Elephants meet again after a long time apart

Jenny - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

elephants meet again after a long time apart

Former Circus Elephants Reunited After 22 Years Apart It means a lot to each of these beings to be able to see the other again. These elephants must have bonded silently over many years, creating a camaraderie that. Female elephants (cows) help each look after each other's calves. The calves will sometimes hold on to their mother's tails with their trunks to keep up, while other female elephants surround them to more independent of his family until he breaks away completely, . Don't show me this message again. At 20 years of age, after repeatedly running away from her trainers during circus As a result, Jenny was left inside the elephant trailer most of the time. She seemed very anxious to meet the new resident, but it was soon realized that her On October 17, , Jenny died after a long illness, surrounded by her herd and.

Today tens of thousands live shackled in prisons of our making. A video still from a report that was shown during the trial of circus trainer Mary Chipperfield, who was convicted in on 12 counts of animal cruelty.

Elephants reuniting after 22 years apart is the most adorable video EVER!

When I ask ecologist and author of Beyond Words: In Indonesia, activists have photographed an elephant in a zoo that lives alone with its feet tied together by a chain. So what are the implications of this? Besides their own particular form of consciousness, elephants have spectacularly good memories.

Can they remember abuse and pain?

elephants meet again after a long time apart

Could some elephants even be described as traumatised? There have certainly been episodes that would seem to indicate this. Infor example, a female African elephant named Tyke crushed her trainer to death in front of a circus audience in Honolulu. She escaped the tent and ran through the city streets for a half hour before police officers brought her down in a hail of 86 bullets. Like humans, they can snap. Constant beatings, solitary confinement, being chained to the floor: In her book Elephants on the Edge, Gay A Bradshaw argues that elephants — both wild and captive — can suffer psychological traumas, leading them to become more unpredictable and violent.

In her book, Bradshaw describes an experiment where the symptoms of an elephant were sent to five mental health officials — who had no knowledge that they were diagnosing an elephant and not a human — but all of whom diagnosed the individual with PTSD.

As our understanding of the minds of our fellow species improves, will we increasingly look back at the way we have treated them in horror and repulsion?

Unloosening the chains The impact of our changing understanding of elephant psychology has already been profound.

Elephants unchained: 'The day has gone by when this was entertainment'

Perhaps the most astounding change is at circuses. Twenty countries have banned the use of elephants in circuses. Even India has banned elephants in both circuses and zoos — though the process of retiring the elephants is gradual. Life in zoos is generally not as abusive for elephants as in circuses.

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Zoo elephants are not travelling overland on a weekly basis, are not usually chained up for days to weeks to years on end, and are not usually forced to perform tricks day in and day out. But there have been enormous changes here too. There has been less progress on space: The best zoos are changing concrete cages to natural environments, adding more enrichment and taking their elephants for daily walks to increase exercise.

Today, 43 zoos are members of the Elephant Welfare Initiative, which tracks real-time data on their pachyderms, all in an effort to improve conditions. Adult elephants and a calf chained in an indoor enclosure at the Ringling Bros. On July 6,Shirley celebrated her 70th birthdaymaking her the 3rd oldest elephant in North America. The two were inseparable.

Watch Elephants Reunite After More Than 20 Years Apart - The Dodo

Shirley quickly assumed the role of surrogate mother to Jenny, who, though now an adult, had been a baby when they first met at the circus. Their bond was so intense, it would forever change life at the sanctuary. These strong bonds would soon be needed. Sadly, on October 17,ten years after arriving at the sanctuary, Jenny died. Jenny came to the sanctuary quite ill. She had scars and other traces of misuse and abuse from her past as a circus elephant.

She had been exposed to tuberculosis. And due to an attack by a bull elephant before coming to the sanctuary, Jenny had a crippled back leg.

elephants meet again after a long time apart

Her caregivers suspect the leg harbored a hidden bacterial infection that flared up last year. Shirley stood by her and insisted that Jenny get up. Then Jenny stood up but she had to lean on Shirley to keep up.

elephants meet again after a long time apart

Jenny dropped to the ground and Shirley walked into the woods. With each exhalation, she would rumble. It was almost like a singing.

elephants meet again after a long time apart

As Jenny did this, Bunny and Tara two sanctuary elephants came running over. We thought that was it and she was going to die. And then Bunny and Tara started trumpeting and rumbling. He said 58 minutes!