didn't see any women in burqas. I mean, a lot of women -- all women, of course, wore scarves, and some covered part of their face, but they didn't really have that really covered up with that -- with the burqa that's so difficult to be able to see out of.

Q And I think a lot of people here think the burqa goes back thousands of years. It only goes back to This was something that was totally made up that was imposed on these women and now it's gone. So the older people there, they know what it used to be like, so they probably encourage it, don't they?

Q You know, that's wonderful. So it was really very encouraging. Q And you gave a radio address, as well. Well, I gave a radio address actually before we went into Afghanistan -- Q Okay, okay.

jay leno george bush interview on meet

And I found around the United States that American women particularly stand in solidarity with the women of Afghanistan. It's hard for us to even imagine a country where girls are denied an education or where women can't even leave their homes without a -- to go to work or to do anything else without a male escort. And so I was really -- it was an honor to be able to bring the best wishes of American women to the women of Afghanistan.

Q And you also once did a paper, I heard, to your 6th grade class on Afghanistan. Q So this helps you fix that incomplete, now, you go back -- laughter. I did write a report on Afghanistan in the 6th grade, but of course, I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember much about what I wrote.

Q Now, why -- okay, you're in Midland, Texas, which is as far from Afghanistan as you could -- literally could be, geographically. I think actually, Afghanistan sounded -- and still does to me and to a lot of Americans -- very exotic. I've always been interested, but now, of course, more than ever. And I'm really -- I really think they are going to be able to do it.

It's just taking baby steps. I mean, after their -- everything is in rubble, like the big Buddhas that the Taliban destroyed that were several thousand years old.

Q Well, I remember seeing those.

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That was horrible, where they blew up the -- MRS. Q Let me ask you something on a lighter note, now. The President threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game. Was he practicing at the White House throwing balls against the wall? When he threw out the ball at the Yankee -- at the Yankee Stadium for the World Series -- is this one his most recent one? Q Yes, there here is there.

George W. Bush tells Jay Leno: Not worried how history will judge

Oh, good, so you saw that it was high and outside. Q It was a little high and outside. Did you criticize him for that, being high and outside? And to the right, too. Outside to the right. Q Well, he's kind of to the right, so that's okay.