Jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

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jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

Results (start/about-us/document-centre/send/7-events/jc- purewater-r-danny-williams Purewater / R Danny Williams JC Invitational Wesley Powell / HIC Track Meet Results Results Results Results. The United States collegiate records in track and field are the best marks in track and field See also: List of United States community college records in track and field and . Lawi Lalang · University of Arizona, July 19, , Fontvieille, Monaco .. "US-born Jazmine Fray enters the fray of Jamaican female m runners". First established as a boarding school for boys, Jamaica College has .. Football , track and field and basketball and also tennis are a few sports in which As of January , there has been 20 stagings of the Jamaica College Invitational.

Both the names Drax Free School and Jamaica Free School had nothing to do with the concept of free tuition for attendees, but meant that the school was for the children of free people, not slaves the existence of such was the nature of that era.

Jamaica High School The school had its named changed 72 years later. Induring the governorship of Sir Anthony Musgravea provision was made by law for the Jamaica Free School to come under the jurisdiction of the Jamaica School Commission.

jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

All classes at the time were free so there was no longer a need to call the school Jamaica Free School, but the purpose of the school remained the same until This law also authorized the removal of the school from Walton Pen in St. Ann inand classes were conducted at Barbican Great House until mid It was therefore decided that the purpose of the school would be to give secondary preparation to potential students of the University of London who happened to reside in Jamaica.

The name revision reflected this change, which became the school's second purpose. Until there were two separate names for the school's units. Jamaica College Given that the sole purpose of Jamaica College from onwards was to train potential university students in the days when the University of the West Indies did not exist, in practice most students did not go further than fourth or fifth forms.

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That was considered sufficient education for just about any managerial or clerical job in Jamaica. It was also considered uneconomical to run a school of less than eighty boys, and therefore a deliberate attempt to expand the school to include those of parents who were able to afford the fees was embarked upon.

jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

By the s, the student population rose to over one hundred and fifty. Inthe elected government of the day introduced a system of Common Entrance to all High Schools in Jamaica. After some amount of initial resistance by the school board, Jamaica College, previously accessible only to the elite and a few academically extraordinary boys who won government scholarships, was opened up to the masses of Jamaica.

The school now provided one of several outlets for secondary education in Jamaica. Jamaica College developed as a boarding institution untilwhen that system was removed. Up to that period, the school population was primarily composed of boys from affluent families and heritage. Today, as a day school, it comprises students from a wide cross-section of the community.

Over the years, it has nurtured a rich tradition in academic and athletic fields.

jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

Its Old Boys continue to play important roles in the religious, political, business and professional services, of Jamaica. The building at Hope was designed at the time to accommodate boarders as well as day students, and was large enough to hold the whole school without difficulty.

It now houses the administrative offices, staff room and sixth form classrooms. For over a hundred years, Simms Hall has been the core of the Jamaica College buildings, its strength and durability repeatedly demonstrated by its resistance to hurricanes and earthquakes, including the disastrous Kingston earthquake of It was first used as a dormitory, and it now houses classrooms.

jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

It was originally used as an assembly hall, and it now houses classrooms. Its walls are constructed of reinforced concrete and concrete breather block.


The pine cone has a long-held imperial significance. The Romans placed pine cones on their buildings and monuments to symbolize confidence in the administrative, judicial and defensive power of the state. This cross therefore demonstrates the school's Christian background and allegiance and association to Jamaica.

There is an open book in the top right section of the shield to symbolise Bible truth, justice, and the importance of scholarly focus and academic pursuits. A golden griffin against a dark blue background completes the right half of the shield. The griffin, being the combination of the lion king of beasts and the eagle most powerful and recognised bird of prey represents the best of both creatures in terms of their characteristics and status — similar traits are to be displayed by each student.

Finally, the shield is surrounded by a scroll with the school's motto inscribed around the entire circumference. Motto[ edit ] The most commonly used form of the school motto is "Fervet opus in campis".

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In full, it is "Floreat collegium, fervet opus in campis". The complete Latin motto is literally translated as "May the college flourish, work is burning in the field".

Students are taught that there must be the "fervet opus", that is figuratively, we must not only strike the iron while it is hot, but strike it till it is made hot.

Following on this, a proverb states that "He who has heart has everything" "che non arde non incende", who doth not burn doth not inflame. It is astonishing how much may be accomplished in self-culture by the energetic and the persevering, who are careful to avail themselves of opportunities, and use up the fragments of spare time which the idle permit to run to waste.

Create among us a spirit of comradeship and loyalty to one another. When we are called to obey, let us obey with willingness.

jamaica college track meet 2013 nba

When we are called to serve, let us serve with gladness. When we are called to rulemake us rule with justice. Drive away from us all ignorance and hardness of heart. All things dishonorable and unclean. And build us up in body mind and spirit.

Until we come to the full stature of the perfect man, Jesus Christ our Lord, amen" [63] Mascot[ edit ] Jamaica College has never had an official mascot although the griffin is almost always cited as one. Nickname[ edit ] The nickname "True Blue" or sometimes "The Dark Blues" is based on the school's official colour of navy blue.

Alumni affirm their association with the school by proclaiming to be "True Blue" graduates, loosely associated with the English idiom meaning to be indubitably loyal or faithful.