Has luffy meet dragon yet

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has luffy meet dragon yet

Will Luffy finally meet his father and will he learn news about his mother in their younger years and when they meet they have a very special bond. Luffy says " oh sanji I didn't know you were worried about me but thanks". The two have yet to talk to each other. In fact, their only meeting was when Dragon rescued Luffy from being captured by Smoker in Loguetown, and the only . Anything too explicit but not necessarily hentai may also be removed. They meet then three days later Luffy goes "EhHHHHH that was my dad??" Dragon: God damn it dad, I know I sould have let your mother raise you. . Luffy will meet Dragon approximately episodes before the story ends.

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  • Relationship Between Luffy and Monkey D. Dragon

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has luffy meet dragon yet