Haters meet kittens buzzfeed recipes

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haters meet kittens buzzfeed recipes

Let's be real, your pictures on your phone are mostly of your cat. For every one 3. You take more selfies with your cat than with your friends. Some cats actually hate the only thing they're good for: Cuddling. living cell, which means they're more interested in finding animals (read: meat). their cries in order to get something from their owner — usually it's food. Cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba with a shark-baby - BuzzFeed Haven't you ever noticed when you meet a cat for the first time, they're not . We'll go to PetSmart and buy $30 worth of cat food that is free from artificial be nothing more awkward than your baby hating the lifelong feline companion.

They're going to like you on their terms and if they think you're cool. So, when you're on your way to meet a cat for the first time, you better step your game up and be as cool as you can, because the cats are watching.

Can you imagine coming home from your bestie's party and your sister whips out a kitten from behind their back? Especially a kitten as cute as Peanut?

I'd keep that cat a secret from my parents as long as I could and give that kitty the best upbringing possible within the square footage of my bedroom.


And once that kitten becomes a young teen and is ready to explore the depths and crevices of the home, that's when I would tell my parents that I became a mother a few months ago.

A mother to a son who was born with a full body of hair, four legs, four paws, and a tail. I'd also try baking them a cake to welcome them to the world of being a grandparent. You know, to sweeten the deal a little bit.

haters meet kittens buzzfeed recipes

You know right away if a dog likes you or not, but cats Which leads you to think "does that cat even like me? This particular Tumblr user even describes a cat named Meredith's strong use of the side eye. That's definitely a move cats don't shy away from. They have their eye on you even when you can't see them.

But no matter where they're hiding or how many times they roll their eyes at you, we'll always wonder if that cat likes us and what we can do to win them over. Just give us a chance, Meredith! We can Google 'cats doing weird things' any time of the day and always find something new. The best part about meeting a cat for the first time is watching them in their own habitat. You want to play it cool, but also let them know that you're the nicest person they're ever going to meet, and that you would love them until the end of eternity.

But like I said, play it cool. When you give cats their space, you get to watch their real personality shine through. The faces they make, the places they find to lay down, or the positions they get themselves into while bathing - it all makes us question if they know how weird they are.

But only cats can be so weird that they're cute. Does that make sense? At this point, acting cool is totally thrown out the window. We're going to let our emotions fly free and tend to these cats to make sure they're okay. Heck, we'd even buy them a hot dog if no one was watching.

But one thing we don't know is if these cats actually have owners. There are plenty of cats that are both indoor and outdoor cats. They roam outside to explore their inner tiger and then head back home when they're ready for some hugs and a cat-nap. But if they're not wearing a collar, that's an answer we'll never know!

Which drives us insane and leads us to collecting street cats in our purse so we can love them forever. Which makes us cat-folk lose it with laughter. All you have to do is recognize their body language and make the next decision from there.

But this Tumblr post is all too familiar. Beware though, if your cat looks at you with a long, deep, unblinking stare, it may indicates that the cat is guarding his territory and does not find you welcome at all.

haters meet kittens buzzfeed recipes

Your love for cats could make you the butt of society's jokes. If you are a female and you own more than two cats, you may start fearing that people will see you as a "cat lady," a type of person made famous by "The Simpsons," "Saturday Night Live" and real-life stories around the world.

Ina sampling done by the American Pet Products Association found that out of cat owners, 80 percent were female. In a study, researchers surveyed over 4, people, and only Also, millionaires and business executives are more likely to own dogs than cats. Sure, maybe this is society being a jerk and not the cat, but maybe not. If you die alone with your cat, it won't hesitate to eat you. Inat an American Academy of Forensic Sciences conference in New Orleans, a forensic pathologist told a haunting story: He explained that when people who live alone with their pets die unexpectedly, their bodies are sometimes left in the house for several days.

haters meet kittens buzzfeed recipes

Without their owners around to fill their bowls, the pets often go unfed. In cases where these people owned dogs, their pets would usually go several days without resorting to eating the owner's body.

However, a cat would only wait a day or two. The phenomenon is called "postmortem predation. Unlike every other mammal examined to date, cats are the only ones who do not have the required number of taste receptors to taste sweetness.

They lack base pairs of the amino acids that make up the DNA of the Tas1r2 gene -- an essential gene to code for the proper protein to taste anything sweet. Instead, cats can taste adenosine triphosphate ATPthe compound that supplies the energy in every living cell, which means they're more interested in finding animals read: And that could be part of why it's such a vicious killer. Biologists published a study in the Natural Communications Journal in January that stated that domestic cats kill as many as 3.

Another study, conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia, attached video cameras to 60 cats and concluded that about one-third of a cat's day is spent killing, or at least attempting to kill, small creatures. Sometimes cats kill for fun, but other times, they kill to catch you presents, in the form of shredded little animals.

While these gifts can be a form of tribute to their dominant master, sometimes it's also a cat trying to remind you just how bad you are at hunting these critters for yourself.

Your cat makes you clean up toxic poop. Cleaning out your kitty's litter box is more than just a chore -- it could be affecting your brain and health. Your cat's feces may contain the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. If contacted, it can rarely cause a disease called toxoplasmosis.

Most people just get flu-like symptoms if they contract the disease, but in people with weakened immune systems, it can be fatal. The disease has also been linked to some serious mental conditions, including schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, and health professionals have warned pregnant women to drop the kitty litter duty to avoid risk of miscarriage or other effects. Their poop could make you like cats so much that you start hoarding them.

Some more freaky details about Toxoplasma gondii: The parasite can only reproduce in the digestive tracts of cats. When another species becomes infected, the parasite wires it to find its way back into a cat, which means that Toxoplasma has developed a complex system of overtaking the host's brain to increase the chance that it will be eaten by one. There has been some speculation that this could be the reason why the "cat lady" who owns an excessive number of felines exists.

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Because Toxoplasma can affect the mental conditions of people infected, some individuals develop an intense, almost obsessive attraction to cats. Those infected with Toxoplasma have even been known to develop a fondness for the smell of cat urine. A study found that infected individuals found the smell of cat urine "pleasant. Your cat knows exactly what he's doing when he makes that grating sound of a purr mixed with a high-pitched cry.

Research has shown that the particular cry a cat makes is very similar to human infant cries. Karen McComb, a scientist who studies vocal communication in mammals at the University of Sussex, ran a series of tests on 50 cats and their owners' responses to the cats' purrs.

When she removed the cry sound from the purrs, she noticed that the owner's sense of urgency extremely diminished. The final theory is that cats dramatize and exaggerate their cries in order to get something from their owner -- usually it's food.