Inter nit sports meet 2010 olympics

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inter nit sports meet 2010 olympics

The injury defi nition and data-col-. lection procedures were Six months before the Vancouver Olympic Games, the. NOCs were Inter national Sports Federation s were invited to a meet ing cov-. ering the details of. Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology. , 21, Kanpur, Bombay, , 46, Delhi, Madras Team's former Captain Viren Rasquinha, who also is the CEO of Olympic Gold Quest ( OGQ). The institutionalisation of hyper-nationalism through sport is and inter- communal trust - precisely what happened on the NIT Srinagar campus on March 31, A day later, non-Kashmiri students attempted to hoist the Indian flag Olympic Games due to the roles played by them during the conflict.

inter nit sports meet 2010 olympics

States make use of sporting competitions for their basic meaning and symbolic functions to achieve their goals of solidifying territorial boundaries and maximising advantages for the economy. For example, Franklin Foer argues in his fractious How Soccer Explains the World, that soccer, which everywhere but in the United States is the most popular team sport of the poor, provides an alternative focal point to both globalised economies and traditional religions and cultures.

Capitalists and theocrats are unable to compete against a sport that manages to change its image in protean ways to suit local conditions. The Quebecois viewed the suspension as unfair punishment for a Francophone player by the Anglo-Canadian National Hockey League commissioner.

The violence came to signify an important formative moment in the Quebecois nationalist movement, which would go on to develop into a mainstream force in Canadian politics while also sparking a brief but violent separatist movement.

As the country disintegrated, however, teams that were formerly associated with professions became nationalist symbols - the Red Star Belgrade fan club came to be used as a foundation for assembling paramilitary units to fight in Bosnia and Croatia.

inter nit sports meet 2010 olympics

While the Soviet Union and a number of its East European neighbours used sports, particularly the Olympic Games, to promote their brand of communism, the Americans sought to boycott the Moscow Games in Propagandists on both sides presented the sporting competitions between Russian and American athletes as a clash between the respective ideological systems. Often citizens choose to root for teams other than the national side and hosting of large-scale sporting events such as the soccer World Cup does not necessarily translate into national pride.

Earlier, leading up to the World Cup in South Africa inthere was mass anger against the utilisation of public funds to build soccer stadiums and other infrastructure. Hilary Beckles notes that the fall of cricket as a metaphor for nationalist society indicates the ascendency of new, more potent social forces within the region.

Game of Competing Loyalties: Sporting Nationalism and NIT Srinagar

He goes on to explain how the sport is a gladiatorial event in the islands, where the players are expected to perform more than just their roles on the field - they are upheld as icons and motifs of identity and difference. The game progressively, however, became a symbol of resistance against the British, as internal divisions were glossed over, even though momentarily.

As the nationalist movement for self-rule and total independence attained the status of a mass struggle against oppression and occupation by the British, cricket emerged as a unifier of sorts particularly after the bloody manner in which the country had been partitioned.

The post-Partition history of sub-continental cricket has oscillated between being the progenitor of mass hysteria and hyper-nationalism and a fulcrum of friendship - however temporary - between the two warring neighbours. Thus, while the Hindu nationalists tried to disrupt the India-Pakistan test match in Delhi, spectators in Chennai gave the Pakistani team a standing ovation. Not only were the Indians booed and jeered as they warmed up before the match, deafening roars went up in the stadium as the Indian wickets started to fall.

The contextualisation of sport as a metaphor for politics came to symbolise the events of the day at Sher-e-Kashmir.

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India and Pakistan - like the Australians and the English - for all purposes of functional sport could be best described as traditional cricketing rivals, although cricket matches between the two teams can rarely be described as team sport. Talking with the Girls team Captain, Anusmita Saha we came to know of the hurdles faced by them. Quoting the statement by her: Sometimes they are unable to practice properly as they have to give chance to play to any other person.

Most of the players are new to the team. They are trying hard to match the level of Inter-NIT students. The team is yet to be finalized by the end of January.

Practice timing being PM consists of event specific workouts requiring them to warm up where they jog for 5 to 6 rounds followed by stretching and sprinting. We are not getting a proper track. Our ground is very hard which leads to injury of many athletes.

Inter-IIT 101

The practice session is held between 6: An induction is scheduled on 20th of January to allow new passionate players in the team.

A training session is being conducted on a daily basis for the newcomers. Talking to Umesh Oram, captain Hockey team: Secondly, we require the institute to provide the Hockey Kit without which practice is next to impossible. Four players constitute the team for Inter NIT. However, one of the teammates got afflicted with a ligament tear due to which the team is currently looking for a replacement.

The team practices from 5: The practice session includes a jog for 10 minutes, stretching exercises covering all the important joints, forehand drills, backhand drills, volleys, serves, retrieving drop shots and drills including shots of all kinds. If time permits the team to play against each other and tries different doubles combination to find the best one.

inter nit sports meet 2010 olympics

Speaking of which the captain of the institute tennis team, Tathagatha Kundu said: The court condition is worsening day by day with cracks opening up wide. Also, the imbalance of flood lights during the evening sessions makes it hard to sight the ball. And new ball barrels aren't obtained that easily due to disbursing restrictions. Moreover, they are expensive for us to acquire or buy on a daily basis as it requires minimum one barrel per day for practice.

Playing with worn out balls does affect the game in the long run.

Game of Competing Loyalties: Sporting Nationalism and NIT Srinagar - The Hindu Centre

Since new balls are quintessential for practice. A basket of 30 balls is required for smooth practice session and drills. However, the team can flexibly include or remove any of the players based on their skills and dedication.