Eric struckhoff budrovich meet

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eric struckhoff budrovich meet

Gary Timothy Jose Larry Jeffrey Frank Scott Eric Stephen Andrew Raymond Sturkie Sturgess Stumph Stuemke Struckhoff Strose Stroder Stride Stricklen Buffone Buenviaje Bueler Buehlman Budzik Budy Budrovich Budish Budiao Plumsteadville Plumville Plymouth Plymouth Meeting Pocono Lake Pocono. We will meet this challenge but will not sacrifice any of the high quality of education that has been maintained here. . By means of these programs the students have an opportunity to meet prominent men from industry and STOUT, W. N. STRUCKHOFF, ]. Schot, Erik H.-Geology. .. Budrovich, Alvin F.-Chem. Springfield, Mo. Roberson, Charles-Met allurgy. St. Louis, Mo. Schot, Erik- Geology. Stretch, James Struckhoff, John. .. Budrovich, Alvin F .St.

These men helped with the engineers' day activities which included helping as guides, and running the free lunch stand on campus provided for the visiting students. As the pledge project they compiled the grade points of the mechanical engineering students and ranked them accordingly. A new departmental faculty directory case in the hall was the 01apter project for the department.

Pi Tau Sigma stresses leadership and high ideals of the engineering profession. High ideals arc fostered by the fraternity. Members are selected from upper-fourth of Junior and upper-third of Senior classes. The Old Metallurgy Building. Mechanics of Mater ials students use a testing machine on a steel bar. People Search | Ariela Katz, Alex Andrea McNeil, Peggy Shafer

The courses in this department are designed to teach the application of mathematics and physics to fundamental engineering design, and to introduce the student to such professional subjects as stress analysis, vibrations and materials. Statics is the first basic course in mechanics. A joint effort in the testing of materials. Professor of Petroleum Engineering. Each student, however, may gain his objective of complete education in each of the optional fields.

Measuring properties of drilling mud. President presiding at meeting. The American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical E ngineers is a professional organization designed to advance the knowledge o f the mining, mineral, and petroleum industries among its members, to promote a g reater interest in these professions, and to bring the student members into closer relationships with industry. Guest lecturer at meeting.

eric struckhoff budrovich meet

Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity drawing its membership from the general field of the earth sciences which include ceramics, geology, metallurgy, mining, and petroleum engineering. T he organization has for its objects the scholastic, scientific, and social advancement of its members and the extens ion of friendship and assistance among universities and scienti fie schools.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon each year presents the W. Tarr Award to the outstanding student in the earth sciences. The recipient is a graduating Senior who has maintained high standards in academic work and extracurricular activities.

P rofessor Legsdin at flotation machine. The student is required to take the introductory courses in physical metallurgy, foundry, extractive metallurgy and mineral dressing, chiefly in the Junior year.

I n the Senior year he is permitted to take advanced courses in those aspects of metallurgy that interest him most. Recent developments in missiles, nuclear reactors, electronic devices and other technological items have created tremendous demands for new metals and alloys. Graduates are being hired by a variety of companies that are encountering metallurgical problems.

Larson and a graduate student. Tom O'Keefe right supervises slag pouring. Becker, Alonge, Waters, Abbott, Dreyer.

Robert Jacoby, speaker at Foundryman's meeting. FEF Scholarship students for the school year. Today, our chapter is the largest student chapter in the U nited States. The purpose of the A. In the Fall of the year, the A. Louis area where we visit usually two foundrys and a St. Toward the end of the school year, the A. Michel, Lago, Koebbe, Leamy, Donis. The American Society for. Metals is the major professional metallurgical organization in America. The MSM chapter of the ASM supplements the formal education of the st udent of metallurgy with various outside activities.

These functions include field trips, guest speakers, and movies. Speakers and current fi lms of important metallurgical developments and processes are presented at the meetings which are held four times a year.

eric struckhoff budrovich meet

Each year, to further the advancement of scholarship in the metallurgical sciences, the ASM awards a scholarship to an outstanding Junior in metallurgical engineering.

A Met Society meeting. Chapter fosters better student-faculty relationship. II u was established by the faculty of metallurgical engineering at the: Koester, Bascue, Toma, Nataluk. The Student Section was founded in order to maintain a professional society for those students at MSM who are interested in physics and to promote interest and knowledge of the science o f physics and its application to human welfare.

The initial membership drive of thi s organization was very success ful as it numbers nearly students as charter members. In view of such a good start, the AlP is looking forwa rd to next year for its fir st fu 11 year of operation.

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Good turnout for first year on campus. T he AlP is open to all students interested in physics. Lamb, Henderson, Limbaugh, and Packwood. Physics, one of the most basic sciences, deals with energy in all its forms, with the interaction of matter and energy, and with the structure of matter. It is the foundation upon which engineering and technology are built. All graduates of the School are required to have at least ten hours in general physics as a basis of further study in their chosen field.

Most of the engineers take an additional three hours in modern physics. Tnt rhysics Department has an excellent staff to train students in the basic fundamentals of science as all of the faculty members have training above the Master's degree and most of them have the Doctorate.

