House republicans meet

Rosenstein agrees to meet with House Republicans next week - ABC News

house republicans meet

It's the first such meeting with Trump since House Republicans saw their eight- year majority swept away by a Democratic wave. Ryan is a lame. House Republicans last week selected their new committee leaders to replace nine retiring GOP chairmen. The new leaders, however, will. House Republicans plan to privately question the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, about discussions last year where he suggested.

That's not likely to change in with Trump on the top of the ticket, making it likely that House Republicans will be in the minority for some time.

And House Republicans will likely have to deal with an angry Trump — angry about the election results, angry about border wall funding, angry about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, angry about signs of weakness in an overall strong U.

Rosenstein agrees to meet with House Republicans next week

Still, Congress has enough time to strike a deal as the December holidays approach. Still, the biggest stumbling block is Trump's border wall project. Trump and GOP leaders have made no concessions to Democrats, according to sources close to the talks. That's far more than Democratic leaders seem ready to accept.

Meet the New House Republican Committee Leaders

You can unsubscribe at any time. She has a House Democratic Caucus meeting on Wednesday where she is expected to become her party's speaker nominee. But the floor vote for speaker isn't until the first day of the new Congress on Jan. Pelosi is not likely to make any concessions on the border wall that could hurt her standing with progressives, which makes an already wide gap between her and Trump even wider.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was confident that he could avoid a shutdown in a private GOP leadership meeting on Monday afternoon, but the Kentucky Republican offered his members no new details on how to avoid a shutdown, attendees said Monday night.

Everyone is waiting on the president to guide the final stage of negotiations. Democrats are currently crafting their own counteroffer, according to Democratic aides. Leaders in both parties are simultaneously working on a wish list for emergency disaster aid to help with recovery from the hurricanes and wildfires that have ravaged both coasts this year.

Shutdown fight over border wall nears - POLITICO

Ed Roycewho is retiring after hitting his term limit as chairman. Doug Collins52, did not run for re-election to his leadership post as vice chairman of the House Republican Conference so that he could seek the top GOP spot on Judiciary. He replaces Virginia Rep.

house republicans meet

Bob Goodlattewho is retiring after reaching his term limit as chairman. His friend and current Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows dropped out of the running for Oversight ranking member so Jordan, who is the most senior Republican on the panel, could get it.

Trey Gowdywho is retiring after holding the Oversight gavel for less than a full term.

Meet the New House Republican Committee Leaders

Science, Space, and Technology Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas58, will hold his second committee leadership post as ranking member on Science.

house republicans meet

The term congressman previously served six years as the top Republican on the Agriculture Committee. Lamar Smithwho is retiring after reaching his term limit as chairman.

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Transportation and Infrastructure Missouri Rep. The nine-term congressman replaces Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shusterwho is retiring after reaching his term limit as chairman. Rodney Davis48, was appointed to serve as the top Republican on the Administration Committee. The third-term congressman, who is co-chairman of the Main Street Caucus, was the most senior Republican on the panel.