Ghsa cross country state meet results

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ghsa cross country state meet results

High School Football Scores top honors at the recent Gwinnett County cross country season-ending banquet, hosted at Meadowcreek. Former Norcross linebacker Monty Montgomery commits to Arkansas State football . A big meet by Brookwood's Lily Burke helped Gwinnett-based SwimAtlanta to the team title at the. Official Timing Service for GHSA State Championship Meets (TF & XC), Emory University, Savannah State University, Tenn. State University, Berry College. Sat, Oct 13 Hill on Wheels Fishy Invitational. Thu, Oct 18 Wayne. Thu, Oct 25 GHSA Region A. Fri, Nov 2 GHSA State Championship - 6A. Download options.

We just didn't think there was any merit for it, really," Green said. He took the lead around the halfway point of the 5K and led for a stretch before being outkicked in the final quarter mile to cross the line third.

ghsa cross country state meet results

When he went to look up his finish, he learned he had been disqualified. Even though his unofficial time wasn't posted, his finishing time would have been between the official second and third place times of 16 minutes, 15 seconds and The GHSA released a statement last week saying that the disqualification had nothing to do with what was written on the headband, adding, "After being informed that the headband was illegal, the athlete removed the headband and the meet referee assumed he would run the race without it.

However, at some point after that, the coach and the athlete made the decision to ignore the warning and the headband was put back on. Obviously there was a reason [the rules] were made, whenever they were made. Green said he doesn't expect the uniform rules to be as strict at a meet where runners aren't allowed to officially race for their high school teams. While some in the running community expressed concern that Green's disqualification would hurt him in the college recruiting and scholarship process, he said, if anything, the attention has helped because now more college coaches are aware of him.

His plans are up in the air, but he's considering Lipscomb University and Georgia Tech. A competitor shall be disqualified from the event Team personnel e. When three or fewer competitors remain the in the high jump or pole vault at the beginning of a bar height, the time for a trial listed in Table 1 shall be increased to three minutes.

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When a single competitor who has won the competition remains in the high jump or pole vault, the allowed time for a trial shall be five minutes. Successive trials is but one such method. Excused competitors shall inform the head event judge upon their return. The competitor with the best mark in the preliminaries has earned the right to make the last attempt of the competition and may choose to wait until after any excused competitors have taken all their trials.

Competitors excused to participate in another event shall not be called for a trial during the excused time.

ghsa cross country state meet results

In the vertical jumps, before the crossbar is raised, the judge will pass an excused competitor who has not returned within the designated time limit. RULE The competitor s weight shall be at or below the manufacturer s pole rating.

2017 GHSA Cross Country Championship

The manufacturers must include on each pole: Prior to competition, the coach must verify that all of the school s pole vaulters and poles meet these requirements.

Altering the pole in any fashion renders it illegal. Disqualification from the event.

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The Head Coach must verify, on the day of each meet, the weight of each contestant, and the proper ratings of all poles used by each contestant. The competitor s weight shall be at or below the manufacturer s pole rating.

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Prior to the competition, the Coach must verify that all of the school s pole vaulters and poles meet these requirements. Etchings, serial numbers, etc.

ghsa cross country state meet results

The binding shall not be on or above the top hand-hold band. A competitor shall not be allowed to use the pole of another individual without the consent of the owner.

ghsa cross country state meet results

The event judge shall approve the use and verify that the pole is rated weight-appropriate. It is a foul if the competitor grips the pole above the top hand-hold band.

John Green understands headband-related DQ, will continue to don Bible verse

An unsuccessful trial is charged but not measured. Get Set For Life. Receiving physical aid during a race or trial from any other person Any other person clarifies that not only the actions of competitors and nonparticipating team members may be considered as providing assistance but any other party is also included, such as a spectator.

ghsa cross country state meet results

Track Construction Use of Cones Rule On all-weather tracks, a painted line meeting certain specifications may be used to mark the inner edge of the track A raised curb meeting certain specifications is a second option to mark the inner edge of the track In the absence of a curb, if cones are used to indicate the inner edge of the track, those cones should be spaced about 1.

The competitor s shall make at least one attempt at that height. Such warm-up must be taken at a height change.