H2o meet 2013 gmc

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h2o meet 2013 gmc

Sep 7, What: A Wagon GTG at H20i When: Friday, September 27, Kick Ball Game) Why: To meet other "dope azz" wagon aficionados. EPL/Tial Pearl WB Avant/// SQ5/// GMC Duramax Denali. July Issue H2O negative pressure (vacuum) gauge and a 0- to in.- H2O H2O. The NVLD vacuum switch in the evaporative emissions system closes. Current: Jetta se, GLI 16v project. . Join Date: Sep 26th, ; Location: catchsomeair.us; Posts: 17,; Vehicles: GMC, SAAB, MG . *Sat Sep 30 2pm - H2oi mk3 meet, th Street, Ocean City, MD

This inevitably upset many people who either needed to be on show or simply near the action. After crawling through traffic for hours to reach the venue, this was no joke. But once in the campgrounds, surrounded by the cars they'd come to see, most would forget their frustrations and enjoyed the show.

h2o meet 2013 gmc

Vendors The vendor area had many new parts and wild project cars. Fifteen52, for example, showed up with four new wheels and cars to match. HRE also unveiled a new design in its Vintage Series, dubbed theand showcased a new flow-formed wheel line, which will make a formal debut at SEMA.

Each had flawless paint, stunning interiors and powerplants tucked neatly into shaved bays. Considering the shop started from a home garage, it was great to see such craftsmanship on display.

2013 H2O International Photo Gallery

New depths of low, coupled with new wheel fitments and styling were among the hottest things to emerge out of H20i this year. Vintage wheels are as hot as ever, while modern wheel companies are finding ways to pay homage to our heritage. As always, the Top Dawg display never disappoints. Countless man hours dedicated to the tiniest detail on each car made our jaws hit the floor. Giant turbos, shaved bays and aggressive stance were a few of the notable features among the invitation-only display.

We were happy to see a Corrado made the cut with one of the tidiest bays in its class. H2Oi again proved to be the show of the year, and the one we'd been waiting for impatiently.

h2o meet 2013 gmc

We always enjoy coming out to catch up with our favorite tuning shops and builders, while partaking in a night of shenanigans on the strip. Thankfully, H20i will return next year and we look forward to another pilgrimage.

h2o meet 2013 gmc

The event takes over Ocean City, MD, as it has for the last 15 years. There are VWs and Audis everywhere, parked and driving. In fact, it's safe to say that at any given point on Friday and Saturday there was some kind of gathering taking place, whether it was organized for certain models within the VAG family or even the many other enthusiasts that flock to Ocean City to absorb the automotive vibe.

H20 Guard & Gloss meets Quicksilver Metallic

The lot was saturated with cars and spectators practically hours a day. Even on Thursday evening, many had taken off work to enjoy Ocean City.

h2o meet 2013 gmc

And after scarfing down a quick bite, we were blown away by the turnout before the event had officially begun. It was parked in the middle of the lot and after closer inspection we spoke to owner Jamie Orr, who had imported both the Lupo and the truck - a right-hand drive Mk1 VW LT car transporter! Unix Performance took Top Dawg honors with its impossibly clean Mk1 Friday was the day for cruising the strip.

From 1st street down to well past th, the sidewalks were lined with people watching the flotilla of modified cars rolling past.

H2Oi 2014 Presented by Dapper. - Mike K

Some were racing light to light, others were just enjoying a leisurely cruise and, of course, some were so low their bumpers were cleaning the streets. The main excitement came courtesy of the Ocean City PD, which probably looks forward to H2O more than the enthusiasts themselves One of the prime destinations was the Dapper Meet, which was filled to the brim with more than stanced cars. He's the owner of an exquisite Mk5 Jetta with a Mk6 front-end conversion, which we immediately photographed for the next issue.

Especially when an Aventador rolled up!

H20 International 2013

Saturday was the "real" start of the H2O activities. This year it was held at Fort Whaley Campground, which had space for days. It isn't the most populated event because many showgoers usually prefer to sleep-in and stay local on Saturday.

h2o meet 2013 gmc

As a result, the activities at the campground were less crowded and we got to spy the cars being selected for the Top Dawg show class. These are the elite show cars, which were out in full force to display their rides and be judged in the hope of selection for Top Dawg, with the winners awarded trophies on Sunday.