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Wrif-Wir*-Phon* THE MUSIC BOX MADISON MEMPHIS, TENN. OPS TO MEET TELE Continued from page Buffalo, New York, Schenectady, N. Y.; Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia; Richmond, Va.; Salt Lake City and Milwaukee. A Boy From Texas— C5 A Girl From Tennessee Bob doesn't get his heart into it. Listen Salty Feat. Fay-Ann Lyons - Gyal Meets Brass "Wassy Remix" on Get 3 months for $ for Amazon Music Unlimited. Listen to this album and 50 million more songs with Amazon Music Unlimited. Limited time only. Renews.

Where the cat lays down, one should put his bed. This is the best place in the house. If this is not done, it will bring back luck. The cat feels the magnetic fields, and will seek the best place to sleep. Woman on a ship A woman on a ship means bad luck. Walking under the post of streetlights Old street lights in Russia consisted of two posts 'leaning' against each other.

One should not walk under them. Like ladder see 20 Explanation: Taking the last food You can not take the last piece of food bread, cookie, meat from a plate. But, when someone offers you to take it, it is good to take it. It brings good luck.

Salty feat Fay-Ann Lyons - Gyal Meets Brass (Wassy Remix) (RR Rhythm) | Music Release

Accept an offer of food or drink When the host offers food or drink, one should refuse two times. It is polite to accept the third time. That is why many foreigners are very hungry when visiting the Netherlands. Dutch only offer once. In BG villages, the poorer the people, the more you can not refuse the offer. Hanging piece of cloth in a tree Explanation: One should hang a piece of cloth of an ill person in a tree; the patient will recover for Saint Willibrord; called 'koortsboom' or 'lapjesboom', the Netherlands.

According to historians related to Germanic ritual, NL. The first of March is called Martenitsa: Red means love, white means life. Boys give it to girls You should wear this till you see the first stork or swallow. After that you must put this on a blossoming tree or bush, which will bear fruits. If a stork is flying: BG this has similarities with 39RO Do not destroy swallow nest in the house. Someone may die soon. Black and white crow Explanation: When a black and white crow would fly to the sea, a girl would be certain that her future husband would come from the sea.

Black and grey crow If the bird flies over the left side, some thing bad will happen. If the bird flies passes on the right side, nothing bad will happen. Crows are often linked with death and bad luck. West-Europe, 'Van den Vos Reinaerde' Vlaamse Gaai When seeing the bird, means bad luck. Wren At Boxing Day a wren small brown bird with black stripes is killed ritually.

People carry the bird on a long stick along the houses and bury it in the grave yard afterwards. One believes that the wren has magical powers. The bird was also called Druide bird.

Missionaries created the tradition to kill the bird on christian holidays, as a symbol of eradication of heidendom. Robin The Robin pecks against the window during winter in period of hunger, Explanation: The same when a bird flies against the window. Crowing of a cock The crowing of a cock chases the night and its ghosts, devils, evil spirits aways.

The cock is the announcer of the day. Painting Easter eggs Eggs are painted and decorated before Easter. Pagan tradition transfored to Orthodox. Footstep If an old woman who was suspected to be a witch passed through the village, one could protect oneself by putting a footstep with the wooden shoe across the footstep the woman. The shape of the cross would immediately make an old woman who was witch stop walking; innocent women could freely walk on in connection with no.

Rye grains If someone finds a full grain in the rye bread thus not grained under the stone of the mill during three Fridays consequetively, then the first person who she or he meets, will be the wedding candidate. Friday is the day Christ was?

The direction in which the apple pit goes, indicates the region where the wedding candidates, still unknown, lives. Bread One should help bread before a child Explanation: According to an old believe one should first take care of a bread with butter that falls to the ground, and than pay attention to a falling child.

Lending salt or fire. One should never lend salt or fire. Lend money or take away garbage after sun set. This takes away prosperity from your house. Sit or discuss something at threshold. It interrupts good luck from entering your house. A groom brings a bride in hands over a threshold into a house.

It shall prevent women from evil magic. Stranger sitting on the bed. Do not let a stranger sit on the bed. This brings quarrels into a family. Cut bread from two sides.

It is able to cut your life. Cutting nails after sunset on Friday will keep teeth healthy for a long-long time. It is connected with planet, which dominates during this day of the week.

Girls throwing shoes Explanation: Between orthodox Christmas and Old New year 14 Jan. The tip of the shoe will indicate where the wedding candidate, still unknown, lives. Saying the same word s at the same time If you said the same word s at the same time unisony with another person, you should touch something black, make a wish in your mind and ask the person who said the same word s with you when your wish will come true.

Supposedly your wish should come true that day. The other person can make it as well. So, it is a kind of small competition; the one who manages to touch something black first, has a right to make a wish. Watching the clock having same the figures If you happen to look at the clock when they show same figures for hours and minutes But, you cannot do it in purpose for example you have seen that it is Sewing a hole in a cloth It is not good to sew a hole while wearing the cloth.

