Extremes meet shizaya doujinshi

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extremes meet shizaya doujinshi

Author has written 22 stories for Vampire Knight, Devil May Cry, Durarara!!/ デュラララ!!, and He won't meet Saya, and will not become a sweeper. Have a few. Read ・43 from the story Shizaya by umimi39 (Umimi) with reads. He caressed it softly, thinking of when they first met, or their situation now, and how it all came to this. Really, I'm not even a reader unless it's a manga or doujin. As for if I'll write another fanfiction, I took an extreme liking to Shizaya, and if there ever is. More like TTP XD): BelFran, D18 and (from Durarara) Shizaya Once day I passed a poster of "Extreme Fit Club" or something and went all "Woah, Ryohei.

You are all giggly and smiling and happy when one of your friends or anybody else tells you that you are identical to one of the Reborn!

extremes meet shizaya doujinshi

When I leaned against the wall, my friends told me my hair looked like pineapple! You see a rainbow in the sky, in a t-shirt in the tv, anywhere! You greet people by 'Ciaossu' I don't like Lussuria pairings. He's supposed to be Varia's Mama! You actually WAIT for your digital clock to hit a certain time You want to adopt a hedgehog after chapter of the manga. No, but it was adorable. You use your fav pairing, Why did I have to choose such pairings 3 You start wearing your jacket like Hibari does because you think it looks cool.

How does he wear it? You try to learn how to play the piano or to play baseball. You've started to take piano lessons to be more like Gokudera. Well, at least I played it few years ago You choose tuna sandwich whenever you order sandwich. I've never seen any tuna sandwich around x. There's no purple food x. When you look at Chikusa and his tattoo, you are tempted to take him to the store and scan him to see how much he would cost.

You randomly spout out "VOI - insert rest of sentence here " whenever you are bothered by something You hear the word "kora! You start saying kora. I already say 'ushishi', 'kufufu' and 'kamikorosu'. Don't you think it's enough? You've taken to nicknaming people around you after the character nicknames, ending up with deranged names like 'Lawned Octopus' or 'Owlbird' or even worse 'Pineapplebird-head' Pineapplebird-head?!

You regularly find yourself stalking following people in black suits to see if they lead you to the Mafia.

Durarara!! Doujinshi

You quote the characters more than speak yourself. I say them all the time XD You try to talk to babies like they can understand you. And babies do understand. Lizards make you LOL! But Bel's is better! You read 'Shark friendly Tsuna sandwich' instead of 'Dolphin friendly tuna sandwich'.

When someone is about to punch you, you make a rectangle with your index fingers and thumbs, trying to pull off the Zero Point Breakthrough. You wonder if getting your hand chopped off will make you a better swordsman. Me and a swordsman? You really wish creepy music would start playing in the background every time you appear out of nowhere.

Whenever you go in to the cafeteria in your school, you suspect that the horrible foods were cooked by Bianchi. You go around claiming that you're a prince, even though you're not and you're a girl.

I can be a prince if I want to. And I can do whatever I want, because I'm a prince XD Roadkills are definitely an accessory. So are roboclaws and tiaras. You have gone through the entire manga searching for the brand Gokudera smokes. And what would that be for? It's the stupidest thing to do.

You excitedly wear the gloves with a giant X on them so you can pretend to be casual-wear Tsuna. Think its destiny that you and particular character share the same birthday, angry when its not your favorite character. Not bad, but I wish it was Bel's TT You're not sure why, but you have reason to believe Byakuran is actually Longchamp in disguise. They're not alike at all You notice you start saying "wao" now. Even if it's used more for "wow" than "weakling".

You start learning Kendo because you want to be like Yamamoto. How many times will I have to say that?! You buy suitable fabric by asking the shopkeeper to rec. You wear tailored smart-looking suits to work despite only holding a clerical position.

You start taking piano lessons and wear suits to them. Someone from the KHR dept spoke to you about not including the word 'extreme' in your emails You start putting in more effort at work so that you can impress your boss You got a part time job as a tutor. You turn up for your tutoring sessions wearing suits and it scares the shit out of your student, his mother tells you I got it already!

And I'm fuckin happy about it! I already tried to kill my physics teacher but no flame appeared TT Your boss and colleagues all knows about you and KHR and the mafia etc but does not do anything extreme to stop you because 1. Your cellphone looks exactly like Hibari's and your ringtone is Hibird You suck on a lollipop when things get stressful at work. You asked your friend whether it is safe to let her pet turtles go near water they were swimming!!

You made such a ruckus when you saw the number "" on the lottery results page that your mom asked you how much did you nearly win "I didn't bet at all But it's supposed to benot !!

You started to name you stuffs with KHR names ie. Owl plushie would be Mukuro. One of them proposes to the other one to live like the old times, and the other one agrees. Gratsu Fairy Tail - Rated: Kaito learns this the hard way. I want a fic where Kaito sends out a heist notice but then he gets sick but he can't NOT go.

I guess it could go the other way too, where Conan solves a heist notice but then he gets sick but he can't NOT go. I want to read that fic. What if Rikuo has no night form? What if said night form is his brother? Read to find out what happen in these circumstances! YoukaiRikuo N. Human - Complete Family Ties by Marwana reviews When Sirius told Harry that all pure-blood families were interrelated, he wondered if he had other living family members.

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What he found changes everything, for both him and the war. However, Kagome is too innocent to accept his dark desires and in her fear fights him every step of the way. But his blood and need will not be denied - not even by Kagome herself. Winner of five awards Dokuga Final Term including 1st B. Resident Evil - Rated: When his rival suddenly arrives but falls to the floor unconscious, Natsu will have to accept a rather ironic side effect of Dragon slayer magic. England pauses, looking at his king.

Henry, that spoilt, tempestuous brat. What think you of naming it 'The Church of Henry? Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: But, um, it's kind of difficult to explain how he ended up in bed with Kaito.

At what point had Okita flipped the script on her? And when had she become okay with it?

extremes meet shizaya doujinshi

Rated for sexual content, themes, and language. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Up until now, however, Hakuba had just never quite realized how bad those ideas could be. It ended as something so much more. M - English - Chapters: She was halfway around the world and he never thought he'd look back on the days when they argued until the cows came home with this kind of longing.

Two years ago, Sherlock Holmes faked his suicide and has since gone back to his old life at Baker St. When the mysterious Irene Adler returns, the man is faced with his greatest challenge yet; the possibility of love. As an old foe returns, Sherlock, John and Irene must cooperate to survive. This time, however, the stakes might be too high even for Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately for Kaito, Hakuba is the latter. Though it is pure crackas aside from the age difference she's 16, Hulk's pushing 40the one time these two have met involved Hulk beating the hell out of her friends and throwing her through a building.

Spider-X and its sequels see Rogue forming a relationship with Spider-Man after he joins the institute; these two loners form a deep and genuinely emotional bond, that later develops a physical dynamic when Peter develops a 'power nullifier' that shuts down Rogue's powers while she's wearing it.

It's just as messed up as it sounds and twice as funny. And just because the creator loves doing it, he also gave us Poison Ivy and Sandman. Which makes sense if you think about it, except she'll probably cheat on him with Aquaman.

Doujinshi Shizuo x Izaya - Ore No Dakara Kuu [Fr]

Possibly the most patriotic ship in all of comics: Captain America and Wonder Woman. It's surprisingly not as common as one might think. No seriously, that is the main reason. Harley Quinn and Deadpool is also a rather popular pairing, with reasons ranging from similar colour palette to love of violence.