The number of majors in the Department has been growing rapidly during recent years and among these are many of the outstanding students of each class. Academic work is offered in the Department leading to Bachelor and Master degrees in physics and the Doctorate in Engineering Physics.

A group of Miners conducting a Physics 32 experiment. A demonstration of equipment on Engineers' Day. Bosnak, Robbins, Carnes, Duke.

Its active membership is elected from the undergraduate and graduate students meeting high scholastic standards in physics and closely-related sciences. The Missouri School of Mines chapter was formed from a local physics club and received its charter from the national organization in Since that time, the organization has strived to promote high scholastic attainment and to popularize the study of advanced physics and research participation through visiting lecturers, awards, and df'ra rtmental social functions.

Members promote student interest in resea rch and the study of advanced physics. New members receive congratulations after initiation ceremonies. J epartment The Military Department adds to the development of character, leadership and responsibility of MSM students. Basic military training is conducted during the Freshman and Sophomore years. Students who have demonstrated strong leadership qualities and academic ability are selected for the Advanced Course which is conducted during the Junior and Senior years.

This course provides the curricula for military educational requirements through which qualified students are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Glenn Taylor, Dean Wilson, Maj. This organization also provides a means whereby the athletic talents of the independent students might be combined to enter as competition in the numerous intramural sports. All non-fraternity men arc considered Independents and are eligible to join the Independent organization and to have a voice in student affairs.

Monthly meetings were highlighted by refreshments, door prizes and feature film s. All the members enjoyed the social outings held each semester. T he student post here at: A target pistol was obtained by the Post and presented to the out standing member of the team.

There are now more than chapters throughout the nation. Based on the principles of scouting. It also sponsors an annual blood drive. Johner, Schillinger, Kamp, Nonnan. The membership is taken from those men who have participated in and who have lettered in a varsity sport. The organization has been instrumental in developing the spirit of sportsmanship and keen competition both on the MSM campus or whenever a representative team travels to another campus.

A nother benefit to the campus is the concession stands at many of the sports which is solely run by the: President M-Club Tom Lampe.

The Society Of Automotive Engineers T he Society of Automotive Engineers is the technical society for those students interested in the development, design, production, operation, and maintenance o f automobiles a nd ai rcraft. The SAE works in industry in conjunction with the ASME, to set quality standards and establish uniform practices and procedures so necessary in any rapidly advancing technical field.

The chief function of the society is to act as a link between the student and the practicing engineer. This broad program is carried out through prominent guest speakers at the meetings and numerous field trips taken throughout the year. The extensive membership is a benefit to the professional engineer a;; well as to the undergraduate in widening social and business contacts.

The object o f the fraternity is to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members, and to develop in the s tudents o f mechaniral engineeri ng the attributes fo r effective leadership and assumption of the responsibilit ies o f a citizen in a democracy. M1embership is open to women students in engineering, the physical sciences, and mathematics. Tn the vicinity of Rolla, there are several hundred known caves, containing many miles of passages.

It is the purpose of the Club to explore these caves, find new ones, and report on our findings to other caving organizations. The club is presently working on a survey o f caves in Phelps and Pulaski Counties. We arc doing this in connection with the Missour i Speleologiral Survey. There have also been a few trips to Arkansas, to explon: One of our main activities other than exploring has been the mapping o f caves, of which we have completed several.

The organization is primarily concerned with the study of the physics of the earth. Bob Piekarz and BiJJ Daley were the presidents during the first two semesters of the newly formed organization. The members are students of all curricula who share an interest in geological sciences. The goal of the Society is to stimulate interest in each science, promote social relationships among its members, and to supplement the curricula with field trips and guest speakers.

The Society was first organized on this campus in and was reorganized in to meet the needs of the many interested students. Throughout the school year are presented speakers whose subjects are drawn from the geologic sciences and allied fields. Field trips are scheduled to mining areas, fossil collecting localities, and other sites of interest. Horton, Kimbrough, Lasmanis, Jensen, Peacock. Vice-President; Dayley, President; Dr. In Sigma Gamma Epsilon metallurgical, petroleum, mining and ceramic engineers and geologist gather together over a common interest.

By including students of all the earth's sciences Sigma Gamma Epsilon offers each member a better concept of the technical milieu of which his chosen field is part. Sigma Gamma Epsilon's objectives are equally as encompassing as its membership. Scholarship, scienti fie and social advancement of its members, the extension of friendship and assistance among universities and scientific schools, and the encouragement of cordial relations between the students and faculty are its stated objectives.

Each year the society's outstanding graduating senior in scholarship and extracurricular activities is recognized by the W. The American Ceramic Society is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of science and engineering as related to ceramics and its allied industries.

Educators, practicing engineers, industrial managers, and students constitute a total of three thousand members. Student branches of the Society have been chartered to link student with industry. On this campus monthly meetings are held during which the use of s uch media as motion pictures, prominent ceramists, and recent Missouri School of Mines graduates are utilized to inform the student of actual industrial applications and technological advances of ceramic materials.

Each semester a field trip is made to various ceramic plants located in Missouri and neighboring states.