Using an iron needle may attract evil spirits. During sewing you may hurt yourself. The thread in the mouth functions as a channel to leave the bad spirit out. Silence during the conversation When in a room with more people the conversations all in a sudden stop and there is a silence, people say "A baby is born".

In BY people say, "A thief is born". In NL when such a silence falls, the vicar is passing by. This is related to earlier days when the vicar was the person who informed people on the death of a relatives, family member.

Staring When a person is staring, people say "You may receive a guest". In the past people were looking out of the gate, watching the road seeing if visitors came. Falling of cutlery If cultery falls, a visitor will come.

When it is a knife it will be a man, when it is a spoon or fork, it will a woman. Bread falls When bread falls, someone of your friends, family or relatives is hungry. Taking bread up from the ground People who find bread, must put this up somewhere, for instance on a wall, window pane, to prevent people stepping on it. God will not forgive you. What's in My Bag? Get some for yourself! Add it to a peppermint tea [from the Met cafeteria] and you've got ten minutes of heaven.

A water bottle is, to me, a pit essential. For any opera with an act longer than 45 minutes which is basically all of themyou are going to require hydration at some point. Also useful for fending off unmusical coughing fits! Staying Organized The little blue Met schedule is our season at a glance, including show times, rehearsals, which conductors are doing what - everything. As a practicing Luddite, I use this in lieu of putting my schedule into my iPhone…because I don't know how to do that.

I have a Bluetooth along for the ride because my half hour commute home to Hastings-on-Hudson is the perfect time to catch up with my family and friends. The older I get, the less entertaining I find it to get pulled over by the police for not using one. The iPhone is for not keeping track of my Met schedule. Self Preservation Body Butter? It alleviates the damage done by… My Purell.

Salty feat Fay-Ann Lyons - Gyal Meets Brass (Wassy Remix) (RR Rhythm) | 2016 Music Release

Essential in a building with so many people confined to so many of the same places. It can be a rather intimate environment, germ-wise. That's why I bring protection. The orchestra is not all that visible in the pit, but I bring lipstick nonetheless.

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl! It discusses the formation of the Palestine Orchestra in the 's - the lives it saved, the separate orchestras that European Jews were forced to play in during that time in European history. It puts our job in a very different perspective.

I would love to explain the Shrinky Dink and Shopkin in a way that makes me seem young at heart, but really it's because I am the proud owner of a five- and seven-year-old. A Day in the Life: Get some of your very own! How long have you been skating? I noticed the wrist guards Fingers go back to where they were Speaking of that, are you ever worried about the possibility of performance-related injuries when you're playing such long operas? How do you prevent them?

The shows are not even the worst part. It's the reed making. Sharpening my blades, scrubbing knives on a sharpening stone was my first overuse injury.

I have since switched to electric equipment and learned how to bend the edges on a steel rod. As for the long hours, I have a stick that attaches to the oboe that holds it up and takes the weight off my thumb. There are tons of intricate moves on the ice. At this point, are you striving to perfect them for adult competitions or for self satisfaction?

The competitions come at a terrible time like during pre-season [rehearsals]. Instead, I take different level tests.

I've passed 11 tests so far of different moves in the field. My daughter skates, so I know how long it takes to learn a new move and how difficult it is to pass one of those tests It's nice to be able to escape from reed worries, and to be able to immerse myself in something else for a couple of hours.

I enjoy the feeling of wind rushing through my hair and the thrill of wanting to skate fast. It's sort of like flying. Do you find similarities between oboe playing and ice skating?

For example, if you're doing a figure eight, you have to push off in an exact way that is similar to an attack on a note.

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Or when have to go around a circle and have to make it symmetrical, it's like making a crescendo followed by a diminuendo. Having certain contact with the ice is like having a certain grounded tone. Being light on your feet is like being buoyant in a phrase.

Gyal Meets Brass F Jam (Start It) - Salty Feat. Brass & TRON | Shazam

I love the juxtaposition between work and play. I think skating has helped me as a performer to present myself better, to be more open and confident as a player. So, would it be safe to say that if you were not in music, you would be out on the slopes? How did you get started? I grew up in Westchester County. I started skiing late, when I was I was desperate to start.

I grew up skiing and racing at a place called Birch Hill, which is now called Thunder Ridge. Actually, not too long ago, [my son] Wolfie had his first race there, so I went and watched. Do you find a correlation between bass playing and skiing? The technical aspects of playing the bass is very similar to mastering skiing.

Anybody who plays and teaches an instrument at this level has to teach the technical aspects of using your body. Tension is a big thing to figure out in both skiing and the bass. What's in your backpack [in the picture to the left]? If I ski with a backpack, it's for backcountry skiing. I carry a shovel in case somebody gets buried, a probe to look for them, an avalanche beacon, a first aid kit, water, clothing, and a headlamp.