Hay river track meet 2013 gmc

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hay river track meet 2013 gmc

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, ○ 41st Year No. 44 ○ $ + GST) Hay River on June 1 for the biggest track and field meet in the country. "It's amazing that a Dodge, GMC, Ford, imports. We ship anywhere. Hathaway Brown · Highland · Hilliard Bradley · Hilliard Darby · Hilliard Davidson · Hoover · Howland · Hudson · Jackson (Massillon) · John Adams · John Hay. Mental health services in the NWT got a boost with the addition of a tion Agreement. Hunting suspended for /14 Dodge, GMC, Ford,. Imports. Lots of .. The annual Yellowknife track meet at the William. MacDonald.

She showed determination in Mr. Lorynn Hunt nominated by Mrs. Alexes Martin nominated by Mrs. S p a r l i n g Congratulations and thank you for demonstrating respect, responsibility and your personal best! Call, text, or email to request tickets: The drawing will be Dec.

Sponsors are Just Hunt and The Paper. Love, laugh, love forgive and forget.

hay river track meet 2013 gmc

Life is too short to be living with regrets. I look forward to receiving your news items. The community building number is We will be closed on Nov. Happy birth- day Claudia! Alan Wojtkowiak and Mr. Larry Ross share an anniversary on Nov.

Congratulations to all of you! The turnout was the best that can be remembered in recent history. Thank you to everyone that came out for a delicious meal and to help support the local American Legion post.

hay river track meet 2013 gmc

Find more pets awaiting a home at facebook. Tired of Feeding Bag after Bag? We Have the Solution! To me, they are one of the most precious public resources we have.

hay river track meet 2013 gmc

Along with our national parks. I recognize that money is tight these days but I think we can all quite easily imagine that there are other things being paid for by government that could be cut in favour of diverting those funds to our park system.

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According to the environmental organization Wilderness Committee, B. Inwe have Over double the parkland with almost half the staff.

One thousand parks and 12 full time rangers. You can do whatever you want in a B.

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Some of them barely enforce noise violations at campgrounds. But they also found lots of people not complying, ripping around the woods in ATVs and cutting firewood wherever they want. Which, of course, is probably why they get some enforcement action. Protecting the forest resource for the forest industry. You can see the priority. Citizens are being called on to take action to look after our parks.

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Locally, we had the Friends of Strathcona Park restoring a trail in B. Strathcona also has the Strathcona Wilderness Institute looking after the park and educating the public about it. But once again, volunteers are doing what government should be doing.

NWT School Sports: NWT Track and Field Championships

We have come through tough times losing our mills, the jobs, and tax revenue. Taxes and user fees have increased. Services were cut and needed infrastructure projects delayed but they need doing now. We are facing huge infrastructure costs that will require financing. Councils have done a good job reducing our debt giving us room to borrow with interest rates low. There is room to increase the debt and the question is now what projects to you undertake?

We know we need a new intake system for our water supply and downtown services need replacing. Where does Robron Park upgrades fit into the list of priorities? For major projects where you have to borrow money, over a set amount, the Community Charter laws governing municipal governments requires council to obtain the assent of the electorate. That is the approval of your constituents, the people of our city.

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There are two ways to find that out. One is through a referendum and the other is by way of counter petition. A referendum is a wellknown process that has been used many times by the city. The counter petition method is where you advertise what you want to do and if more than 10 per cent of the registered taxpayers sign the petition then the matter has to go to a referendum or is not done.

The intent of the legislation is to provide for open, accountable, transparent government and to ensure council follows the direction of the people who elected them. It is a check and balance to ensure local tax dollars are spent wisely and with the approval of the taxpayer. I was disappointed to read in the paper that council is considering a financing scheme designed to find a way around the rules.

We trust you to spend our tax dollars within limits set by the provincial legislation. We did not give you a blank cheque to run the city.

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It is no different from the limits council sets for expenditures by staff.