Gay craigslist meet up stories

First Time Sex : 18 and my first experience through craigslist - A Gay Sex

gay craigslist meet up stories

Read Craigslist Meet-- A True Story - Free Sex Story on! began to exchange emails over the course of 2 hours and I decided to meet up with. First time hookup with my FTM lover in my car during the day. Jim and Diana Story of some interesting and surprising CL encounters. 21st birthday fun Gay Male 04/17/ badge. . Our final time meeting up, a new guy joins us. Got on craigslist for a usual fuck, and ended up getting the best fucking I ever received New gay story with xxx videos at (Page 1) So I am always on Craigslist looking to meet Tops in the Kansas City area. I had made an Ad.

It also said that he wanted to meet that night and suck my cock. The problem was that neither of us could host one another. So I thought for a few minutes about a place we could possibly meet up. I remembered these long hiking trails at a small park not too far from where I live. I mentioned them to him and he said he knew where they were so I then asked if he would like to meet at that spot in about a half hour.

He replied quickly, and said that he was up for the meeting. I left my house about ten minutes before the meeting time. Of course, I was a bit nervous because of the whole meeting a stranger thing. When I got close to where you turn off of the road and park, I slowed down and just drove by. I continued down the road for about a half-mile trying to find a good place to turn around. I went back down the road and approached the little park. There was a car sitting there running with it's lights still on.

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I parked two spots over. I sat in my car for about five minutes on my phone just passing time and trying to decide if I wanted to get out of the car or just go home.

I finally decided to just get out of the car. So I shut it off and stepped out.

A Craigslist Experience - Gay Male -

The guy in the car next to me did the same. I walked up to him and made a little small talk. Just asked how he was doing, the usual stuff. He suggested that we take a walk towards the trails; and so it began It was a nice warm night, very wet outside as it had just rained, but still nice. We started walking to the end of the small parking lot.

gay craigslist meet up stories

Then we got to the edge of the woods. We sat and chatted for a minute and smoked for a while. When he finally asked me if I wanted to see his cock I told him fuck yeah.


He stood in front of me and pulled his jogging pants down and let his cock flop out. It wasn't exceptionally huge but real nice, with the head somewhat bigger than the shaft. I immediately grabbed it and started stroking it back and forth.

He suggested we move to the couch.

Erotic Stories : Best Craigslist fucking I have ever received - A Gay Sex

We stripped on the way, and he knelt on top of the couch so I could get at his ass. I crouched behind him, started tongue fucking him and sometimes smothering my face between his cheeks. After a few minutes of this he flipped over and sat down and I began to suck on his hard cock. When I started going really fast, he told me to take it easy.

I explained to him that I wanted to try and take his load. He confessed to me that he had already come this morning so he thought that was impossible. I slowed down and then lifted his legs and licked his ass some more.

After feasting on his ass, he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I was way into it by now, loving the way his ass felt on my face. He rubbed some lotion on his ass, and I got some on my dick. As I started to ease my dick in, I asked him if he was ok and he kinda snapped at me about a lot of big cock being in there before me and he was sure it was no problem.

I took that as an invitation to press on so I pushed in all the way, and sure enough, as soon as I got past the ring of outer muscles, I felt the bottom drop out, and I was able to easily pump in and out.

He had a nice little body, as I confirmed when I grabbed him by his curvy hips and drove as far into him as my 5 inch penis would allow. I felt so free driving my dick into his hot asshole. I alternated between holding his hips and shoulders while I fucked him. I tried to reach around and play with his dick but he pushed my hand away. I finally pushed him flat on the floor and because his ass tightened when I did that I had a nice big shuddering orgasm inside him, and totally bareback.

He got out from under me and we both sat and had a smoke. When I started sucking on his dick again, he asked me if I was ever going to come.

gay craigslist meet up stories

I laughed and told him I just did, and he asked me where. I said I came inside him, and he frowned at me for a second until I returned to sucking his cock. Instead of thrashing on his dick like I did before, I slowly worked it further and further down my throat and slowly sucked him in harder and harder. I got a good rhythm going, sucking it in, down my throat, and squeezing it out with my tongue and lips. He complimented me on my skills, saying I was a natural. I just really liked his cock and tried to do to it what I'd like to be done to mine.

Gripping my ass cheeks for leverage and slapping them until they were beat red. I was screaming and moaning as loud as I could, but he just shoved my face into the bed harder and told me to take it like the little bitch I was. I thought I was going to pass out, and the whole time he was abusing me and talking to me like a bitch I started to get more and more turned on.

After 5 minutes I started throwing my ass into his cock, he loved this because it made my ass tremble even more when his body slammed into mine, and I started begging him "fuck me harder! I have been a bad boy! Fill me with your cum, I wanna be full of your cum!

Please daddy I need it in my ass now!

18 and my first experience through craigslist

Then he slowed to a stop and had me get back on the floor on my back and he positioned pillows under my back. He had me in such a position that I was practically upside down, with my feet straight up in the air. He came up and slid his cock back into my ass, and with this position I could literally watch as my daddy penetrated my hole.

gay craigslist meet up stories

And he I let out a grateful moan. He fucked me for a few more minutes, and then said he was ready to cum. I looked deep into his eyes and said "cum wherever you want daddy. Then he grabbed my head and said "I want you to taste yourself on my cock.

He finally let me have it and I could immediately taste my ass juice on his penis, and I savored every moment of it. He kept stroking my hair telling me to look up at him, so I would with a partial smile on my face with his cock in my mouth. He then began to fuck my face one last time, this time harder than the first, and yelled "here it comes!

Leaving cum dripping from my face. He then told me to clean his cock off, which I did with pleasure, and then he told me to clean myself off but to not let any go to waste so I scooped it all up with my fingers and swallowed every last drop of cum I could find.

We got dressed and as he was walking me out he reminded me that I was now his little bitch, and that daddy was going to need his son to come by more often.

gay craigslist meet up stories

As I walked away I turned around and smiled, and said whatever you say daddy with a wink. Thank you for reading my story.