Evangelion shinji hospital scene from meet

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evangelion shinji hospital scene from meet

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin Seiki Evangelion) is a episode science Fifteen years after Second Impact, 14 year-old Shinji Ikari finds himself Mind Rape: Arael's invasive mental contact with Asuka, described as such during the scene. After meeting Rei, Shinji meets Touji, who resents him deeply because his. He'd like to come and meet me, but he thinks he'd blow my mind. It fulfilled a similar scene as Shinji mastrubating over Asuka in End Of Eva. "An Unfamiliar Ceiling" is the second episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The scene goes to the hospital, where Shinji suddenly wakes up, noting that he doesn't Misato comes to pick Shinji up at the hospital and they meet Gendo by the.

Misato orders the ejection of the Entry Plugbut the system is completely out of control. Unit suddenly reactivates and begins to act on her own. It launches a vicious attack upon the Angel, succeeding in damaging its face. A second attack by the Eva is blocked by a powerful A. The Eva repairs her broken left arm and erodes the Angel's barrier with another A. Once the barrier is down, Unit soundly defeats Sachiel by shattering the downed Angel's Core.

Sachiel in a last desperate attack, wraps itself around the Eva and self destructs in a massive cross shaped explosion. Unit emerges from the explosion with little apparent damage. The damaged helmet sloughs off, and Shinji is able to glimpse the Eva's face reflected in the windows of a building. As he looks on, the Eva's eye regenerates and suddenly focuses straight at him. Shinji begins to scream and the flashback ends. Shinji slowly curls up in bed after recalling the battle.

Misato comes to his door and praises him for piloting the Eva and saving the city. Notes Edit When Misato is channel-surfing on TV while in the NERV tent with Ritsuko, it is difficult to tell exactly what they are saying, however the full lines of dialogue for the people on TV were actually included in the script: Woman on Channel However, Ritsuko does not take off her heavy lab coat.

Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are all in the same homeroom. Also, Kensuke, Touji, and Shinji form their own trio, complete with an endearing label from Asuka. This one is justifiedas all of the students in the pilots' homeroom are potential Eva pilots. Pretty much every major character has one. Some have more than one. It could be said that during Instrumentality they are all forced to face them.

A crippling fear of being rejected and hated by others. An overwhelming need to validate her own existence through the approval of others, which eventually leads to self-esteem so low that it renders her unable to pilot an EVA. A general disregard for her own life and being incapable of understanding the feelings of herself or others.

Both are due to her being a clone. Much like Shinji, an overwhelming fear of rejection. As opposed to Shinji, she deals with it by never allowing her relationships to deepen to the point where she can be hurt to be begin with. An inability to let go of his late wife, leading to much misery for his son and the rest less the entire world. Gendo is pretty much the poster boy for this trope, doing it in almost every scene in which he's sitting down; sometimes also combined with a Psychotic Smirk.

His trademark covering-the-mouth variant is often called " ". As a bonus, using the pose repeatedly helped cut down on animation costs and nobody had to worry about matching lip flaps when dubbing into another language.

Scans from the original designs show Shinji doing a happy version of the pose Rei also does this several times. She must unconsciously have copied it from Gendo. Misato can be seen doing it too. While the five Children superficially resemble this quite nicely, it is ultimately averted. Not only are their personalities far too complex to fit the typical characterizations of their positions, the Children are also never all together at once and thus never truly become one team.

In fact, they can each be seen as a subversion of one of the roles in a typical Five-Man Band: Shinji Ikari is The Herothe main protagonist and pilot of Unit 01 who is also incredibly timid, passive and hesitant to the point where he's almost never in control of the situation. Asuka Langley Soryu is The Lancerthe hyper-competitive loud-mouthed pilot of Unit 02 who is actually far more similar to Shinji than she initially appears, but hides her guilt and insecurity through false bravado.

Touji Suzuhara is The Big Guythe bulky jock and pilot of Unit 03 who gets severely crippled before he ever gets to do any fighting and also proves to be one of the most rational characters in the series. Rei Ayanami is The Chickthe demure and feminine pilot of Unit 00 who is a cold Emotionless Girl with no understanding of human emotions or feelings.

