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Mr. Drummond's intention to marry an attractive widow doesn't meet with his . AM, Henry Hugglemonster: Bye Bye Beckett / Pet Party (R) .. Howard, Raj and Leonard fight for the affections of sci-fi star Summer Glau. Summer Glau has: Played Prima Ballerina in Angel in Played Mandy Gordon Summers has: Performed in "Meet the Ancestors" in Played Robin . A TV show/movie convention, is also the opportunity to participate to many activities during the event: quizz, lottery, karaoke while meeting new people.

I have hazel eyes with brown curly hair. Some boys do call me Summer he bummer or even Summer the plumber! When I conceive my first daughter I will name her Autumn. I play three sports also. I fit the name to include the bubbly personality. However, I married into Rose. Now everyone thinks it's my middle name like I'm from the country. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and was born in the Fall. She's just a toddler, but so far her name really fits her looks and personality.

The seasonal jokes get old, but it could be a lot worse! I have brown hair and brown eyes.

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Im not all fun and bubbly like the Summer name. I actually dont like the season summer, but i was born 1 day after. I got my name from my uncle. And it gets so annoying when people ask me "Were born in the summer, summer? Even my gym teacher calls me Summer Bummer.

My name is Summer, and I'm not at all like most Summer's I don't have blonde hair, it's actually almost black, and my skin is tan really tan all year long. I've also got nearly black eyes, and I'm not what you would call "happy" all the time. I wear a lot of black and don't you dare try to give me a hug. But I'm nice, I guess. I write a lot, and draw. My room is covered in artwork.

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I dance and I'm a gymnast, so make of that what you will. I have met people named Spring and Autumn. I actually bunked with a girl named autumn at a Girl Scout camp, and the other two girls in the tent started going by the names Spring and winter, so we were known as "the seasons".

My name does get made fun of a lot; summer dumber, sum bum, sum dumb, dumber, bummer, and many more. I wanted to change my name to Rowan for the longest time, and I still feel like the name "Summer" doesn't fit me.

My sisters names aren't seasons, but I get asked that a lot. Also, I always get asked to change the seasons, and I wish I could. I wasn't even born in summer, I was born in the spring, which is close enough I guess, but that's always the first question someone asks when I tell them my name, "Were you born in the Summer, Summer?

My name is Summer, and I'm also 12 and I'm a single child. I was born September 30, ! I have curly black hair, brown eyes, and a light tan that gets super dark in the summertime. It's really annoying when people crack jokes about me, and, like the girl above me, i get called summer time, summer bummer, bummer, and even S!

My friends always think it's funny when they ask me to warm it up a little, in the middle of winter. I do love the summer, hate the winter, and i DO wish i could change the seasons. But its kinda nice when my bestie calls me Summer Queen.

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People always ask if they are autumn winter or spring but no they are named cammy and Brooke also I hate wham I'm called summer bummer. I have never met anyone else named summer but I have been called sum sum and it my nickname.

I'm 14 and I've met a few people with the same name. Though one was spelled differently, can't remember how though. My full name though, is Summer-jayne though I just go by Summer or Mer.

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I was born in the Summer in September. But I like the name Autumn. The girl above me sounds soooo much like me!

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I have heard that the stereotypical Summer is Blonde but i'm Mixed with black and white with brown eyes and curly brown hair. I love my name because no one ever seems to forget it. Personally I am very bad with names so if someone has a unique name I am more likely to remember it, but if it is a name that is used alot I am more likely to Forget it.

Every time I meet someone new they always ask if my sisters name is winter I remember when I was younger wanting to change my name to my middle name Alyssa because that was my Best friends name and I handed my dad a note saying "Can I change my name to alyssa check yes or no" I am glad he checked no because now I LOVE my name and every joke that comes with it.

My name is Summer and I do fit all the physical stereotypes of the name though my hair is redder now than when I was a young and I was born in the spring. People say that it fits me perfectly because I'm very outgoing and really like to have fun I graduated in theatre. Played himself in "Top of the Pops" in Played himself in "Popdown" in Played himself in "Cheg…gers Plays Pop" in Played himself in "Musical express" in Played himself in "Punk and Its Aftershocks" in Played himself in "Police: Around the World" in Played Hodie in "The Hitchhiker" in Synchronicity Concert" in Played himself in "The 27th Annual Grammy Awards" in Played himself in "Stand by Me: Played himself in "The Police: Played himself in "The Arsenio Hall Show" in Played Bandleader in "Another You" in Played himself in "Later with Jools Holland" in Played himself in "Top of the Pops 2" in Played himself in "Top Ten" in Played himself in "The Filth and the Fury" in Played himself in " Greatest Number One Singles" in Played himself in "Tubridy Tonight" in Played himself in "SingStar Party" in Played himself in "Bridge to Havana" in Played himself in "Manuel Barrueco: A Gift and a Life" in Played himself in "Spectacle: Played himself in "Better Than Therapy" in Played himself in "One Train Later" in Performed in "One Nine Nine Four" in Played himself in "60 Minutes" in Played Himself - Author in "Frontline" in …3.

Played himself in "The Media Show" in Played himself in "48 Hours" in Played himself in "Revealed" in Played himself in "Sinatra: Dark Star" in Played Shifty in "Something Else" in Played Kid in "Victor Ramirez, Asesino" in Played Officer Jonah in "Revisited" in Played Hoban in "Nerdvana" in Played Doctor in "Dine Noir" in Played President in "The Facts of Life" in Performed in "Matlock" in Played Judge Pope in "L. Played himself in "Tocata" in Played himself in "Dinamo" in Played himself in "Especial Nochevieja Viva 86" in Played himself in "Me… hace falta un bigote" in Played himself in "A tope" in Played Himself - Performer in "Especial Nochevieja Super 88" in Played himself in "Rockopop" in Played himself in "Circo pop" in Played himself in "La luna" in Played himself in "Domingo en rojo" in Played himself in "La ronda" in Played himself in "Sabor a Lolas" in Played himself in "Queridos padres" in Played himself in "Los domingos por Norma" in Played himself in "Como la vida misma" in Played himself in "La batalla de las estrellas" in Played himself in "Noche, noche" in