Fairhead climbing meet 2016 olympics

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fairhead climbing meet 2016 olympics

Rock climbing in Ireland with Alex Honnold. 6th June, US climber Alex Honnold has continued his tour of the UK by stopping off Welsh slate and is now in Northern Ireland as part of the annual Fair Head Meet. Sport climbing has been named as one of fourteen Olympic and. We're on the edge of Northern Ireland, at Fair Head, where sheer cliffs jut feet above the Sports Columnists · Other Sports · Outdoor Sports & Recreation · Olympics Posted: 06/14/ PM MDT | Updated: 2 years ago upon an otherwise quiet Irish farm for the seventh annual Fair Head climbing meet.

We know the city fairly well, and we've done all the museums and churches, the gardens and the views. When we visit Florence now, we're happy to save our cash and simply take in the beautiful streets and atmosphere. It's a nice situation to be in - I don't have to run around and see this, that and the other, before lunch and then try and squeeze in yet more between lunch and dinner.

So we were happy to sit on steps and read, and walk around discovering streets we hadn't seen before. At some point though, we were bound to get hungry and after lunch, we definitely needed a coffee. The Italians order cappuccinos in the morning. I enjoy them after lunch.

My favourite piazza in Florence is the Piazza della Signoria I suppose I'm still just a tourist, like any other after all! It's a great place to sit and watch everyone - the only thing is - all the cafes and restaurants around have loud, irritating music and the staff are constantly at you to order, order ORDER I'm fairly embarrassed to admit that I think the nicest place to sit on the Piazza della Signoria is the Gucci Museo outdoor cafe.

It's quiet, the seats are really comfortable, the coffee is great, there's no music on and the staff leave you alone. It's only marginally more expensive than the rest - it's 80c extra that I'm willing to part with! Sitting there sipping my cappuccino, I began to notice just how in-your-face the branding is.

Chris Weidner: Sunshine and bold lines at Ireland's biggest climbing event

It's elegantly done, but the logo is absolutely everywhere. Every last thing we were handed had either the logo, or an extension of the branding. The photo I took illustrates a what I was handed when I ordered a coffee, the things on my table, at a quick glance around - there were 10m banners on the building, moulded rusted iron signage, window decals and so on This is how branding should be done.

This is how graphic designers dream of their branding being rolled out. The attention to detail, the investment, the restraint and yet If, like most people, one attends the Gucci Museo cafe because of a love of fashion, this constant reminder of the branding is what sells the place. People who love Gucci, or any brand for that matter, want to buy into it - they want reminders of where they are, what they've purchased.

A great mark, and a great identity offers a standard to those who buy in.

fairhead climbing meet 2016 olympics

People believe in these standards. The repetition, investment and attention to detail of great brands are what lifts them apart from the jumble of messages that flood everyday life. Unashamed branding; means that the logo and wider identity can be constantly and meticulously reinforced so that people feel elevated.

The brand's audience should feel lifted and separated to a place that reinforces their point-of-view and love for the product or service on offer.

The Gucci Museo cafe does all this quite unashamedly To be clear though, I was just there for the quiet. It seemed fitting to go and check out the new Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery prior to my trip.

Da Vinci spent most of his life in Florence and Milan. I won't be going as far north as Milan, but my trip on my bike does begin in Florence, where I'll spend a few days. I love that city. I've been there a couple of times and anything I can do or see that gives me a richer insight into the it's history is becoming more of a must!

The exhibition of Da Vinci's work in the National Gallery is free - however, tickets must be booked prior to arrival. There are ten works on display. They are notebook sketches and studies. I really enjoyed the accompanying information beside each piece on display. As I went around, I made sure to read the text before I looked at the piece in question. With that in mind, I was able to appreciate Da Vinci's technical mastery and also experience some humour as I linked the text with the image.

My favourite piece was that of Da Vinci's cat studies, with a dragon thrown in for good measure. These sketches are said to be studies of the flexibility of a cat's spine - I found them charming and loved that Da Vinci chose to include a coiled dragon to illustrate a spine that can be as flexible as the human imagination allows.

Another sketch that I found intriguing was that of Da Vinci's studies of infant limbs. The text to the side of the piece tells of how depictions of the infant Christ, through the Renaissance were often grotesquely plump.

Perhaps coming out of a time where children and babies were illustrated simply as smaller adults, in a kind of flat style - the urge to capture the contours and volume of the Renaissance Artist's subjects was just too tempting!

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It's not a big overwhelming exhibition, and the works on display are special. I enjoyed going to see it and now I'm even more excited about my trip around Italy next week! Rio Olympics Image Credit: It's just a few months away, and I can't wait! I love the idea of the Olympics - the whole world comes together to celebrate sports people and the 'now or never' culmination of their life's work.

Honnold boldly decided not to rehearse the route with a toprope, preferring instead to lead it his first try. Ethics are nuanced and frankly, quite dull, yet always defended by local climbers.

One ethic at Fair Head that's different from almost anywhere in North America is that protection bolts are not allowed. This ethic forces climbers to stick to routes with cracks that accept gear for protection in case of a fall. Or simply, to stick their necks out. Walls without cracks are either left unclimbed or are led with protection that may not hold a fall.

The headspace required to push your limits at Fair Head is completely different and, at least for me, immensely more challenging than at well-protected crags.

fairhead climbing meet 2016 olympics

Ironically, while Honnold is widely considered the boldest climber alive for his ropeless ascents of big walls like Yosemite's Half Dome, he criticized the no-bolts ethic at Fair Head in a careful and humorous way for being unnecessarily dangerous. Some heckling ensued but despite his controversial prodding, Honnold received a standing ovation.

Two days after the meet ended, I watched Bullock on the cliff top readying to lead Complete Scream E7 6ba serious route that could leave an unprepared — or just unlucky — climber broken, or worse. After warming up, he studied the set of tiny, metal hooks he would balance on fingertip edges for protection, as if willing them to stay put in case he fell.