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The distant moon is drawn larger than nearby objects. In Episode 6, for example, it is shown bigger than Rei's body. Go Mad from the Revelation: The ultimate result of Asuka's Mind Rape by Arael. The montage played as she is assaulted suggests that the Angel isn't so much poisoning or impregnating her, but shining an incredibly powerful mirror into her mind, so that all the ideas of her present and memories of her past very powerful and uncomfortable ones align themselves perfectly inside her head to create an overwhelming and arguably unbreakable dread that demands she acknowledge that her life isn't worth living.

It's his fault he had to kill Kaworu because he could've chosen to Take a Third Option. It's his fault Asuka died because he couldn't get his Eva out of its restraints in order to save her This behavior is so ingrained in him that some fans think it was a minor breakthrough for him when he was angry at his father during the Unit 03 incident.

But then he goes back to kicking himself in the head again. Misato also blames herself often for things she had no control over. The Interface Headset, which all pilots wear while having their plugsuit on. Asuka, though, wears hers like hairclips even outside of piloting. Touji and Kensuke, eventually extended to Shinji until the Unit 03 incident. Deconstructed in more ways than one. Characters in combat fly into berserker rages which prove either to be completely ineffectual or come at great cost to the characters.

Also, while Asuka seems to be the typical Hot-Blooded Ace Pilotit becomes apparent that her sense of self worth is possibly even worse than Shinji's, and that her brash attitude covers up the fact that she requires the praise of others for validation. Yui Ikari, Ritsuko, and her mother Naoko are all very attractive women and extremely capable in their fields. The Evas, and the unmanned Jet Alone that matches them in size. Like Father, Like Son: Not very obvious to begin with, but as the series delve deeper into their respective characters, especially near the end of the series, it becomes clear how alike Shinji and Gendo actually are, especially in their problems and shortcomings; both being at their cores, socially-awkward people who are stuck between their desire to be loved by the people around themtheir problems with forming interpersonal relationships as they fear leaving themselves open to be hurt by other people, as well as dragging themselves down through constant low-intensity self-loathing stemming from a subconscious belief that they are unwanted people who are unworthy of love.

The main difference between them is really that Gendo has given up hope than anyone but Yui could ever love him, while Shinji still has some hope that he will one day find love and acceptance, though he gets pretty damn close to completely losing that hope over the course of the series. While Misato and Asuka have pretty varied wardrobes, most of the other characters seem to have about two changes of clothes in their respective wardrobes.

Granted, most of the following examples are justified given that most of the character's clothes are uniforms, and many are only ever seen at NERV, but still.

Rei has her plugsuit and her school uniform, and is rarely ever seen wearing anything other than these two costumes. Any moment when she's not seen wearing one or the other is when she's switching between them.

evangelion shinji hospital scene from meet

Her lack of wardrobe might be tied to her lot as the Emotionless Girlwith clothing serving nothing more than a plain function. Shinji seems to be in a similar boat, having only his plugsuit and uniform, plus a few shirts and such. Ritsuko is usually seen with a few combinations of the same articles of clothing, plus or minus her labcoat of which she has several.

She does have a few formal dresses for weddings, though. Gendo and Fuyutsuki are pretty much always seen in their uniforms. Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter: Ritsuko is probably the straightest example, but one might also be able to make a case for Misato, Rei, and Asuka.

All the Evas excepting Unit 00but particularly Unit 01 to Shinji. This goes as far as the Unit 01 moving and behaving like a raging bear. Misato definitely deserves a mention for her very protective attitude towards Shinji and even the other pilots, whenever their safety was an issue. She even goes as far as to slap Ritsuko when she felt Shinji's life was being threatened. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Gender role subversion runs rampant in Evangelion, especially with Shinji and Asuka.

Played for drama in that Shinji wants Asuka to be more feminine, and Asuka wants Shinji to be more masculine, but they just end up clashing against each other due to wanting the other to change first and neither knowing how to effectively express their feelings.

Shinji and Asuka's "relationship" is a never-ending waltz of personality clashes, misinterpreted emotions and communication failures. Misato and Kaji's relationship, once it is revealed that she may have been using him as a replacement for her father This can be the case with Touji and Hikari in the background, but it never gets developed because of the Unit 03 incident.

Amusingly enough, Asuka is quick to put two and two together in this case. Rei is often visually paired with the moon, and often as a backdrop both in the original and follow up series. The Men in Black: Never Be Hurt Again: This can be said to be one of the central themes of Evangelion at work.

All characters want to avoid getting hurt in varying degrees. Took a Level in Badass: While Asuka has already proven to be a capable fighter, her taking on not only one but nine Mass Production Evangelions in End Of Evangelion and seemingly succeeding right after snapping out of her catatonic state clearly tops the previous displays of her fighting ability.

Although their relationship is really too complex to point to one thing as the source of Asuka's feelings for Shinji, it seems probable that him diving into a volcano to save her probably had something to do with it.

Howeverwhen you consider that she wasn't just rescued by him, but also shown up by him by doing something really heroic lookingit takes on a new light. Considering her Inferiority Superiority Complexbeing rescued while also being outshone by Shinji likely left her feeling very conflicted which is probably the reason she has so much difficulty acknowledging her feelings for him, even to herself.

Maya sees Ritsuko as her sempai, but Ritsuko doesn't reciprocate. Surprisingly absent from Shinji's school, where all pupils seem to be the same age and in the same grade. This is a deliberate subversion, as all of the students in Shinji's class are potential Eva pilots. Kaji may actually be the most damaged of NGE's cast, just the best at hiding it, says Sadamoto.

Misato is also one, and Shinji and Asuka too by the end. Gendou is one as well. Rei is frequently associated with the mooninitially as a visual motif, but later it turns out to be foreshadowing — Rei is Lilith; Lilith arrived in an object called the Black Moon, and the First Impact, her arrival on earth, created the actual moon it must be noted that the moon is actually believed to have been created by the debris from the impact of a large object with earth.

Asuka, meanwhile, has occasional moments of being associated with the sun, but this is mostly done to strengthen her contrast to Rei. Maya Ibuki does this after seeing Unit 01 devouring another Angel. With the exception of flashbacks, Gendou is never seen without his scary shadeseven when NERV suffers a station-wide blackout in Episode More stylistic naming instead of thematic, but characters all have their last names in kanji and their first in katakana.

Many characters are named after WWII battleships and carriers and related terminology e. See the Trivia tab for more. Most of the main characters suffer from this to different degrees. Two Girls to a Team: Asuka and Rei are the two girls to the other guys - Touji, Shinji and Kaworu. This is inverted in Rebuild where Shinji and Kaworu are the two guys to the other girls.

We cannot use Lilith to complete the project anymore. Hopefully, we will use Lilith's only clone, EVA, to complete the mission. But, the reason of the existence of humans is to create EVA. Humans should evolve into a new world.

That's the purpose of creating the EVA series. We are planning to get a ride on the Ark called EVA, but it will not change our human shape. It is only a transition ceremony. To cause the rebirth in those who are imprisoned. The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

God, humans, and all other life forms use death to become one. Death can not give birth to anything. Then I will save death for you all. Humans live because they want to life with purpose. That's why she wants to stay in EVA. So this is the reason for the second impact.

What the heck did Shinji do at the start?

Screen flashes Did someone catch me!? No, that's not it? There is an enemy invasion! Change to blue emergency communcation, immediately! Use the sattelite, even! So what is the situation on the right side? All outgoing communcations have been blocked! The target of the enemy is the MAGI? Data is being entered from all the outside networks. They are invading the MAGI system. Just as I thought. Is it a local invasion?

No, the signal is from the same kind of system. Germany, China, United States - invasions verified. SEELE used all their force. The difference in power is 5 to 1. This is really bad. The 4th defense area has been breached. Main database - locked! Shot of Kouzou It is impossible to stop the invasion! It has entered the deeper level. On screen Even the back-up system can not stop it. Capturing the MAGI system is equal to capturing everthing.

evangelion shinji hospital scene from meet

It is MAGI's self-defense system. For details, please ask Maya at the control center. When there is a need, even a dumped woman is usable. What a realistic person. Person on Phone Makoto: A has taken off. Special Order A means the abolishment of the special legal protection towards the intelligence organization NERV, and the transfer of its command to the government of Japan. The special team has gotten the order and taken off. The mission is to capture this place, over!

Elevator closes with a LOCK sign.

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This is the last notice. Yes, MAGI is being hacked. So far, it's been controlled. Akagi just went to the MAGI computer room. Misato appears on elevator Misato: